Coaching Certification

The Coaching Certification Committee


Coaching Certification Committee  (CCC) Mandate

1 – Facilitate the delivery of  NCCP coach training clinics throughout the country

2 – Communicate and participate with the Coaching Association of Canada regarding implementation of the new NCCP certification programs

3 – Training of Master Learning Facilitators in each PSO

Coach Certification ChairBruce Savage (ON)

Committee members:

Ron Ostermeier  (BC)    Roger Garrod  (MB)    JPLafleur   (QC)    Sandra and Bill Haining (NB)

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Who We Are:

What's NCCP

NCCP Overview updated 2012/9/6


1. Coaching Archery in Canada

2. Instructor of Beginners

3. Instructor of Intermediate Archers

4. Competition Introduction Coach

5. Competition Introduction Coach - Outline Workshops

6. Level 4-5/NCI Diploma Update

7. NCCP Streams and Contexts