Instructor of Intermediate Archers


The Instructor of Intermediate Archers coaches archers of all ages who wish to improve in a variety of contexts, usually involved with a Club or organized program. 

This type of instructor helps participants refine basic skills and introduces a variety of more complex techniques to individuals who already have some experience in the sport and who already exhibit a fair degree of proficiency in archery.

He/she provides more “customized” instruction based on the individual performance characteristics of each participant and would be expected to manage bigger groups.

An instructor working with intermediate archers is expected to be fairly knowledgeable in all matters related to selection and adjustment of equipment .

He/she may also act in a supervisory capacity for instructors working with beginners.


1. A workshop which includes:

  • Planning a Practice
  • Analyzing performance—10  steps of shooting
  • Support in training—safety, equipment, etc.
  • Teaching a coaching session
  • Managing a program— facilities, safety, etc.
  • Designing a Sport Program

2. Making Ethical Decisions is offered through Provincial/Territorial multi-sport programs


1. coach evaluation will take place during the same weekend of the workshop

2. on-site evaluation will be arranged with the Learning Facilitator

3. the evaluation component of Make Ethical Decisions will be a separate national on line system

4. A portfolio will be developed that includes:

  • Making Ethical Decisions on-line test results
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Observation Plan
  • Practice Plan
  • Referent model
  • Direct observations by a Learning Facilitator during a workshop
  • 3 Observations from parents and participants
  • 2 Observations from Club/Program administrator
  • Self assessment

 Demonstration and Presentations

During the training workshop, each candidate will give at least two pre-assigned presentations.

Case Studies

Each candidate will submit, in written form, ten case studies from the list provided.

Each candidate will present one or two cases to the group

On-line Evaluation - Making Ethical Decisions

Coaches participate in a web-based evaluation routine for the module Making Ethical Decisions. The routine provides an opportunity to test what has been learned, and automatically scores and update a Coach's record. A print-out of the results if provided for inclusion in the Coach’s portfolio.


A Portfolio will be submitted within 12 months that will include:

  • Practice plan
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • Observation plan
  • Program outline
  • Referent model
  • Three evaluations from athletes or parents
  • Two evaluations from club administrators
  • Self evaluation
  • Making Ethical Decisions online evaluation report

 On-Site Evaluation

An on-site evaluation with the candidate working with athletes will be arranged. The candidate will provide a referent model that the evaluator will be able to evaluate.


Evaluation Standards & Resources

An Evaluation kit is being developed


NCCP Instructor and Coaching Contexts in relation to the LTAD model