Tracey, James 2013


Last Name: Tracey

Given Name(s): James

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: July 14, 1970

Home Town: Vegreville, Alberta

Club: Vegreville Wildlife Federation Archery Club

Bow: Morrison recurve

Handedness: right

Types of Archery Pursued (indoor target, outdoor target, 3D indoor, 3D outdoor, field): indoor target, indoor and outdoor 3D

Personal Coach’s Name: Corey Skinner

Career (if applicable): Communications technician

Why and when did you get involved in archery?  I got involved in archery as a kid in scout camp.

Hours of practice per week: 20

Archery Goals: Short Term Goals: To continue developing my skills to perform at my best in Sassari Italy.

Long Term Goals:  To continue to help grow the sport of archery while pursuing my coaching certifications.

Major Canadian Tournament Results: Event:  Indoor & Outdoor Nationals

Year:  2010-2011-2013

Division:  Barebow

Placing: 3rd, 2nd, 3rd

Ranking (if applicable) N/A

Other Athletic Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

Camping, waterfowl hunting, hiking and fishing.