Tournament Codes, Calendar, Entering Scores

Archery Canada has undertaken a new module to the registrant (membership) software that will record tournaments held in Canada and provide ranking for High Performance and results reporting purposes. The membership software will also show and store all scores shot by the member. Records will be added to the system soon. Clubs and Provinces will be able to host their records on the system also.

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Those with Club (and higher) privilege can enter tournaments directly into the Archery Canada Membership/Scoring/Ranking system. To enter a new tournament select new competition from the Competitions tab. Once you have completed the information, the system will send you an email confirming that your shoot is 'in the system' - Be sure that you have an email address listed with your club and the 'on/off' button to the right of the address is 'green'.

  • Enter the dates, Organizing club from the drop down menu, enter Place and a name for the shoot (please use a name and include the round for example Cranbrook 720).Choose Descriptions and Type from the next dropdowns.
  • - Enter the dates, use the drop down to find your club
    - Enter the Place and a name for the Tournament
    - Use the drop downs for the Competition and Type click on finals if this event will have a finals event
    - Under Remarks you can add information such as the Judges and Weather
    - Click Save
    The event is then listed in red on the AC ( Competition Calendar, once approved by AC it will be listed as approved (White).

The Invitation Package Upload is for adding your own pdf invitation package to the calendar if you have one.

Save the information, the input screen will immediately be replaced by a confirmation screen with all the information you have just inputted, be sure that the 'requested' button is checked and click save. This will send the information to the Archery Canada Office, who will approve the tournament and add it to the AC calendar, depending on requests the Competition code may come back different.

Calendar - There will be 2 calendars, one on the AC website, which will show tournaments registered with Archery Canada, that are registered and fees paid, another on the site will show tournaments in the system using the following colours:

  • White - Registration process complete
  • Red (Pink) - Awaiting Registration approval or not approved
  • Yellow - Not appoved

Entering Scores

Scores may be entered by anyone with club level or greater privilege.

Tournaments must be registered with Archery Canada as a minimum, Those registered with World Archery and any International events can also be included. 

Information on how to use the scoiring software that links directly to the AC Scoring/Ranking System can be found at the Scoring FAQ.