Brown, Keenan 2011




Last Name: Brown

Given Name(s): Keenan David Milan

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: October 28 1993

Home Town:  Winnipeg

Province: Manitoba

Club: Tenex archers/Interlake archers

Bow: Hoyt Contender Elite


Handedness: Left


Types of Archery Pursued

Target (FITA & NFAA) indoors and outdoors




Personal Coach’s Name: Jeff Gunter

School (if applicable): University of Manitoba


Why and when did you get involved in archery?

I wanted to go hunting earlier in the year.

Hours of practice per week: 



Archery Goals:

Short Term Goals:

-Repeat national championship wins in 2011

-Shoot a 1390+ FITA round

-Finish top 8 at Junior worlds 2011

Long Term Goals:

-Shoot a 1400+ FITA

-Compete in the Senior World target championships

-Win Junior Worlds 2013

Previous National Team Member:

Yes / No:  Yes

Event(s) & Year(s):

-Junior World Championships 2008 Antalya Turkey

-Junior World Championships 2009 Ogden Utah U.S.A

-Junior World Championships 2011 Legnica Poland


Major Canadian Tournament Results:

Event:  Canadian Outdoor Target national championships  

Year:               2008

Division:          Cadet Compound

Placing:           4th

Event: Canadian Outdoor Target national championships   

Year:  2009   

Division:          Cadet Compound

Placing:           1st

Event: Canadian Outdoor Target national championships

Year:               2010

Division:          Cadet Compound

Placing:           1st

Event: Canada Winter Games

Year:               2011

Division:          Male Compound

Placing:           3rd

Major International Tournament Results: 

Event:              Junior World championships

Year:               2008

Division:          Cadet Compound

Placing:           22nd

Event:              Junior World Championships

Year:               2009

Division:          Cadet Compound

Placing:           7th

Event:              World Archery Festival

Year:               2010

Division:          Freestyle Flights

Placing:           26th

Event:              United States Outdoor national championships

Year:               2011

Division:          Junior Compound

Placing:           3rd

Ranking (if applicable):

Records Set / Held (division, score, year, place):

Canadian Records:


Cadet Compound 585 2010 Winnipeg MB-stands

Senior Compound Team 234 2010 Winnipeg MB-stands


Fita 1440 Cadet Compound 1395 2010 Winnipeg MB-stands

CC Fita 1440 Cadet Compound 1392 2010 Halifax NS-stands

70 meter distance Cadet Compound 346 2010 Winnipeg MB-stands

CC 70 meter distance Cadet Compound 345 2010 Halifax NS-stands

60 meter distance Cadet Compound 351 2009 Winnipeg MB-stands

30 meter distance Cadet Compound 359 2009 Winnipeg MB-stands

Cadet Compound Team 229 2008 Antalya Turkey-stands

50m 720 Junior compound 697 2011 Winnipeg MB-broken

CC 12-arrow match Cadet Compound 117 2009 Laval Quebec-No longer applicable


FITA field round Cadet compound 404 2009 Laval Quebec

CC FITA field round cadet compound 404 2009 Laval Quebec

*Held the Highest Field score in the world in the Cadet Compound division from august 2009-2010

Other Athletic Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

I love to play Hockey in my free time. My position is Defence.
I played in an organized league for 10 years until I decided to quit and shoot my bow more often.

Personal Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

I Enjoy spending time with friends, Bowhunting, Gun hunting, Swimming, Water skiing and other water sports, scuba diving, reading, xbox and playing hockey.

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