Coaching Archery in Canada

National Coaching Certification Program

Archery Coaches in Canada are trained and certified through the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP)  to meet the needs of archers at all levels and in all community, recreational and competitive contexts. 

The program trains and evaluates Coach candidates before they are certified in a particular context of beginner, imtermediate, competitive and high performance archers.

Long Term Archer Development Model

Archers develop through many phases from raw beginners to elite competitors to life-long enthusiasts. A model for this development and the various contexts are explained and illustrated in FCA’s Long Term Archer Development Model. Within this model, Instructors and Coaches work to assist archers to meet their goals.

Participant Development Model

Coaches work within different contexts and levels to assist Canadian archers meet their goals.

This is explained in the Archery Participant Development Model

Coach Development Model

Instructors and Coaches come from various backgrounds, but their development and certification as Instructors and Coaches have a common model.


Coaching Information from the FCA Coaching Committee

Coaching Information created by level 4 coach Doug Soar

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