Schleppe, Caitlyn 2011



Last Name: Schleppe

Given Name(s): Caitlyn

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: July 14, 1989

Home Town: Calgary

Province: Alberta

Club: Calgary Archers, Capital Region Archery Club

Bow: Formula Rx Riser (25”), Formula F4 Limbs (Short, 42#), Easton X10 Stabilizers 


Handedness: Right Handed


Category (para-achers only):


Types of Archery Pursued (indoor target, outdoor target, 3D indoor, 3D outdoor, field): Indoor Target, Outdoor Target, Field



Personal Coach’s Name: Michael Schleppe

School (if applicable): University of Alberta, University of Western States

Career (if applicable): Physiologist, Chiropractor

Why and when did you get involved in archery?


I started shooting archery at 6 years of age. At that time, I regularly tagged along with my Dad and brother as they went to shoot at the archery range. To keep me busy on these excursions I was given my first bow and was taught to shoot.

Hours of practice per week: 25

Archery Goals:

Short Term Goals: enjoy the process of training; shoot consistently at the 2011 Universiade

Long Term Goals: 2012 Canadian Team, 2013 Canadian Team, 2016 Olympic Games

Previous National Team Member:

Yes / No:  Yes

Event(s) & Year(s): Junior World Championships (2006), Pan American Championships (2006)

Major Canadian Tournament Results:

Event: Canada Winter Games

Year: 2011

Division: Recurve Mixed Team

Placing: 1st

Ranking (if applicable)

Major International Tournament Results:  

Event: Junior World Championships- Merida, Mexico           

Year: 2006

Division: Junior Female Recurve

Placing: 62

Ranking (if applicable)

Records Set / Held (division, score, year, place):


Canadian: Senior Female Recurve, Field, Score: 308, Year: 2008


Other Athletic Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery: yoga, dance, hiking


Personal Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery: BSc with Honors in Physiology with First Class Honors; Deans Silver Medal in Science; The Governor General’s Academic Bronze Medal