Schina, Sonia 2016


Last Name:          Schina            

First Name:         Sonia 

Category: Senior Women Compound


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Gender:                      Female           

Home Town:              Coquitlam

Province:                    BC

Club:                           Burnaby Archers

Bow:                           Hoyt (currently a Podium)


Handedness:              Right


Types of Archery Pursued: Indoor and Outdoor target, Field when possible

Personal Coach’s Name:      Rick Scammell

Career:            CPA, CGA

Why and when did you get involved in archery?    Started in 2004. I’ve always had an interest in shooting sports.

Hours of practice per week: 5-10, more when work doesn’t get in the way!

Archery Goals:  to constantly improve upon my own experiences and to be able to share my knowledge with others

Previous National Team Member: Yes. Also on Gold or Red squad since I started competing in 2008, always placing in top 4.

Major International Tournaments:
Three Outdoor World Championships: 2009 Korea, 2011 Italy, 2013 Turkey
One Indoor World Championship: 2012 Vegas
Three World Cups: 2009 Antalya Turkey, 2011 & 2012 Ogden Utah

Records Set / Held: 

Many set, these are the current held:

• Indoor: 2016, score 1114,
• Outdoor: 2010: 1200rnd--score 1173, Field—score 371, 2015: 720rnd—score 665
• Match play: 2014 Cdn Champ & Open record, score 146
• Field: 2015 Cdn Champ & Open record, score 381
• Canadian 1200: currently hold all the distance records, most notably 30m, 300(22x)
• Canadian 900: Total of 887, 55m 293 and 35m 300(22x)
• Team round: share the record of 230 set at the 2011 World Championships