MacDonald, Hugh 2016


Last Name: MacDonald

Given Name(s): Hugh

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 22 September 1974

Home Town: I grew up in Streetsville, Ontario. I now live in Vancouver.

Province: BC

Club: Richmond Rod and Gun Club and Burnaby Archers

Bow:???Recurve, mostly

Handedness: Left, mostly

Types of Archery Pursued: Indoor, Outdoor, Target (mostly). Then some 3D indoor and outdoor and Field when I can

Personal Coach’s Name: Jay Barrs

Career: Have been a IT Support Specialist, International Standard Writer/ Editor, Contract Technical Writer, Securities Industry Temp, Background Performer for film and television, Carpenter's Aid and Window Cleaner. Who knows what the future may hold?

Why and when did you get involved in archery? I got involved in archery because I had the chance to try it at a camp when I was young and I liked it. Later, in grade 9 there was a club at my high school which later became a team. I placed 6th in my region that year and realised I was pretty good at this sport and so I pursued it.

Hours of practice per week: Lots and various, mostly determined by arrow volume per day and by others on the field. I generally shoot 1200-1500 arrows per week - plus 4 hours of physiotherapy, 5 hours of weights and 4 hours of cardio during the main training season.

Archery Goals:
Short Term Goals: .
Long Term Goals: Enjoy the sport and pass on knowledge to others.

Previous National Team Member: Yes

Event(s) & Year(s): Lots and various. First team in the fall of 1999, returned with a 70M individual score silver, individual 6th place finish and a team silver medal from the Mexican Olympic Festival and Olympic Qualifying event. World Championships 2001, 2003, 2007, 2013, lots of world cups, pan am games 2003, 2007. Silver medal in the 2007 Pan Am Games Team Event. 8th place finish in the 2007 World Championships team event to earn an Olympic spot for Canada. 7th place finish in the 2013 World Championships team event. Commonwealth Games 2010. Many WREs and Pan Am Champs and other events.
Latest event the 2016 Pan American Archery Championship.

Major Canadian Tournament Results:
Multiple victories. Canadian Champion, Canada Cup Champion, Ontario Spring Classic Champion. Ranked #1 in Canada for some years, top 5 for over a decade (I think). Many indoor and outdoor tournament medals from Canadian Championships and Canadian Opens.

Major International Tournament Results:
Highlights include a world ranking as high as 48th and a win of an international World Ranking Event. I've also been North/Central American Champion and won numerous international medals. I've earned an Olympic spot for Canada, although I didn't get to use it. I was simultaneously one of the first men to ever achieve a score over 1300 in an international event, along with Crispin Duenas and Jay Lyon. I've been a member of some of the strongest team results, including an 8th place finish at the World Championships in 2007 and a 7th place finish in 2013. At the World Cup in Colombia in 2013 I was a member of the team that finished 4th.

Records Set: 
Provincial: Probably some 900, 1200, FITA 1440 (total and distance) and 720 scores.
Canadian: Some 1200 rounds, cumulative team round score. Maybe some 900 round scores, I'm not sure.
World: None

Other Athletic Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:
Lots of bike riding. I've completed a metric century on a bmx (unofficially).
I enjoy playing in my wife's local architecture softball league - team-pitch and have fun.
I've broken 100 in a round of golf for 18 holes, but I've also scored over 100 in 9 holes.

Personal Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:
I've got a degree in Mathematics, PMath and C&O from the University of Waterloo. I've got a diploma in screenwriting from VFS. I enjoy reading, writing and, obviously from my degree, arithmetic. I enjoy bicycling as a release and as a way of getting cardio exercise.