Classifiers Handbook (World Archery)

World Archery has released an updated Handbook for Classifiers with effect October 2017. click here to download pdf 

This is useful for anyone interested in how archers with disability are classified.

There are 6 classification groups.

These four are classified by World Archery Classifiers:

 W1 (most severely impaired group)

 W2 (Wheelchair)

 ST (Standing)

 NE (Non-Eligible)


The remaining two groups are classified by IBSA Classifiers.

 B1 (Visually Impaired)

 B2/B3 Combined (Visually Impaired)

There are two archery divisions:

VI 1 athletes wear a blind fold and

VI 2/3 who do not wear blindfolds.

Section 5 provides the profiles for classifications:

  • W1
  • W2
  • Standing
  • Visually Impaired


Note that these classification groups relate to the competitive Para-Archery Sport Classes

W1 Open (that’s open equipment as per the rules)

o Men

o Women


Compound Open (that’s open para- classification)

o Men

o Women

Recurve Open (that’s open para- classification)

o Men

o Women

Visually Impaired (that’s commonly VI1 and VI 2/3 categories)



Section 6 provides information on assistive devices.

Some useful information :

Assistive devices can only be used that match the level of impairment and are not to be authorized in order to enhance performance.


Assistive devices are subject to all equipment rules as specified in World Archery Rule Book 3 Chapter 21. If a modified version of a permitted item is seen, then the International Judges Commission, in conjunction with the Technical Delegate of the tournament, must be consulted. It may be subject to appeal and even a subsequent request for an official interpretation.


Athletes classified as NE may on occasion be allowed assistive devices in order to enable them to shoot safely. In these cases, the athlete will be issued with a Classification Form with a classification status of NE (C) and indicating the device they are authorized to use. The Classification Form must include a current photo of the athlete, description of the assistive device, date of approval and the signatures of both the athlete and the classifiers. This form must be presented during equipment inspection at all WA tournaments.


As per recent discussions – any archer to compete in Archery Canada recognized events must be classified by at least one National or International Classifier for Canadian events (2 International Classifiers for International Events) and have current classification card. Arrangements to be classified must be made prior to an event so an accredited Classifier can be arranged.

Others who are not yet classified may participate in able-bodied categories or otherwise as permitted by Provincial or local requirements. The standards of the Handbook for Classifiers can be used.