Installing and Scoring using i@nseo

In order for scores shot in Canada to be used in the Archery Canada Scoring/Ranking System, scores must be entered into that system. The results of tournaments must be entered into the ianseo scoring system, which is available for download from the i@nseo site. We recommend using the direct install exe file. Follow the directions there for downloading the software and the XAMPP control panel to run the Apache and MYSql applications on your machine (Mac and PC). If you do not see the XAMPP program you can download it here.

i@nseo Installation Guide - Windows (pdf)   --  i@nseo Installation Guide - Mac OS (pdf)

Also with thanks to Stéphane Potvin from the RA Centre Club in Ottawa -  Entering Tournament Scores with the i@nseo Scoring System

Once the program is loaded and running, use the instructions on the ianseo site to learn to use the system. There are a number of instructions and YouTube videos there to help.

We also recommend this manual from our friends at the South African Archery Association.

Instructions on registering your tournament and adding linking the results to the Archery Canada Scoring/Ranking System can be found in this FAQ

In addition, we have developed this Archery Canada checklist:

Instructions for entering a single stage 720 without eliminations: 

1. In the Archery Canada membership database, create tourney in -  Competition tab (blue) drop down to New Competition (another illustrated pdf by Stéphan)

The event will be sent to Archery Canada to approve. Use a prefix from the table on the i@nseo FAQs on the AC website (also use a new # not being used on the tournament listing). This tournament number must be the same file name (eg CAC17xxxx) as the tournament you will be creating below.

In IANSEO scoring program (installed stand alone program):

2. Home Screen (No Competition Selected) Select -Modules/(Update Ianseo/OK) - wait for update to complete

3. Create Tournament

              - Competition Tab/New

              - Complete the information for the tournament use the tournament number from step 1

                             - Name - Name of Tournament (same name as registered tournament eg CAC17xxxx) 

                             - Short Name - Abbreviation

                             - Organized by - Enter Club name also add a Abbreviation in the small box

                             - ORIS compliance - do not use

                             - Localization Rule - Drop Down to Canadian Tournament Rules

- Competition Type - Drop Down to Tournament Type (in this case 70m/50m Round - 2 Distances)

                             - Subrule - Every Classes

                             - Reset to predefined values - do not use

                             - Place - Enter City, Province (Address if you like)

                             - Time zone - Enter your time zone (GMT - )

                             - Date - Enter dates of the event

                             - Paper size - Drop down to - Letter

                             - Currency - Enter $

                             - Printout Language - Drop down to - English

                             - Printout Character set - Leave at Normal (Latin)

                             - Enable HHT System - Leave at No

              - Ianseo ScoreKeeper

                             - Server Url - Leave blank

                             - Enable Ianseo ScoreKeeper


4. Enter Participants

              - Participants Drop Down to - Athletes Sync - select can.service ( - then Sync Athlete File

                             - Wait for updates to complete

              - Participant Drop Down to - List Simple

                             - Click on - Add: (Participate/PopEdit opens)

                             - Enter Athlete Last name (or AC membership Number) in Lower Athlete blank box and click Search - list will appear

                             - Click on the Membership # of the athlete

                                           - List will populate - be sure to check:

                                           - Ensure Status is blank

                                           - Enter Session 1

                                           - Enter a Butt # (EG 01A) * Note if you complete this step, you can skip Step 5 below

                                           - Ensure Div./Age Cl./Cl. are correct

                                           - Cat. Leave as is

                                           - Target Type - Leave at Default(recurve) or Default CO(compound)

                                           - Click Save - Repeat from - List simple for all participants

5. Target Assignments - Note - you must assign targets the system requires it. (* Note if you entered butt #s above, you can skip this step)

              - Participants Drop Down to -Target -Draw

              Select - Session 1 

                             - Filter on Division/Class - enter  the percent sign (upper case 5)   %

                             - Draw Type - Leave at ==>

                             - Check the following: Separate Divisions, Separate Classes, (Leave Exclude blank) Assign to targets

                             - Enter Targets 1- a number large enough to accommodate all your participants (usually enter 24)

                             - Click Ok - the system will generate target assignments

6. Enter Scores

              - Qualification Drop Down to Input Score -> Extended Table

              -Session Drop Down to - 1

              - From 1 - 24 

              - Ok

              - Fill in scores as per scorecards

The tournament is now complete and saved on your local computer – It will show on the i@nseo scoring application main page.

Export to the Archery Canada Database:

              - Competition Drop Down to Exports/Export as EXP file - Click on the file you have been working on (xxxxxxx.exp) - Depending on your defaults you will now have a tournament in your Downloads Folder named xxxxxxxx.exp corresponding to the tournament # approved in step 1.


Open the Archery Canada Database program (

              - Competitions Drop Down to Competition List - current year - navigate to the tournament from Step 1.

              - For that tournament Click on Upload Results - navigate to the file just created and saved (Download Folder) (xxxxxxxx.exp) - double click or click open

              - Your file should show beside 'Choose File' - Click Save

The tournament is now saved in the database and associated with that tournament, you can view the results by clicking on the tournament # on the far right.

- Note - if there is a 'tournament validation' link at the bottom of the results, one or more of the participants requires verification as to his/her category etc. Check this anomaly and correct.