COMPOUND Canadian Team Selection Policy

Archery Canada

COMPOUND Canadian Team Selection Policy


1)     Statement of Selection Philosophy
It is the objective of the selection policy to outline a clear, fair and transparent process to select athletes to represent Canada at Compound international competitions.

Archery Canada (AC) is committed to selecting those athletes to represent Canada, who are qualified to support the strategic goals and objectives of AC’s high performance program as described in the Addendum related to a particular event and its selection of athletes to that event.

        The goals and objectives of AC may change depending on the event for which selection takes place (e.g. major event such as World Championships and multi-sport games or an event targeted at athlete development).

2)     Statement of Responsibility
AC recognizes the importance of having a clear team selection policy and communicating the selection criteria to all athletes in a timely manner.  AC is committed to a fair and appropriate implementation of this policy, which is guided by AC’s High Performance Committee (HPC).

It is the intent to provide athletes with timely information if any amendments are made to the selection policy. The general timeline is a 3 month notification period before any amendment is adopted; this timeline may be amended by AC’s HPC. 

AC  will publish an Addendum to this policy for the purposes of communicating the specific selection criteria for the applicable event. Any Addendum will be published a minimum of 4 months prior to a selection date.  This timeline may be amended by AC’s HPC.

3)     Selection Eligibility
All athletes who wish to be eligible for selection to any AC Canadian Team must meet the following standard eligibility criteria:

  1. Be a Canadian citizen and have a Canadian passport or,
    for some events, be a permanent resident of Canada
  2. Be eligible to compete for Canada under AC and World Archery rules (World Archery/Archery Canada Rule Book - most recent edition).
  3. Hold the status of good standing with AC .
  4. Eligible to participate as per the rules of the applicable event.
  5. Submit a signed AC athlete agreement.
  6. Demonstrate a positive and professional attitude towards teammates, coaches, support staff and AC.
  7. Comply with the Canadian Anti-Doping Policy and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, Athlete Whereabouts and Doping control programs
  8. Complete the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) on-line anti-doping education module (‘True Sport Clean 101’) requirements at least two (2) weeks prior to departure for a national team event or to any international event where registration for the event must be through AC. Failure to do so will result in the athlete being suspended from participation in the national team event or international event until the requirements are completed.        
  9. Pay any and all required fees to AC by the timelines communicated by AC.
  10. Have met any additional prerequisite selection criteria set by AC in a specific Canadian team selection Addendum.
  11. Have shot any applicable qualifying scores in eligible competitions under governance by the following organizations:
  • Archery Canada
  • World Archery
  • Member organization of World Archery

4)     Selection Authority and Process
It is AC’s objective to provide as much information as possible related to the application of the selection criteria in order for the athlete to be provided with the best opportunity to understand and to achieve selection.

Where trials performance by compound archers is applicable to a selection, the three top ranking trials archers (or more as appropriate for the event) by gender in the trials will be recommended for selection to the Canadian Team by the National Coach or assigned Team Leader to a 3-member Selection Approval Panel, appointed by the AC’s HPC.

If there are no trials applicable for a particular event, then the event specific addendum shall outline the selection criteria. Based on the addendum, the appropriate archers shall be recommended for selection to the Canadian Team by the National Coach or assigned Team Leader to a 3-member Selection Approval Panel, appointed by the AC’s HPC

5)     Exceptions and / or Exemptions

5.1   Conditional Selection

  •         Conditional selection of an athlete may be made based on circumstances where the athlete is provided an extension to meet the required selection or eligibility criteria, other than any applicable trials qualifying scores
  •         Any such circumstance shall be reviewed and approved by the Selection Approval Panel, under their discretion.


5.2)  Extenuating Circumstances:

  • These may include any number of circumstances and prohibitive causes by which an athlete is unable to meet the requirements in this selection policy within the defined timelines.
  • Based on the circumstances and the discretion of the Selection Approval Panel, the athlete may still be eligible for selection to an Archery Canada (AC) Canadian Team based on an evaluation utilizing the selection criteria as stated in section 4.

Selected circumstances taken into consideration, but not limited to, are as follows:

  1. Significant injury or illness.  AC may request appropriate documentation of the medical issue from the athlete’s physician.  Archery Canada may request a physician of AC’s choosing to review and qualify the documentation with the athlete’s physician.
  2. Travel delays
  3. Lost or stolen equipment
  4. Family bereavement (spouse, parents, siblings)
  5. Personal misfortune, or other factors, which may be considered by the Selection Approval Panel to be extenuating circumstances. 

6)     Requirements after selection
Following selection to an Archery Canada (AC) Canadian Team, all team members are required to comply with the following requirements.

  • All requirements laid out in this selection policy or any applicable Archery Canada (AC) Canadian Team Addendum.
  •      All requirements in the AC Athlete agreement and the minimum standards of behavior for team members while assembled, travelling or training as part of the team. 
  •      Immediately inform the National Coach or Team Leader of any illness or injury that reasonably impacts on the athlete’s ability to perform at the level expected for the applicable Canadian team.
  •      Comply with and meet AC’s code of conduct requirements
  •      Provide AC all required documents.
  •      Participate in all team events, activities and meetings.
  •      Ensure proper equipment, clothing and funds.

        For any disciplinary action resulting from a breach of the athlete agreement (or other related policies, e.g. Code of Conduct), AC’s disciplinary policy may be implemented. 


7)     Athlete removal from a selected Canadian team
Any Athlete may be removed from an Archery Canada (AC) Canadian Team, who:

  •      Breaches AC’s Articles, Bylaws and/or Policies;
  •      Breaches the requirements in the AC Athlete Agreement.
  •      By reason of illness or injury, is unable to perform to the required standard in the opinion of the national coach or Selection Approval Panel (after having received advice from a medical practitioner)
  •      Has failed to sustain his or her performance and/or attitude to a satisfactory level, provided that the required performance levels had first been discussed and documented between the National Coach and athlete and the athlete’s personal coach, and the athlete had been given the opportunity to attain those performance levels.
  •      Has failed to satisfy the minimum training standards set out by the National Coach and Head Coach for the competition.
  •      Voluntarily withdraws
  •      Provides fraudulent or misleading information

8)     Unusual or Unforeseen Circumstances

  • In the event of unusual or unforeseen circumstances, as related to the implementation of this policy, and as determined by Archery Canada’s HPC, the HPC has full discretion to resolve the matter as it sees fit, taking into account factors and circumstances that it deems relevant.

Note: Any such exercise of discretion shall be subject to the Canadian administrative law of principles of fairness.

9)     Appeals

  1. Any eligible athlete wishing to appeal their omission from an Archery Canada (AC) Canadian Team must follow the standard Archery Canada Appeals Policy.  
    NOTE: Under clause 15.0 of the Archery Canada appeal policy, modification of the standard timelines for the appeal process is permitted. In cases where this might apply, it will be noted in the selection policy Addendum specific to the Para-Archery Canadian Team event.
  2. Any appeal must be accompanied by payment of an appeal fee of CDN $150.00. If the appeal fee is not received at the same time as the appeal, the athlete is assumed to have withdrawn their appeal.
  3. Any challenges related to language interpretation between English and French versions for any Canadian team selection, shall see the English version take precedence over the French version.