2008 Annual General Meeting

Federation of Canadian Archers


Toronto, ON 2008-03-30

Welcome by the President to the members who are the provinces at 13:00. New business has been received on one issue. No roll call was necessary.

1. Minutes

I move the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Orangeville, Ontario on August 15, 2007 be accepted as printed.

Moved by Alain Gravel, seconded by AB, carried

2. Report of the President

Roger emphasized his interest in moving toward international classifier status.

3. Reports of the Vice-Presidents

Finance & Marketing - Derek Hird stressed the importance of the commercial development of the FCA website as a marketing tool and will be exploring Cosmos Marketing’s options and suggestions.

Events and Services - vacant

Committees and Projects – nothing to add

3D – Jude Hooey report that the 2008 FCA indoor championship was successful and that things were progressing well with the Manitoba organising committee for the outdoor championship.

High Performance – Alain Gravel reported that 2007 was a year of great personal achievement for a number of Canadian archers – 2 world champions, 3 Olympic positions with the possibility of a female position, 3 Paralympic positions and 2 silver Pan Am Games’ team medals.

International – nothing to add

4. Reports of the Directors

Athletes’ Representative – nothing to add

Executive Director – nothing to add

ABAA – nothing to add

BCAA – nothing to add

ABAM – not present

AANL – not present

AANB – NASP is no longer being explored

OAA – nothing to add

FTAQ – nothing to add

SAA – nothing to add


AANS – nothing to add

I move to accept the reports of the directors and officers as submitted.

Moved by NB, seconded by Shawn Riggs, carried

5. Committee Reports – as submitted

6. Auditor’s Report

The Executive Director stated that the Auditor’s report is a standardised reporting system and that there was a deficit. In her opinion, changing the FCA year end to match the federal government year-end may or may not change this situation.

I move to accept the Auditor’s Report as submitted.

Moved by NS, seconded by BC, carried

7. Business arising - none

8. Notices of Motion

I move to change the FCA fiscal year end from December 31 to March 31.

Moved by Derek Hird, seconded by Alain Gravel, carried with ON voting against

9. Informational Items

FCA Annual Awards – The FCA President presented the 2007 Volunteer of the Year award to Vickilynne Schleppe. Other award winners will receive their plaques at appropriate places over the next months including Philippe Arsenault, Tom Mach Junior Male Athlete of the Year, Candace McIntosh, Junior Female Athlete of the Year, Laura Lynne Churchill, Sylvio Beauregard Judge of the Year, Kevin Evans/Dietmar Trillus, Frank Jones Male Athlete of the Year, and James Wiebe, D. M. Lovo Lifetime Award.

Diamond Volunteer Pin

Joan McDonald was awarded the third pin created to recognise her 50 years’ dedication to the FCA.

10. Reports of ad hoc committee - none

11. Items for ad hoc committee study - none

12. Recess for committee study - none

13. Election Directors-at-Large

The Executive Director administered the election process and outlined the procedures to be followed. Four nominations for the positions of director-at-large had been received. She asked for nominations from the floor. None were received.

The four nominees were acclaimed. The meeting recessed for the election of officers. The Executive Director reconvened the meeting to announce the results:

Vice-President International Allan R. Wills

Vice-President High Performance Alain Gravel

Vice-President Committees & Projects Charlene Parlee

Vice-President Events & Services Ed Wilson

(one-year term)

There were no ballots to destroy.

14. Appointment of the Auditors

I move to charge the Executive Director with finding a new auditing firm by the end of May and to conduct a vote by e-mail of the members to confirm the appointment.

Moved by Derek Hird, seconded by Charlene Parlee, carried

15. Sites for outdoor 3D & target/field championships

2009 Outdoor 3D will be held in Amos, QC on July 31-August 3. The Outdoor Target/field championships will be held in Amos, QC from August 08 to August 15.

2010 Outdoor 3D championships will be held in Kentville by Glooscap Archers, Kings Archers and Greenwood Archers in Kentville, NS, 60 minutes from Halifax. The Outdoor Target/field championships will be held in the Halifax area; Osprey will host the FCA Field Championships; Scotia Bowmen are looking after the FCA Target Championships.

16. Good and Welfare - none

17. Adjourn

I move to adjourn the meeting.

Moved by Derek Hird, seconded by Charlene Parlee