Thiffeault Picard, Georcy-Stéphanie 2011



Georcy-Stéphanie Thiffeault Picard



Montréal, Québec    

Club: Club de tir à l’arc de Montréal

Bow: Hoyt Gmx 25’’/ Hoyt 990tx 66’’ 40 lbs


Right Handed           


Types of Archery Pursued: FITA


Personal Coach’s Name: Kathleen Millar

School (if applicable): Collège Rosemont

Why and when did you get involved in archery? I was basicly not looking for a new sport as I was doing lots. It’s while doing summer camp that I discovered archery. I found it pretty funny and I was really accurate compared to others, so the coach there told me to give it a try. I did and felt in love with the sport !

Hours of practice per week:  25+

Archery Goals:

Short Term Goals: Shooting 1250pts

Fixing my string hand and bow hand.

Long Term Goals: Shooting over 1300

Making the senior team

Going to Olympics.

Previous National Team Member:


Event(s) & Year(s):

World Youth Archery championship 2008

World Youth Archery championship 2009

World Youth Archery championship 2011



Major Canadian Tournament Results:


Indoor Nationals                                 

Division: Pre-Cub       

Placing: 3       


Outdoor Nationals      

Division: cub  

Placing: 1


Field Nationals                                   

Division: cub

Placing: 3


Field Nationals                                   

Division: cadet

Placing: 2



Indoor Nationals                     

Division: Junior

Placing: 3


Outdoor nationals                               

Division: junior

Placing: 1


Event: Indoor Nationals                     

Division: Junior

Placing: 1


Outdoor nationals                   

Division: junior

Placing: 1

FCA Open                              

Division: senior

Placing: 4


Indoor Nationals                     

Division: Junior

Placing: 2


Indoor Mailmatch                   

Division: junior

Placing: 1

Major International Tournament Results: 

Event: World youth archery championship   

Year: 2008                 

Division: Junior          

Placing: 18th  

Event: World youth archery championship   

Year: 2009

Division: Junior                      

Placing: 45th  

Event: Gold Cup        

Year: 2010

Division: Junior                      

Placing: 2nd   

Records Set / Held (division, score, year, place):


Provincial championship:

60m: 308/360 – 2008- Jonquière

50m: 297/360 – 2008- Jonquière

Provincial :

70m/ 720 round : 591 – 2011 – Trois-rivières

70m/ 720 round : 607 – 2011 – Sherbrooke / pending.


National: Best ranking at a world championship for a Junior women recurve : 18th, World youth archery championship, Antalya, 2008

Other Athletic Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:


Was on a competition swimming team 1996-2000

Did Ice skating competition 1998-2000

I have a lifeguard license since 2006

Cheerleader 2002-2004

Personal Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

I love psychology, art and music.

I’m the proud baby of my family ;)




Athlete of the school, Sophie-Barat, 2007-2008

Improvisation queen 2000

Music Show 2000

Recipient, best athlete-student of the school 2011, Collège Rosemont.