Coaches Discussion at the 2011 Canada Winter Games

Coaches Discussion at the 2011 Canada Winter Games

February 26, 2011


The origins of the meeting came from a need for a separate Coaching Committee from the Coaching Certification Committee that was discussed at the Archery Canada Executive meeting in January 2011.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss with coaches what they would like to see in this committee.  The Canada Games was a ideal location because of the number of coaches avaialbe to talk.

The meeting was opened with ideas that were gathered through the week of the Canada Games by various coaches.

  1. Create a  coach network
  2. Regional coaching counsel revamped
  3. Professional development opportunities inside and outside of AC
  4. Website for coaches (share ideas and discuss video)
  5. Coach workshops - old NCCP Technical Packages

The following are the discussions from the meeting.

The groups discussed what would need to be determined first of the committee:

  1. A mission statement
  2. Goals of the Committee
  3. The Role of the committee

The following are the ideas generated by the group and what the new committee should encompass.

  1. Regional Coaches Program – Is it possible to make a similar program work
  2. Technical Component - focus on grass roots
  3. Talk to other sports/nations - what do they do to develop coaches
  4. Bring coaches from club level to provincial level to national level  to international level.
  5. Coach mentor program
  6. Engage coaches that are coming up in the system
  7. Coach work shops - teach tech components - could be similar to CS4L workshop
  8. Coaches meeting - provide updates to coaching world – example – rule updates
  9. Seminars

10.  Coach appreciation night

11.  Point system for Professional Development monitored under new committee

12.  Supplement the NCCP program

13.  Technical workshops to expand on the material taught under NCCP.

14.  Practical issues to get archers to the next level (club to international level)

15.  Gap between technical experts and coaches.  It’s recognized that our technical experts aren't necessarily coaches but could work along with coaches.  Perhaps these experts could be putting off Professional Development seminars.

A need to build trust among fellow coaches.  Since they are coaches coaching archers that are competing against each other, there's a feel that coaches may not share reliable information.