Watts, Tim 2011



Last Name:  Watts

Given Name(s):  Timothy Earl

Gender: Male

Date of Birth:  Oct 28, 1972

Home Town:  Peterborough

Province: Ontario

Club:  Saugeen Shafts

Bow:   Mathews


Handedness:  Right


Types of Archery Pursued (indoor target, outdoor target, 3D indoor, 3D outdoor, field):

Career (if applicable):  Retail Store Manager

Why and when did you get involved in archery?  Age 14 – High School Archery Program

Hours of practice per week: 10

Archery Goals:

Short Term Goals:   None – Been shooting for 25 years.  Have medals from every major archery organization.  OAA – FCA – CFAA - NAFAC

Long Term Goals:  FCA Field Medal and Target medal.  I have indoor medals and 3D medals.

Previous National Team Member:

Yes / No:   NO

Event(s) & Year(s):

Major Canadian Tournament Results:

Event: 3D

Year: 2010

Division: MBHO

Placing:  Champion

Major International Tournament Results:  NONE  - First Time Canada Team Member

Records Set / Held (division, score, year, place):  None

Other Athletic Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

I am a 2 handicap golfer

Personal Interests & Accomplishments Outside of Archery:

Married with two children