Garrett, Peter 2011




Date of Birth: November 6, 1955

Home Town: Ottawa

Province: Ontario

Club: South Nation Archery

Bow:   Titan Trad Tech

Handedness: right

Types of Archery Pursued (indoor target, outdoor target, 3D indoor, 3D outdoor, field):

Indoor & outdoor target, 3D and Field

Personal Coach’s Name: Kathy Millar

School (if applicable):

Career (if applicable):Electrical Safety

Why and when did you get involved in archery? 8 years ago to shoot with my 10 year old son Charles

Hours of practice per week: 11

Archery Goals:

Short Term Goals:

Success at the World Level

Long Term Goals:

More Target Competitions

Previous National Team Member:

Yes / No: yes

Event(s) & Year(s):

World 3D 2009 Latina Italy. World Barebow indoors 2011

Major Canadian Tournament Results:

Event: National 3D , 5 consecutive 1st place finishes , 4 Instinctive , 1 Compound unaided 2007 to 2011 

National Indoors 4 first place finishes, 1 second place Barebow 2007 to 2011

National Field  1st place 2009 Recurve

Ranking (if applicable)

Major International Tournament Results: 

Event: World 3D Fita

Year: 2009


Placing: 21

Event: World Barebow Indoors

Year: 2011


Placing: 5th

Records Set / Held (division, score, year, place):

Provincial: 46 Provincial records since 2006

Canadian: 20 National records since 2006

World: none yet

Other Athletic Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

Scuba Diving , Pistol shooting

Personal Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

Private Pilots licence

Underwater Photography