Competition Introduction Coach - Outline Workshops

Introduction to Coach Education

Equipment and Training Issues

Plan a Practice

  • Identify appropriate logistics for practice
  • Identify appropriate activities in each part of the practice
  • Design an emergency action plan

Analyze Performance

  • Detect performance
  • Correct performance

Support the Competitive Experience

  • Prepare for readiness in competition
  • Make effective interventions during and after the competition
  • Assist athletes to be mentally prepared for competition
  • Give basic nutritional advice

Design a Sport Program

  • Outline program structure based on available training and competition opportunities.
  • Identify program measures to promote athlete development.
  • Develop practice plans that integrate seasonal training priorities.

Work Sheets

  • Program planning calendar
  • Sample planning worksheet
  • Weekly planning worksheet

 Evaluation During Worshop

  • Demonstrations and Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Portfolio requirements