Tremblay, Kyle 2016



Last Name: Tremblay

Given Name(s): Kyle

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: June 25, 1991

Home Town: Deep River

Province: Ontario

Club: Ontario Association of Archers (OAA) / Archery Canada

Bow: Hoyt Podium X Elite 37

Handedness:  Right

Category (para-archers only): Senior Men Compound Open

Types of Archery Pursued: (indoor target, outdoor target)

Outdoor Target – FITA 720 (50m)

Indoor Target – 18 m

Personal Coach’s Name:     Roger Tremblay/Trevor Fulotte

Career: Athlete

Why and when did you get involved in archery?  My life took a tragic twist in August 2009 after an ATV accident left me a paraplegic.  My injury was made more complicated by contracting Guillian-Barre Syndrome 5 days after my accident, worsening the effects of paralysis throughout my body.  I was told that GBS complications of chronic fatigue and pain involve a long recovery period, perhaps years.  Since my accident I have tried to participate in both sledge hockey and archery activities to cover both winter and summer sports. Although I have always had a passion for hockey, I decided I wanted to challenge myself in a new way that I have never tried before. Therefore, I decided to give archery a try in the summer of 2014 shooting in only a few events. But it was in the summer of 2015 that I decided to take my training and competing to the next level and I set my sights on qualifying for the Canadian National Para Team and competed in a lot more shoots. It was during the summer of 2014 that I met Canadian Para-Archers Alec Denys and Karen Van Nest and their inspirational stories and encouragement gave me the confidence to pursue my passion for archery in a more competitive manner.  By the end of the 2015 Outdoor Target season I had qualified for the Canadian National Para-Archery Team - Red Squad.

Hours of practice per week: approx. 15 – 20 hours per week

# of arrows shot per week: approx. 500 – 800 practice arrows per week

Archery Goals:

Short Term Goals: Get my Canadian minor/major tournament scores up in to the 670’s (that’s what I average at home) and also to increase my match play scores and consistency.

Long Term Goals: Participate in world archery events, including the 2016 Paralympics in RIO and beyond, as a proud member of Canada’s National Para Archery Team!

Previous National Team Member: NO

Event(s) & Year(s): 2016-2017 is my first year as a national team member

Major Canadian Tournament Results:

Event: Ontario Spring Classic

Year: 2015

Division: Senior Compound Open

Placing: 14th

Major International Tournament Results:  

Event: Canada Cup

Year: 2016

Division: Senior Compound Open

Placing: 7th

Records Set / Held (division, score, year, place):

Other Athletic Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:


Mackenzie Mustangs high school football team captain (safety and running back)

Mackenzie Mustangs high school basketball team captain (point-guard)

Deep River Knights minor hockey team both rep-league and house-league (left-wing)

Paint Storm paintball team captain with a full sponsorship (front)

Basketball coach, 3-years


North Bay Ice Breakers competitive sledge hockey team:

2010 Defi Sportif Games, Silver Medallists, Montreal QC

2012 ParaSport Ontario Winter Games, Silver Medallists, Huntsville, ON

2010 Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma (obtained post-injury)

Recreational basketball

Personal Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

Redesigning exercise and therapy equipment for people with mobility issues to make them more accessible, user-friendly and affordable. Also educating young adults about safe riding (ATV, Motocross, Snowmobile, etc.) and good decision making. I also build and fix desktop computers, cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices. Becoming an advocate & spokesperson for chronic pain suffers like myself.

How I Contribute to Archery in Canada

I’ve always seen archery as the ultimate test of the mind, physicality and patience which are important things for kids and young adults to learn and this gives them a fun way to learn. I’ve always made myself available to help anyone at any time to help contribute and grow the sport. People ask me questions about shooting tips, equipment and tuning and because I have a lot of the necessary tools that bow shops have, I don’t mind getting them setup free of charge so that they get started on the right track right away. I used to be a coach in other sports and have always enjoyed mentoring kids whether it’s about a sport or about life since I’ve lived through some tough difficulties and have a unique experience about making decisions and how fast things can change. This quote by Jesse Broadwater gives you a foundation on which anyone can build on, “Archery is the ultimate test of skill, patience, focus, and discipline that you will never master”.