Athletes CAN "I Tested Positive" resources



AthletesCAN launches “I Tested Positive?” resources

25 October, 2011 – Recognizing that athletes are subject to ongoing anti-doping regulations and testing, the “I Tested Positive?” resources were adopted by AthletesCAN to provide a straight-forward and independent guide to assist athletes should they be committed of an anti-doping rule violation according to the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP).

This is an important resource for all athletes. The focus of this guide is to prepare athletes for an anti-doping hearing. Throughout the guide, links are provided to relevant portions of the CADP and to other resources that may be of assistance. The contents of the guide are presented in roughly the order that events will actually occur and each part of the guide deals with a separate topic or issue.

Be sure to share this important information with your athletes, teammates and coaches.

Click here for the “I Tested Positive?” resources.