Arsenault, Philippe 2011



Last Name: Arsenault

Given Name(s): Philippe

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: May 9, 1990

Home Town: Edmonton

Province: Alberta

Club: Capital Region Archery Club

Bow: Hoyt Formula RX

Handedness: Right

Types of Archery Pursued (indoor target, outdoor target, 3D indoor, 3D outdoor, field): Indoor/Outdoor Target, Field


Personal Coach’s Name: Joan McDonald

School (if applicable):

Career (if applicable):

Why and when did you get involved in archery? November 2004. I wanted to try something different

Hours of practice per week: 12-16 hrs

Archery Goals:

Short Term Goals:  Achieve 1300 in FITA score

Long Term Goals: Achieve 1350+ in FITA score, make the team to the 2012 Olympics in London and World Championships in 2013

Previous National Team Member:

Yes / No:  Yes

Event(s) & Year(s):

Pan American Championships, Valencia, Venezuela 2008

Junior World Championships, Antalya, Turkey 2008

World Cup, Ogden, United States 2010

Pan American Championships, Guadalajara, Mexico 2010

World Cup, Porec, Croatia 2011

Major Canadian Tournament Results:

Event: Canada Cup

Year: 2010

Division: Recurve Men

Placing: 1

Ranking (if applicable)

Event: Canadian Outdoor Nationals (Target and Field)

Year: 2010

Division: Junior Men Recurve

Placing: 1 and 1

Ranking (if applicable)

Major International Tournament Results:  

Event: Pan American Championships, Individual

Year: 2010

Division: Junior Men Recurve

Placing: 1st

Ranking (if applicable):

Event: Pan American Championships, Team

Year: 2010

Division: Recurve Men

Placing: 2

Ranking (if applicable)

Records Set / Held (division, score, year, place):


Canadian: Junior Male Recurve, Field, 338 (Halifax 2010)