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What is Archery Canada?

  • Through our clubs, we provide an opportunity to meet new people, shoot all sorts of fun tournaments and develop your skills and interests in this really great sport.
  • Through our Provincial representatives, it's a vehicle for communication across our country with exciting programs to keep you in touch and up-to-speed on the latest news and trends.
  • It's an organization of archers, managed by archers, for the benefit of archery
  • It's a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing archery in Canada, and our archers' performances in international events
  • It's the official representative for archery to the federal government, national and international sport organizations
  • It's your voice to the Canadian government and World Archery.

What does the Archery Canada do for you?

  • Through our national office, it provides up-to-date information and communication ties free of charge
  • Promotes safety by establishing minimum standards and recommended procedures for archery
  • Registers competitions & recognizes their results, maintains Canadian record scores for equipment types and distances, selects Canadian Archers to represent Canada in international events, including the Olympic, Pan American and Commonwealth Games
  • Represents FITA in Canada for the recognition of national and world records
  • Promotes unity within the archery community
  • Represents archers to the government and national agencies
  • Supports archery development and competitions through club and provincial organizations
  • Coordinates sport specific research
  • Obtains and directs government support to paralympic programs and activities benefiting archers across Canada
  • Develops and trains coaches & officials across Canada
  • Provides financial assistance for Provincial Sport Governing bodies for coaching and for delegate attendance at board and Annual General Meetings

What does Archery Canada membership provide?

  • Archery Canada membership is available to all interested archers through your club and/or Province, most memberships in clubs and Provincial organizations contain Archery Canada membership.
  • Access to Archery Canada's products & services
  • Insurance protection (5 million, PL &PD); see "About your Archery Canada Insurance" for more information
  • Eligibility to attend Archery Canada programs including skill workshops, the Indoor and Outdoor Championships, Coach & Judge clinics and many others
  • Representation to governments
  • Guidance and assistance in archery-related activities
  • An opportunity to support and influence the development of archery in Canada
  • The opportunity to participate in international and Olympic competition
  • For membership information contact your club or Provincial Archery Association - see links for them in the directory.

About your Archery Canada Insurance

  • Archery Canada insurance is only available through club or Provincial affiliation, this service is sold in cooperation with the Provincial Archery Associations in Canada.
  • Third party coverage for public liability and property damage (PL&PD) is included with your Archery Canada membership. The policy has a $5,000,000 limit, covering normal archery activities. This includes your shooting at any club in registered events and tournaments.
  • Included are:
    • Personal liability
    • Cross liability
    • Personal excess liability
    • Property damage
    • Worldwide coverage
    • Medical payments
    • Limited watercraft coverage
    • Personal injury
    • Non-owned automobile
  • It provides secondary coverage for hunting, but does not cover professional or business activities.
  • Coverage extends to Archery Canada members, affiliated clubs & affiliated Provincial Organizations
  • Coverage begins the day you mail your application and fees to your Archery Canada affiliated Provincial Organization and expires December 31 of that year.

What's happening in archery?

  • CANBOW PROGRAM, a programme where archers can earn badges and posters based on their progressing scores.
  • Annual Mailmatch Program - Run every year from January through April, this is a chance for archers and clubs to compete against each other by mailing (and emailing) scores into a National coordinator.
  • Youth Skill Development Clinics, these clinics are organized by Provincial Associations; resource material is available from Archery Canada to clubs, schools, etc.; materials help guide young archers to develop their archery skills.
  • Canadian Championships; Archery Canada coordinates an indoor championships in March an indoor 3D championships in January, Outdoor 3D Championships in July/August and Target and Field Championships in August. These events are open to all members and several equipment and age categories are offered.
  • High Performance: this is a program for those individuals intending to develop their skills in order to represent Canada internationally. Information and opportunities for self-improvement are available to those registered in the program. Equipment grants are available for some members of this program.
  • World and Olympic events: Archery Canada selects archers to represent Canada at these events.
  • Officiating (Judging): Archery Canada in collaboration with the Provinces offers a Judge certification program. Whether you officiate at club or international events, Archery Canada's certification clinics are designed to assist.
  • Coaching: working with the Provincial associations and the Coaching Association of Canada, Archery Canada has a 5 level program to help coaches to develop archers into the champions of tomorrow or instruct children and adults as they learn our sport.
  • Canadian Archery Products - Archery Canada offers many publications, posters, crests, pins and clothing for sale.

Archery Canada Organizational Structure

  • Archery Canada is a membership organization; it is incorporated as a not-for-profit amateur athletic association under Canada Corporations Act, Part 2. It can receive donations and bequests; its funds must be used to the benefit of the sport and members in general, not the benefit of single individuals.
  • A Board of Directors governs the activities of the Archery Canada; each Provincial Association elects or selects a person to sit on the Archery Canada Board. In addition, the members (Provincial Associations) elect 4 Directors-at-Large to complete the Board. Each individual is elected for a two year term; elections take place on a biannual basis with all individuals starting their terms at the same time.
  • The President is elected from the Board, and he/she chairs the Executive Committee which is drawn from the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee leads the organization by accepting responsibility for a specific portfolios (e.g. finance, high performance etc.)
  • The membership of Archery Canada meets once per year, at the Annual General Meeting, to review progress and to voice their concerns. The Board meets once per year as required usually at the National Championships. The Executive meets several times a year to ensure that the members' and Board's wishes are carried out. The Board and Executive meeting schedule varies due to availability of members and budgetary concerns.
  • The Provincial Director for your Province is your direct link with the Board. It is each Board member;s responsibility to ensure that the Board is aware of the concerns and the needs of individual members, clubs and the Provincial Association which he/she represents.
  • Directors at Large are also member's representatives. They can be asked to communicate your needs and concerns to the Board, particularly where it is difficult for you to reach your Provincial Director.
  • The Archery Canada has separated its activities and services into the categories (these are not limited and can be added to as the need arises) which are listed below. This was done to improve the quality of these programs and to identify areas in which the Archery Canada can do more to satisfy your needs and those of your fellow archers.

    • High Performance
    • Committees & Projects
    • Archery Canada
    • Administration & Marketing
    • 3D
    • International.

Specific Questions or Concerns

If you wish to discuss a concern or (to) request information about a specific subject, you need only contact the particular representative for that portfolio listed elsewhere in this document or contact the President directly. The Executive Director at the National Office can handle many questions and concerns about the association.

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