Hudson, Bob 2016



Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Feb. 2nd, 1968

Home Town: Leonville

Province: Saskatchewan

Club:  Spiritwood Spirited Arrows

Bow:   Compound

Handedness: Right

Category: Senior Men Open Compound

Types of Archery Pursued: Outdoor Target – FITA 1440 and 720

Career: Self-Employed 

Why and when did you get involved in archery? 

In June of 2005, I tried out for the Canadian archery team and after a weekend camp inWinnipeg, I had made the team.  I attended various shoots inSaskatchewanthroughout the spring and submitted my scores to Archery Canada. I was accepted on theSaskatchewanteam to compete in Provincials inReginathe third week in July.  For the last elevenyears, I have continued with the sport of archery in competitions at the local, provincial, national, and international levels. It was a dream that I never expected to achieve in my lifetime.

Hours of practice per week:


 Summer months:    

- practice minimum of 30 min./every second day (outdoor target:  50 m-  as it is the qualifying distance)

-  attend competitions  beginning May through August throughoutCanada(B.C.,Alberta,Sask.,Man.) and internationally

 Winter months:       

-  practice 1-2  times/week (indoor target: 18m)

- attend competitions monthly starting in November through till May in Western Canada


Archery Goals:

Short Term Goals:

Goals for the upcoming year:

  1. to rank among the top 16 archers in the disabled division in the competitions I attend
  2. to improve my scores to reach an average of 660  per round overall
  3. to attend as many indoor or outdoor 720 competitions as possible throughout the year

 Long-term Goal:

1)  to qualify to be on the Canadian Paralympic team

2)  to receive an Olympic medal in the Paralympics

Previous National Team Member:  Yes

Records Set / Held:

Canadian: Sr. Men’sParaOpen Compound 50m  - match, score: 144,  08/10/2014, Lac La Biche, Alta.

World: Sr. Men’s Para Team Event, score: 230 , 07/15/2012,Nove Mesto,Czech Republic

Other Athletic Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

I have always been very involved in my community ofLeoville,Saskatchewan.  I have been involved with numerous clubs within the community such as Minor Hockey, Minor Ball, Snow drifters’ Snowmobile Club. I believe the importance of daily physical activity is essential to life.

Personal Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

I also wanted to make a difference in people’s lives with disabilities.  I have been a sports ambassador with Saskatchewan Wheelchair Sports and a spokesperson at schools surrounding the Leoville area.  A poster-board has been made of me as a mentor to others in rehabilitation at theCityHospitalinSaskatoon,Saskatchewan.