Brouillette, Renée L. 2013

Last Name: Brouillette

Given Name(s): Renée

Gender: F

Home Town: North Bay

Province: Ontario

Club: THE ARCHERY PLACE/Jim Bow’s Archery

Bow:   APA M5


Handedness: Right



  Additional photo (pdf)

Types of Archery Pursued : 3D indoor & outdoor

Favourite Colour: Purple

Personal Coach’s Name: Andy Bourgeois & Jim Barber

Career: Education

Why and when did you get involved in archery? Approx. 20 years ago, I attended my first outdoor 3D tournament and it was huge fun outdoors, with great people!

Hours of practice per week: 1 hour of shooting arrows every day! Resistance – endurance and strength training 3X week; Cardio (i.e. running) 2X week; Walking and ranging distance every day rain or shine! Pick 1 day off per week to rest and grow muscles!

Archery Goals:   Train to win! Have fun shooting.  Encourage others to participate through media, coaching and lessons.

Previous National Team Member:  Austria – 3D HP Team, August 2011

Major Canadian Tournaments:

Canadian National 3D Outdoor tournaments (2010, Nova Scotia – 2011, Saskatchewan-2012 British Columbia)

Major Provincial Tournaments:  

Ontario Provincial Outdoor 3D Tournaments – ranked consistently top 3 in the province of Ontario for the past 5 years.