Clarifying Registered Events

Tournaments recognized for World or Archery Canada records are those listed on the Archery Canada website calendar, or it can be accessed directly from the AC Homepage. In order for Canadian tournaments to be reported in the Canadian Membership/Results/Ranking system, the tournaments must also be registered and linked to the results using that system. Instructions on how to do this are included in the other FAQs.

If you want your tournament listed on the i@nseo website then you register your event with them. Registering with them does not get your tournament registered with WA, AC or any other body, they are a private group who offers their site to those that use their program. There is no connection between the i@nseo site and Archery Canada. We realize that it may sound like we are as we use them to provide our membership/scoring/ranking system, but that is as far as the connection goes.

i@nseo has their own website for those who use their (i@nseo's) software to report results, they are not affiliated with WA, AC or any other registering body for tournaments, it is only an informational service. To have your tournament registerd with them, follow the instructions on their site