2009 Executive Committee Mtg January

2009 FCA Executive Committee Minutes Jan '09

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009
Federation of Canadian Archers Fédération Canadienne des Archers Executive Committee Meeting Minutes January 31-February 01, 2009 - Ottawa, ON – 31 janvier - 01février 2009

Note: meeting begins at 09:00 Meeting location: Extended Easy Stay, 141 Cooper

Present: Roger Murray, FCA President (RM) Al Wills, V-P International (AW) Alain Gravel, V-P High Performance (AG) Charlene Parlee, VP Committees & Projects (CP) Ed Wilson, V-P Events & Services (EW) Jude Hooey, V-P 3D (JH) Bob Tataryn, VP Administration and Finance (BT) Guests: Annette Wildgoose (Sport Canada rep) was in attendance.

1. President's Call to Order
2. Acceptance of the Minutes, July 31, 2008
• Minutes were circulated via e-mail as per new FCA policy and recorded on the web site a) Business arising from the Minutes of meetings in the last year
- Formation of FCA Translation Committee (AG)
- Marketing Plan (agenda item below) (BT)
- PSO relations – form a consultative group (BT)
- Judge certification and re-certification (CP)
- Clubs of Excellence Programme (agenda item below) (CP)
- Criteria for Honorary life member (agenda item below) (RM)
- Outstanding invoice for Lethbridge Bowbenders (RM & JH)
- International Event Hosting (3D) Committee (CP/AW/JH)

Motion #E2009-1: To accept the minutes of the July 31, 2008 meeting as published. Moved by Jude Hooey seconded by Charlene Parlee Carried

3. Acceptance of January 2009 Agenda Motion #E2009-2: To adopt the Canadian Anti Doping Policy. Moved by AG Seconded by AW Carried Addition: FCA method of approving motions from sub-committees

4. Reports (and business arising from the reports, not covered in the agenda below, attached)
 Executive Director that was hired quit.
 All books could go to bookkeeper as well as signing authority
 What needs to be done in the next 90 days
 Re-establish a hiring committee; aggressive search and advertise at the PSO level but first look at the truly executive vs technical roles in the position
 Budgets, operational plan, meetings, travel arrangements, communication, volunteer supervision
 Tasks for TD: National championships, HPC, Judges, coaching
Action: Proritize important tasks for the next 90 days. Decisions made as to who on the Executive Committee will complete identified tasks.

Meeting suspended to present Kathy Millar with a picture made by Bob Ralke of Manitoba and thanked for her many years of dedicated service to the Federation of Canadian Archers.

Meeting reconvened Discussion of the hiring of a new Executive Director was held. Motion #2009-3: that the hiring committee be allocated funds not to exceed $2500 to complete the hiring process of a new Executive Director. Moved by AG Seconded by CP Carried unanimously

 Archery Canada - Events & Services, Committees & Projects, 3D
 High Performance
 Uniforms will be looked at shortly.
 Administration & Marketing
 Executive Director
 Sport Canada Consultant – Annette Wildgoose

Motion #2009-4: to adopt the reports as submitted. Moved by: EW. Seconded by: BT Carried. 5. Business

5.1. Operational Plan and Policy-making
- FCA Conflict of Interest Policy revisited regarding role(s) of ExComm members (RM)
- FCA Operational Plan review with Follow-up as required (RM)
- FCA LTADM - Competition Review process report (AW)
- LTADM follow up from meeting in Winnipeg in July – next steps (all)
- LTADM translated and at the printer
- SFAF IV application and status (Sport Canada rep)
- Women in Archery (need to review efforts to increase to 40%) (RM)
- Review of existing member complaint policies and Sexual Harassment document (EW & BT)
- FCA Member complaint policy – comments from the arbitrator re: Olympic Trials
- HPC Appeal process – comments from the arbitrator re: Olympic Trials (TBA)
- The policy will be evaluated and revision will be carried out by EW and BT if necessary.
- Archery Foundation update
- The issue will be explored by AW and BT.
- Draft Criteria for Honorary Lifetime membership
- Criteria attached. Discussion to occur. Policy to be written.
Motion #2009-5: to award Kathleen Millar an Honorary Lifetime membership. Moved by: BT Seconded by: CP Carried.
- Discussion of conflict of interest re. EC members being on OC with possible policy outcome

5.2. Management Issues
- New FCA Auditor – update (BT)
- Parker, Pins, & Lebano Chartered Accountants in Ottawa will be the auditors for the next year.
The meeting was recessed at 6:00 p.m. until Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m.
- Club of Excellence Programme – update (CP)
Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 3
- Board of Directors / AGM May 2009 – necessary preparations & agenda (Marketing Plan, LTAD and educational component?)
Motion #2009-6: to hold the Board of Directors Meeting / AGM on August 8. Moved: EW Seconded: BT Carried. Discussion:
- An Executive meeting may be held prior to the BoD meeting.
- The PSO?s will be responsible for travel arrangements for their representatives to the Board of Directors / AGM meeting.
Action: RM will contact the PSO’s to inform them of the funds available to them for sending representatives to the Board of Directors meeting / AGM.
- Scheduling meetings during the 2009 national target/field championships (all)
- 2009 Election cycle and term of office for 4 Executive Committee members (President, Vice-President Marketing & Administration, 3D, Vice-President Events & Services) and AWAD Athlete Representative (RM)
Action: Alain Gravel to discuss the topic of AWAD athletes representative with Hugh MacDonald
- Votes-by-Mail from March 2008
Motion #2009-8: to ratify the votes-by-mail since March 29, 2008 save HPC#2008-08 (E#2008-13a, HPC#2008-06, HPC#2008-07, B#2008-21, B#2008-22a, B#2008-22b, B#2008-22c, B#2008-22d, E#2008-16, B#2008-23, E#2008-17, HPC#2008-14, 3D#2008-07, E#2008-18, and E#2008-19). Moved by: AW Seconded by: EW Carried
- PSO agreements renewal process for 2011-2013 (RM)
Action: The President will review the process for the next round of negotiations.
- Insurance policies renewal (D&O/property/member)
- Crossbow clause
Action: RM will discuss this issue with KM.
- Registering FCA logo – status report
- FCA Annual Awards Nomination Committee formation & job description (CP)
Action: CP to form a nomination committee and present the format to the ExC.

5.3. 2008 Fiscal Year End
- 4th Quarter reports, comparisons year-to-date, Year end – AGM preparation
- Year in review – demands on cashflow
- Outstanding Accounts Receivables
- Financial commitment for PSO athletes to national championships –status
- Other funding partners – Own The Podium/Road to Excellence/Sport Canada/CAC
Annette Wildgoose stated on Saturday that the Own The Podium/Road to Excellence funds will no longer be available from Sport Canada.

5.4. 2009-2010 Fiscal Year
- Budget draft – review of requests & HPC preparations
- Deficit/profit projections & differing year-ends for FCA & Sport Canada
- Looking forward – staff salaries & severance schedule

Action: The budget was sent to the Finance Committee chaired by BT for discussion and review. Changes will be discussed with the Executive Committee. 6. Committee Work & Recommendation

6.1 Archery Canada Council
- Coaching certification - status report & resignation of James Wiebe (CP)
- Judge Certification activity report (CP)
- 3D committee meeting follow-up task items – status report (JH)
- FCA Sanctioned 3-D events: Should the FCA develop/institute a policy for the sanction of 3-D events. By formalizing this process, we can add a 3-D calendar of events to the FCA website (EW)
Action: EW will accept all registrations for registered events as per the policy.
- Championships Hosting Guidebook status (AW)
- 2008 Membership Report – final
- 2009 FCA Regionals update (EW)
- 2009 FCA mailmatch update (EW)
- 2009 MICA update (Americas report = AW) (Canada = EW)
- 2008 outdoor target nationals final report – discussion and recommendations (EW)
- Nationals format: Is it time to reopen the discussion on format/schedule?
- 2008 3D indoor championship report (JH)
- 2008 3D outdoor championship report (JH)
- 2008 NAIG Report (AW)
- 2009 Equipment Divisions at outdoor target Championships (all) (update coming)
- 2009 Target championship progress report (EW)
- 2009 Technical Delegate selection for Québec – vote required
Motion E#2009-9: to appoint Alain Gravel as the Technical Delegate for the 2009 Target/ Field Nationals in Laval, PQ. Moved by: JH Seconded by: Charleen Parlee Carried
- National Championship Travel Kit
- 2009 3D Championship progress report (JH)
- 2010 Target/Field Championship progress report (EW)
- 2010 Indoor 3D championships (JH)
- Canada Games Update & Youth Committee activities & LTADM (P Parlee attached)

6.2 High Performance Committee
- Review of HPC meeting minutes from November 29-30 – business arising (AG)
- Regional Coaches Council (AW/AG)
- Motions from HPC meeting – discussion & ratification (all) (attached)
Motion #2009-7: to ratify the vote-by-mail HPC #2008-11 Moved by: AG Seconded by: AW Carried HPC #2008-12 did not need to be ratified because the HPC has the option to form sub-committees without the consent of the Executive Committee.
- Athlete Assistance Programme update & Sport Canada quotas (AG)
- 2008 HPC events (see HPC minutes for reports) (AG)
- 2009 FITA 3D championships status report & team selection (JH)
- There may be interest in hosting the 2011 3D World Championship in Canada.

6.3 Administration, Communication & Marketing
- Marketing action plan 2009-2012 (BT)
- Marketing initiatives – review of tasks assigned to this portfolio (all)
- Brock University Sports Admin Programmes (BT)
- Revenue generation: Raise fees, fund raise, ideas (EW)
- Web site management (AW)
- Fund-raising initiatives in plan (BT)
- Sponsorship update
-Easton, Neet, Win & Win, Silver Scent, Bowzone (BT/AW)
- Info.E-mail
- Sales & Distribution Centre report, with inventory values & acquisitions
Action: Ed Wilson will contact Laura Kiraly concerning FCA target/merchandise sales. 6.4 International Committee
- Canadian Olympic Committee – trends and representation (AW)
- FITA policies update (AW)
- FITA pin award programme – status report (AW)

7.0 Other Business
- Clarification of Policies and Procedures of the standard operating of the FCA
- The Vote-by-mail procedure needs clarification and improve communication among members.
- Delineation of authority and procedures to be followed by committees and sub-committees.

8.0 President's Closing Remarks

9.0 Adjournment Adjourn until, August 8, 2009 in Laval, PQ; meeting ended at 2:10p.m.on Sunday, February 01, 2009 in Ottawa.

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009

HPC motions from 2008 Meeting MOTION HPC2008-11: The Excellence Review Committees moves to discontinue the current Excellence programme effective January 1, 2009 Moved by: Joan McDonald Seconded by: Arthur Nault Carried MOTION HPC2008-12: The High Performance Committee will create a sub-committee whose mandate is to: 1. Team selection criteria development for all FCA official international teams 2. Publication of Team information documents in both official languages simultaneously 3. Trials format policy 4. Ranking programme creation, revision, and updates 5. Interaction with LTAD Competition Review Committee when appropriate The High Performance Committee will appoint the chair of this committee. The committee chair will select members with the appropriate expertise to complete the work assigned to it. These committee members could be drawn from the following areas: Indoor Target Outdoor Target Commonwealth Games FISU events Indoor Ranking Outdoor Ranking 3D as applicable Field AWAD Rules Systems Analysis Mathematical competency Gap Analysis Translator Communications Liaison Other Resource/Specialist as required Moved by: Alain Gravel Seconded by: Joan McDonald Carried
Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 ii
Motion #E2008-13A
2008 outdoor target/field championship logo #3 as submitted
To accept the Excellence Review Committee as a permanent HPC sub-committee comprised of the VP 3D and the Olympic and Paralympic Coaches from the time of their appointment until the Games, VP International, at least 1 RCC, team ranking co-ordinator, at least one athlete representative.
To accept the November Guatemala WRE in replacement of the Costa Rica WRE as the 2008 "B" team event, or to cancel the "B" team event for 2008.
That VIVA Programme funds be awarded to compound archers competing at the 2008 FITA Youth World Championships with the following provisos: a) if funding is available for only one archer that it be awarded to: An archer who had to compete in trials, not seeded by ranking The junior archer who wins the trials with the highest number of trials points (regardless of sex) b) if funding is available for two archers that the second grant be awarded to: An archer who had to compete in trials, not seeded by ranking The cadet archer who wins the trials with the highest number of trials points (regardless of sex)
Motion #B2008-21
To increase the FCA Retailer Programme fee by 15% for each of the next 3 years as follows: $86 in 2009, $100 in 2010 and $115 in 2011
Motion #B2008-22a
To ratify the decision of the FCA Member Complaints Tribunal #2008-Boe(2) and to fulfill the recommendations as listed, and to dissolve the Member Complaints Tribunal as per policy. Moved by: Robert Tataryn Seconded by: Jeff Gunter
PASSED: 11 in favour 3 against 2 abstentions
Motion #B2008-22b
To ratify the decision of the FCA Member Complaints Tribunal #2008-Boe(1) and to fulfill the recommendations as listed, and to dissolve the Member Complaints Tribunal as per policy. Moved by: Robert Tataryn Seconded by: Jeff Gunter
PASSED: 10 in favour 4 against 2 abstentions
Motion #B2008-22c
To ratify the decision of the FCA Member Complaints Tribunal #2008-06, and to dissolve the Member Complaints Tribunal as per policy. Moved by: Robert Tataryn Seconded by: Jeff Gunter
PASSED: 13 in favour 1 against 2 abstentions
Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 iii
Motion #B2008-22d
To ratify the decision of the FCA Member Complaints Tribunal #2008-06, and to dissolve the Member Complaints Tribunal as per policy. Moved by: Robert Tataryn Seconded by: Jeff Gunter
PASSED: 14 in favour 1 against 1 abstentions
Motion #E2008-16
To re-invest $10,000 of FCA's matured GIC into a 3-year GIC at the best possible rates. Further, to allocate $4,000 to cover expenses incurred by the Hiring Committee and to use the balance of the cash earned to off-set some of the current Executive Director's severance. Moved by: Alain Gravel Seconded by: Charlene Parlee
Motion #B2008-23
To select a new FCA auditor from the choice of Parker Prins Lebano, and Collins Barrow.
Motion #E2008-17
To allocate $200 to compound youth archers who finished first at the 2008 team trials and $100 for second place. If more non-Sport Canada funds become available or there is a surplus after the Executive Director's severance has been paid, the remaining funds will be allocated to the juniors and cadets as listed in HPC motion #HPC2008-05. Moved by: Bob Tataryn Seconded by: Jude Hooey
To accept the 2008-2009 AWAD ranking criteria as submitted. / Pour accepter les critères du classement d'AWAD 2008-2009 comme soumis.
Motion #3D2008-07
To approve 3D criteria as listed (below). Moved by: Jude Hooey
Motion #E2008-18
To ratify the decision of the FCA Member Complaints Tribunal Sexual Harassment Case #2008-01, and to fulfill the recommendations as listed, and to dissolve the Member Complaints Tribunal as per policy. Moved by: Robert Tataryn Seconded by: Jeff Gunter
PASSED: 1 abstention
Motion #E2008-19
To ratify the 2009 3D indoor championship logo with changes to the title as suggested by Jude Hooey, registration form with corrections to the French as suggested by Alain Gravel, and fees as submitted. Moved by: Jude Hooey Seconded by: Alain Gravel

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 iv

FCA PRESIDENT?S REPORT JANUARY 2009 The past year has seen some great milestones for Canadian Archery. In 2008, Canada sent the largest team to the Olympics since 1992, and for the first time since the new Olympic qualifying process was put in place, Canada sent a full men?s team. Three Canadians finished in the top twenty, with one of the men in the top ten - AT THE OLYMPICS. In 2008, Canada sent the largest team ever to the Paralympics, where we had two archers finish in the top ten. In 2008, a Canadian Compound archer was the World Cup Champion. In 2008, three Canadian archers competed at the FITA World University Championships, where one finished in the top 4. In 2008, two Canadians came first at a WRE and two teams won silver medals. In 2008, one Canadian archer went to the World Field Archery Championships. Unfortunately, the past year saw some questionable milestones for Canadian Archery. In 2008, more people filed more complaints than in any previous year. In 2008, more people filed more appeals to the team selection process than ever before. In 2008, the first sexual harassment complaint was filed. In 2008, an FCA appeals decision was taken to SDRCC for the first time. In 2008, an FCA appeals decision was overthrown by SDRCC. In 2008, the FCA Executive Director submitted her letter of resignation. In 2008, the FCA Auditor retired. This is what happens when an organisation looses focus on the vision, which is what happens when the President looses focus on the vision. I allowed my role in the complaint processes to distract me from my vision of Unity Within, Domination Without. I apologize. For the remainder of my term as President, I will be refocusing on creating unity within the Canadian Archery community so that our archers of all disciplines can continue their increasing domination of the international Archery community. 2009 will bring some changes to the FCA. We will have a new Executive Director begin on 1 February 2009. The AGM will be in May to allow the new auditor to prepare the end of our new fiscal year. We will have a new President take office at that AGM. I will be stepping down to refocus on team management and support. In the meantime, I will once more be focusing on the vision of Unity Within, Domination Without. Respectfully submitted Roger Murray

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 v

VP ADMINISTRATION & MARKETING REPORT JANUARY 2009 I came into this position in October of 2008 as there was a vacancy on the FCA Executive Committee. I would like to thank the other members of the Executive for allowing me to fill this position on a temporary basis until the elections in May 2009. I intend to let my name stand for Director-at-large at the next AGM. Contained within the position are the responsibilities of finance, marketing, communication, and membership. Some of the specific duties include the monitoring of the FCA?s financial integrity, evaluation of FCA committees, programs, products and services. The position has been tasked also with establishing a marketing committee and developing fund-raising programmes for the athletes. As well, I will be looking at ways to strengthen the co-operation levels inside the Provincial Sport Organisations that are part of the FCA. Overseeing the FCA?s budget allocation from Sport Canada and revenue from other contributions means recommending spending decisions that are prudent in relation to FCA?s financial abilities. It would be an easy task if enough money was available to fund all the programmes that the FCA administers. The reality is that much of the funding has to be allocated to areas defined by Sport Canada. There were also cases this past year where suggested funding for a programme that was budgeted could not be implemented due to other immediate financial pressures. I intend to meet with our Sport Canada consultant to become fully informed on the requirements for the spending of the funds provided to ensure that they are properly allocated. There is a need for fund-raising to provide additional funding for programmes that are not adequately serviced by Sport Canada funding. There are many details in the upcoming budget that I will seek further clarification on from the other executive members. There may be a need to evaluate the results that are derived from programmes and through discussion, decisions made on whether the programmes are delivering the best return for the money invested. My intentions for fund-raising include gaining corporate support, obtaining additional website advertising revenue, increasing the awareness for charitable donations to the federation and setting up a long-term Archery Heritage Fund. I will be asking our President to allow a marketing committee to be formed. I will be calling upon members for input and assistance for this committee. I have already received names from the Executive Director and will be contacting these individuals. I will be asking athletes to market themselves and the HPC committee to ensure that the athlete biographies are up-to-date and complete. Some may not be aware of the opportunities for funding or promotional advice from organisations such as the Canadian Sport Centers. I will be asking the athletes? rep to work with his Council on this matter. I will be taking on the task to ensure that our “complaint” polices are up-to-date and in-step with recent decisions coming from the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada. Lastly, I would ask that all our members work with our new Executive Director and provide assistance to her where necessary as she enters into the position and familiarises herself with the needs of the membership and the organisation. I will also be making myself available to assist her as much as possible if needed. I welcome any comments that our members forward regarding our organisation. Respectfully Robert Tataryn

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 vi

VICE-PRESIDENT HIGH PERFORMANCE REPORT (November 2008) Allow me to make a two parts report. First, let me tell you that my work consisted of translating all the info related to the many Trials that took place end of May this year. I always made a point of having all the information available in both languages, English and French, at the same time, and we did exactly that. Even if it was a little time consuming for me, I think it worth it. I also got involved in the preparation of the NCCP Instructor of Intermediate Archers (> 500 pages). I was present at the Olympic and Paralympic Trials in Toronto. I participated in the hearing that decided we needed a second Trial for women. I was present in Peterborough to witness Ms Beaudet winning over Ms Vrakking. I was also in Winnipeg to score the results for the Cadet and Junior Worlds. Presently I am working on the LTAD model that was presented in English in Winnipeg but FCA will need a French version to make sure ALL the Provincial associations are buying into it. Having to express my feelings on several issues, I felt my hands were tied, because I couldn’t use my mother tongue to do so. (Just imagine yourself if you had to do the same … in French.) Anyway, I’ll try to do my best. Second: We, the HPC had to go through (what a lot of people would call) difficult and wearing times. After all the work the committee members put in preparing the Olympic selection document, after trying to react promptly to what was unforeseen circumstances, someone outside our sport organisation decided that it was not enough; we should have done more. It?s kind of hard on one?s motivation level. I saw this coming. I mentioned it in my VP-HP report to the Executive in August, when I had to bring a conclusion on the events: appeal, Tribunal, Second Olympic Trials for Women, etc. Let?s build from this sad experience; let?s show ourselves stronger! We now have to move forward, not to forget about it, because we want to avoid it in the future, but we need to put it in the background and keep moving forward. Personally I think the HPC group, is the best I had the privilege to work with in my volunteer life over the years and in my professional one as a high school teacher as well. Please don?t point your fingers at anyone as responsible for the mess that plagued us last summer, and above all, don?t identify yourself as the sole culprit. It?s certainly human to do so, but don?t forget you?ve shown in the past you?re superhuman. Let?s just celebrate, among others, Jay Lyon ranking10th at the conclusion of the OG, Dietmar Trillus winning the World Cup, the Cadets at the World Championships and our Juniors winning medals, our team?s success at the PanAm Championship, and recently MacDonald and Vrakking winning gold medals at the World Ranking event in Ecuador. I would like to express a special thanks to Allen Jenskey who recently resigned as HPC chairman. I didn?t know Allen when I came back to archery 2-3 years ago, but I learned to appreciate him and was surprised by the sum of work he can accomplished, on so many topics at the same time. It?s sad his resignation was the backlash of the crisis that touched our world last summer. We?ll all have to work even more to fill the huge empty spot he leaves behind. This present weekend, for the first time, the HPC will have to go over the agenda with not as many people as usual. The group is a little bit reduced in order to reduce the cost of having the meeting. I strongly believe that even if FCA is athlete centred; one needs not to forget that it runs on dedicated volunteers, like you. Respectfully submitted Alain Gravel

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 vii

VICE-PRESIDENT INTERNATIONAL REPORT JANUARY 2009 In 2008, I represented FCA at COPARCO congress, plus 2 meetings with the Canadian Olympic Committee. FCA?s continued presence at these and FITA meetings continues to give us a high profile and able to keep track of issues for our members. I also served on the Hiring Committee at the request of the President. We have spent considerable time and effort in 2008 to ensure FITA rules are clarified for Canadian archers. I have forwarded numerous questions to the various FITA committees including one for clarification at the behest of FCA?s Judge Committee. This was the famous „Foot Marker? clarification that was published recently by FITA. I am sure by the time this meeting is in session we will have seen any qualification criteria from FITA concerning the Youth Olympics. FCA already has seen the guidance from COC and FCA can only hope that this initiative dies a quick death. All in all, FCA?s relationship with FITA is working well as their office gains efficiencies yearly. COPARCO continues to frustrate - last year more than any! Half way through the year I was very pleased with how Congress operated (with the exception of my non-election to their Board). Canada came away with the hope that the new VP North would be of great assistance. Communication seemed to be improving with the announcement of funding for the youth Worlds, but then the wheels fell off! Somehow an important form was not received by Canada and by the time we found out about it, all the funding was gone! I will continue to attempt to make some sort of in-road into the inner circles of this organisation. I still run COPARCO?s website for them, but it is quite under-used. Also I am running the MICA tournament again this year. One positive note is that member nations are still managing to get all the WREs announced at Congress each year. The Canadian Olympic Committee meetings continue to be very interesting; it is full-time work keeping them aware of smaller sports such as archery. More and more, COC fosters the current thinking in Canada of putting more and more funds into the pockets of athletes and not into sport infrastructure. Smaller sports are trying in some small way to reverse this trend. Respectfully submitted Al Wills

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 viii

1. Voted on all motion votes by e-mail
2. Contacted 5 committee chairs concerning their budget requirements for the next 18 months
3. Worked with Trina Snooks in development of Mail match budget – Trina proposes to go to the outdoor Nationals and promote the Indoor Mail match – She has requested some money to facilitate that promotion. Trina also proposes to attempt an outdoor 70 meter Mail match.
4. Worked with Ghislain Arsenault on the Judging budget – Part of Ghislain?s budget is to bring all the Provincial Judging Co-ordinators to the Nationals in Montréal to present the judging programme that he has been working on for the past few years. The objective of this is to get all provinces to follow a similar format to certify provincial judges so that when they come to the National level they are well-prepared. This should in time, help speed up the certification process for National Judges. Some provincial judge chairpersons do not see the need to develop National-level judges in their province, so there may not be full participation at this meeting.
5. Concerning the policies regarding loss of judge certification and penalties, Ghislain pointed out that they are published on the FCA website in the 2007 FCA Policy manual immediately following the Championship Rotation. I have attached a copy for your information. http://www.fca.ca/policy/FCAGeneralPolicyManual2007-01-25.pdf
6. Worked with the Chairman of Judges to develop a complete notification format for Judges approved for National competitions. Last summer judges were nominated and approved but no one notified them they had been chosen.
7. A very successful 3D judge training clinic was held in Winnipeg last August and the 6 judges who worked the 3D Nationals were appreciated by the participants.
8. Assisted the Chairman of Judges to get the calls for 2009 Judges written and advertised.
9. A permanent Chairperson for the CCC has yet to be found – the members of the committee continue to work together to ensure that tasks are completed. Finding a Chairperson for this committee must be a priority for the coming year. Approached an individual about this position but after considerable thought, he did not feel he had the time to devote to the committee at this time.
10. As part of the next steps of LTAD, e-mails were sent to several clubs, in addition to all AANB clubs to complete the Club of Excellence Survey.
11. Message sent soliciting members to participate on the Clubs of Excellence programme of True Sport. The only response so far was from Kathy, form which I learned a lot more about this project.
12. Message sent soliciting members to sit on a committee to study the requirements, planning and bid process etc. to host International Events.
Respectfully submitted Charlene Parlee
Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 ix
Judge Complaint Resolution Policy & Guidelines Preamble The Federation of Canadian Archers is committed to developing and maintaining a Canadian judging program that ensures fairness to all competitors and integrity of FCA competitions. The goals of the policy are to: • ensure the highest standards of judging at FCA events • resolve a complaint fairly and in a timely manner • earn the competitor's respect for judges Policy The Federation of Canadian Archers will accept and resolve complaints about its judging program, or its judges, that may occur during FCA business, activities and events that receive direct Association financial support. Actions Warranting a Complaint Generally be defined as behaviour and actions on the part of judges, or the judging system, that creates an environment that unfairly limits a competitor(s)? performance. Complaints may include, but not limited to: • inconsistent interpretation and application of a rule (s) • acts of neglect of judging duties • inappropriate judge behaviour (i.e. smoking & eating while on duty, disturbing an archer on the line. etc.) • punitive, rather than protective, approach to rule enforcement on behalf of the judge Complaint Reporting Competitors who want to lodge a judging complaint: • completes a "Judge Complaint Form" (attached) • submits the completed form to any member of the FCA Executive, FCA staff or Jury Chair no later than one half (1/2) hour after the conclusion of the event. Complaint Investigation and Resolution Once a complaint is reported immediate action must be taken as follows: • The complaint is immediately forwarded to the Jury of Appeal Chair. The Jury Chair will decide if the complaint is about the judging system or about a particular judge, or group of judges. Judge system complaints: • If the complaint is about the judging system, the Jury Chair will forward the complaint to the National Judge Chair. • The Judge Chair will notify the Judge Certification Committee and the Judge Certification Committee will review the complaint for improvements to the judging system. If there are improvements to be made the Judge Certification Committee will make a proposal to the Archery Canada Council. • The National Judge Chair will write to the plaintiff twice, once acknowledge receipt of the complaint and course of action to be taken, and a second time notifying the plaintiff about the results of the review process. Complaint against a judge, or group of judges: • The Jury Chair forms a committee, as quickly as possible, to investigate the complaint • The Jury members, for purposes of resolving judging complaints, must be impartial and have no association or connection whatsoever with the reported complaint. The jury is comprised of the Jury Chair, at least 1 judge, 1 athlete and 1 coach. • No later than 30 minutes after the complaint has been submitted the Jury will convene and review the complaint. In the process of review the Jury has the right to interview anyone associated with the complaint. After deliberation with each other the Jury will decide if the complaint is valid. Their decision will be submitted in writing, to the plaintiff, FCA Judge Chair and the FCA Technical Director.

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 x

• If the Jury's decision is that the complaint is valid the Judge Chair will notify the Judge Certification Committee and, if applicable, the judge in question will receive a warning that will appear on the judge's record. • If the Jury finds the complaint is not valid, the matter will be at an end. • Either the plaintiff, or if applicable, the judge in question, may appeal the Jury's decision, using FCA's Appeals Mechanism. Judge Sanctions If the complaint is deemed valid by the Jury, the judge in question will receive a warning. A maximum of one (1) warning can be issued per incident/occurrence. Three warnings within any 24 month period will result in the judge being suspended from all judging activities for at least a 24 month period from the date the third warning is issued. After the minimum two year suspension has been served the judge can apply to the Judge Certification Committee, in writing, for reinstatement. Prevention / Education The FCA recognizes that an education program is an essential component to preventing incidents worthy of complaints The FCA is committed to: • building awareness, and commit to creating the highest quality of judge standards and ensure that awareness is properly reflected in policies and procedures. • build the commitment into the judge program culture,-values and mission statement • review each valid complaint for purposes of making policy and procedure changes in the judging system so that the type of incident and complaint will not be repeated. • include these policies and procedures in manuals, handbooks guides and agreements

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 xi

VICE-PRESIDENT EVENTS & SERVICES REPORT JANUARY 2009 I rejoined the FCA Executive in the position of Vice President Events and Services in April 2008. I appreciate the opportunity to serve the members of the FCA, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future. Immediately upon my return, I rejoined the organising committee for the 2008 Canadian National Championships. This project took a huge amount of time, and I do not believe the average volunteer can truly appreciate the magnitude of work that needs to be done to hold an event of this importance until you have done it. While there were a few hiccups along the way, the Nationals went off, and by most accounts, were a success. We had the largest number of archers attending a Prairies-based national championship, and had 8 days of generally decent weather. Once the nationals were over, the Executive received notice that Kathleen Millar would be leaving the FCA. I was tasked by FCA President, Roger Murray, to chair a Hiring Committee to find a new Executive Director. Members of the Hiring Committee included, Allan Wills, Robert Tataryn, Donald Lohnes and me. After dozens of e-mails, phone calls, and a trip to Ottawa to interview applicants, the Hiring Committee chose Suzanne Bray to join the FCA as our new Executive Director. Suzanne comes to FCA with a wealth of experience and I know that she will be a great addition to the FCA. This winter, FCA has several events coming up. The 2009 FCA Indoor Regional Championships and MICA events are coming along well. We have finalised the dates and location of the 2009 Target/Field Championships, with more information to come. Looking further down the road, the committee in Halifax has preparations for the 2010 Nationals and Canada Games well underway. FCA is fortunate to have a really dedicated and talented pool of volunteers who do a terrific job getting things done for archery in Canada. I want to thank all those members who have taken on a role within the FCA. Respectfully submitted Ed Wilson

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 xii

VICE-PRESIDENT 3D REPORT JANUARY 2009 We have had an exciting year in 3D. The 2008 Indoor 3D Nationals in Lethbridge were very well attended though there were fewer archers from eastern Canada than we would have liked. Everything ran smoothly and no derogatory comments were heard. The 2008 Outdoor 3D Nationals in Dauphin were very well run and attendance was consistent with past events. The judges were very demanding of the Organising Committee, which disheartened some of the committee members. There was a minor problem when a father got his son disqualified. It was an unfortunate situation, but the parties involved did not take exception to ruling. The meeting in Dauphin accomplished many things. We have been working on the criteria for choosing a team to go to the FITA World Championship in Italy. It is attached. We will be looking at rule modifications in the next while. There are some issues that need clarification. The 2009 Indoor 3D Nationals preparations are underway. I received this from the Organising Committee on January 21, 2009: “The hosting agreement was sent in on December 15th along with a cheque. All of the Hosting Committees requirements have been addressed except for there have been no meeting minutes sent in due to the fact that most of the meetings have been informal or via email. As far as budgeting, two grant applications have been sent in and we are awaiting their response. We do though have enough money committed to meet our expenses for this event. The agreement for the venue has been signed and the deposit has been paid. Enough targets have been ordered to be combined with existed targets to meet the requirements. The information package for those pre-registered will be ready for mailing by mid February. In summary, the concentrated efforts initiated in October and November have resulted in all the details we can think of being addressed. Scorecards, title sponsor, target sponsors, local media coverage/promotions - to attract attendance, registrant's numbers, preliminary course layout design and trade show participants. We are left waiting registrations to be received.” The Organising Committee had some questions, with which I dealt. Respectfully submitted Jude Hooey
Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 xiii
Criteria for Canadian 3D Archery Team 2009 The following will be the criteria for the selection of a Canadian team to the 2009 FITA 3D Championship to be held in Italy from September 15 - 19. Compound Men Longbow Men Bare Bow Men Instinctive Men Gold 92% Gold 64% Gold 72% Gold 69% Red 89% Red 62% Red 70% Red 67% Blue 86% Blue 60% Blue 67% Blue 64% Compound Women Longbow Women Bare Bow Women Instinctive Women Gold 73% Gold 59% Gold 63% Gold 45% Red 70% Red 57% Red 61% Red 44% Blue 68% Blue 55% Blue 59% Blue 42%
1. A list of registered events will be produced. This will include provincial FCA registered events, FCA national events, and international events.
2. The archers will be required to submit six scores from FCA sanctioned or international events. The highest and lowest scores will be dropped and an average formed from the other four scores.
3. One of the scores will be a 2009 Outdoor Provincial Championship.
4. Scores shot after April 1, 2008 may be submitted.
5. The 2009 FCA Indoor Championship scores may be used toward the average. (This will represent one score submission.)
6. Indoor score submissions will be limited to two.
7. Money raised through the fees paid for sanctioning shoots as well as other fund-raising will be allocated for travel to the FITA World Championship.
8. Commitment to attend the 2009 FITA 3D World Championship in Italy September 15 - 19 must be indicated to the FCA 3D Committee by April 1, 2009.
9. If there are more archers committed to the team than positions available (three per category), the 2009 FCA Outdoor 3D National Championship will be used as a team trial. Archers who are vying for positions on the team will be ranked according to their placing at the trials. In the case that an archer has to withdraw, the archer next in line will be named to the team. Squad rankings take precedence. For clarification: If there was one archer ranked gold, one ranked red, three ranked blue and all indicated the intention of attending the World Championship, the blue ranked archers would shoot the trials. The gold and red archers would be named to the team and the third position on the team would be determined at the Nationals.

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 xiv

FCA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT JANUARY 2009 Governance The major challenge in the final three quarters of 2008 centered on the unprecedented number of member complaints submitted to the FCA as well as its first appeal process with the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada, and its first sexual harassment complaint, lodged in response to one of the member complaints. Though some of the complaints were submitted due to the emotionally charged events leading to the selection of the women?s Olympic team, the retaliatory nature and pettiness of some of these complaints only served to impede the day to day and long-term operation of the Federation. In some cases, the complaints were so petty that I disallowed the process to continue. This abuse of the FCA Member Complaint process can not be allowed to repeat itself. There will be some unforeseen difficulties or discrepancies in implementing policies that have been on the books, but never needed to be implemented. No productive resolution can be gained from explosive or derogatory comments exchanged between members of the Executive Committee and/or the Board of Directors. Problems are identified and addressed. In the 2008 cases, FCA accepted the opinion of an outside third party legal advisor on two occasions. In the first case, there appeared to be no problem following this advice within the FCA Executive; the second case was much different. The policy must be reviewed in light of the difference between the FCA policy guidelines and the HPC guidelines, as was suggested often in the past by the President. It must also be reviewed in light of the procedural differences found between the Member Complaint policy and the FCA Abuse and Sexual Harassment policy now that it has been needed. These documents were treated as stand-alone policies, but it is obvious that the latter was used in response to the former. So now the two policies must be linked. Due to the preparation demands in an Olympic/Paralympic year, FCA?s second, third and fourth quarters saw heightened activity that strained both financial and human resources. Face-to-face meetings after the AGM/Board meeting in Toronto included meetings at all 3 national championships and High Performance Committee, and all the necessary follow-up for each. However, there has been increased e-mail and teleconference activity throughout this period. There is regular, constructive communication between the FCA President and the national office every two weeks, but High Performance Committee communications have regressed. The major push to produce the foundation document for LTAD occurred during this same timeframe. I presented, in conjunction with some key athlete representatives and members, two information sessions during the target/field championships. This was not possible to do during the 3D nationals. The French version of this document will be available for circulation before the end of January 2009. English copies have been forwarded already to all 2008 affiliated FCA clubs. There have been requests from PSO representatives. There will be more demand, but it is important to ensure that copies are available for the FCA communication plan for individual information sessions across the country. Registering the FCA logo legally has been a long, overly-bureaucratic process. However, it should be completed within the next two-three weeks. The official logo will give the FCA Vice-President Administration & Marketing a solid tool in his fund-raising efforts, and will safe-guard FCA?s recognised symbol. During this same period, considerable research and effort was needed in order to find a new auditor to replace Pierre Charron who gave his retirement notice to FCA shortly before the 2008 AGM. The new Executive Director and I have met with the successful firm PARKER PRINS LEBANO. This meeting included FCA?s bookkeeper via telephone from Edmonton. I am confident that the 2008 audit will go well, with few problems related to the transition from Charron – Guidon. It became abundantly clear that Pierre Charron has saved FCA thousands of dollars over the past 12-15 years and I am recommending that the FCA Executive Committee offer some token of appreciation to Pierre Charron for his contributions to FCA?s fiscal well-being during very stressful times.
All new/revised policies and procedures arising from meeting minutes have been imbedded into pertinent FCA documents which include the FCA Task List, Volunteer Handbook and office procedures manual. The Policy Manual was not revised pending the on-going discussions
Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 xv
concerning the FCA Member Complaint policy and the FCA Abuse and Sexual Harassment policy. The FCA Operational Plan is being extended to 2016 with input from the revised HPC Plan to 2016. The LTAD Competition Review Committee recommendations will impact on the document also. The Operational Plan will be reviewed for ratification by the Board in May. FCA?s volunteer self-evaluation process was circulated, as was the FCA Conflict of Interest policy and Ethics policy. An annual staff evaluation was conducted for the occasional staff, and competed. With exception of Newfoundland & Labrador, all FCA/PSO agreements for 2008-2010 have been re-signed. Don Lohnes represented the FCA President during negotiations and there was confusion over the negotiated PSO fee to AANL and what was written in the final agreement. Don is working to correct this confusion. Roger Murray is preparing a draft 2011-2013 agreement for the incoming president. Important elections are slated for 2009. Roger Murray will not be running for re-election as he is returning to university. The search for a qualified replacement must begin now in earnest. The person filling this role must have a global vision of the sport of archery, inspire by macro-managing only, and be diplomatic. This is not easy to do. Thank you, Roger, for all your efforts in these areas. FCA?s Human Resource base has not expanded significantly and membership totals are stable. The new Executive Director will need assist in the technical areas, and in particular with increased support from members of the High Performance Committee until she is more familiar with terms and issues. FCA has been able to attract and keep qualified volunteers in its elected positions, and the FCA Board has informed, dedicated members. The annual elections will be an important indicator as to whether or not FCA has turned the corner on recruiting new volunteers to the national level. Annual reports and indoor programme information were circulated as usual to all FCA-affiliated clubs. Clubs complied well with the increase to two Safety Officers/club judges for 2008. This pro-active FCA policy has allowed FCA?s liability insurance programme premium to remain at its 2008 level. The final membership report was submitted to the insurance broker, and the balance owing for 2008 has been paid. The broker?s minimum payment of $16,000 for the 2009 membership premium will create cash flow problems in the first quarter. Communication still appears to be top-down in most cases. The biweekly Info.E-mail bulletins continued to keep members up-to-date with a wide range of information, but not enough on 3D activities. FCA?s volunteer translators continue to assist the national office and the web master weekly. These people save the Federation thousands of dollars every year. The new Executive Director has a higher capacity to translate materials than I do, so perhaps the volunteers will find that there workload will decrease. The Executive selected a web designer and Eric Greer is scheduled to present his work during the Executive Committee meeting. Meeting minutes and reports have been circulated electronically to save money and “Go-Green”. Finances 2008 was a review year also in preparation for Sport Canada?s SFAF IV. This process includes a detailed assessment and mathematical analysis of every aspect of FCA?s domestic, international and governance activity, policies and procedures. Sport Canada?s assessment was scrutinised line-by-line, and I was able to access Hugh MacDonald?s skills in making sure that the analysis was as transparent as possible. Relative to other sport governing bodies, FCA improved its ranking both for able-bodied sport and for athletes with a disability. Along with strong governance compliance and fiscal safe-guards, FCA?s position has been strengthened. During the last year of SFAF III, FCA?s base funding was $134,000. In 2009-2010, it will rise by $50,000 and in the last 3 years of the new cycle, it will rise by $100,000 annually. Please accept the following recommendations for this increased funding: 1. FCA increases its contribution to PSO delegates to the annual Board meeting and AGM. 2. HPC supports 100% of all team support staff travel and accommodation expenses to all official FCA international teams. 3. FCA invests in newer technology to allow networking within the office and to staff remote locations.

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 xvi

4. FCA hires more staff either part-time or full-time (see HPC Plan to 2016). 5. HPC covers a higher percentage of competition expenses for recurve archers representing Canada on all official FCA international teams FCA Executive and Board can rejoice at this increased government assistance, but there are many financial hurdles to face. FCA is returning to an unhealthy balance of government versus self-generated funds. Government money can not and should not serve all of FCA?s needs. The percentage of FCA?s budget relying on outside funding partners is reaching an unacceptable level for fiscal independence. Marketing, promotion and fund-raising are essential tools to turn this situation around. The 3D community, HPC and FCA sub-committees should be working with the Vice-President - Administration & Marketing in order to produce a viable, aggressive FCA Marketing Plan to 2016. Sport Canada should have issued its last installment of 2008-2009 by mid-January. I have asked interim Sport Canada consultant, Annette Wildgoose to find out why this money has not been received to date. FCA used its Line of Credit throughout 2008 due to the number of travelling teams and governance activities. Regardless, with the amount of programme activity and travel, FCA cashflow problems should be dealt with through fund-raising and marketing, and increased membership, rather than relying on government payment schedules. FCA?s first and second quarters of 2009 will involve budget submissions to Sport Canada. I would recommend strongly that the FCA submit budget requests for A/B and AWAD programmes for both 2009-2010 and for 2010-2011 in order to allow for proper planning. The annual Board meeting and AGM should be moved to the mid-May in order for the new auditor to produce a full audit for 2008 and an auditor?s letter for the period January 01-March 31, 2009 in order to bring the audited period in line with the new fiscal year end. The normal workload for audits, production of the Annual Report, its translation, printing and distribution, selection of FCA Annual Awards, and elections for positions of Directors-at-Large and FCA AWAD Athlete Representative will take place within the next 8-12 weeks. It is anticipated that Board meeting should include volunteer development opportunities as well as providing time for small working groups to handle macro-management concepts and planning for the Federation into 2016. I would suggest inviting LTAD presentation as well as the FCA marketing plan. FCA?s Championship Travel Kit container contents are complete and the unit is being stored for $500/year by The Archers of Caledon. (Randall Jones has to manufacture the travel boxes for the sound system.) FCA thanks TAOC for their contribution to reducing FCA?s expenses. It is unclear whether or not the Québec organisers will need the container in 2009, but the 2010 O/C is interested in rental fees and transportation arrangements. These should be started as soon as possible. In accordance with FCA?s investment policy, FCA?s GIC was reinvested at the best possible interest rate. $4000 was cashed in order to off-set the costs of the Hiring Committee interview session and the remainder of cash-on-hand generated on RBC Securities instruments was designated to off-set some of the Executive Director?s severance costs. The Winnipeg Trust fund interest was used to assist FCA?s volunteer translators. The plummeting return on investments due to the world economic downturn means that FCA?s cash revenues generated on investments will decrease in 2009. The PSO grid for funding athletes to national championships remains constant; this could be increased using some of the new core funding if deemed important. The PSO contribution grid has been updated to reflect changes in provincial membership numbers and transportation costs. FCA continues to subsidise some PSO participation at the annual meeting beyond the level of revenue generated by memberships from particular PSOs. This is justified in order to keep the governance base strong and equitable across Canada. (See recommendations above on use of increased core funding.)
The 2009 draft budget #1 was circulated to the Executive without comment. The revised draft budget #2 will include the new core funding levels. Much discussion will be necessary to ensure that the FCA Executive Committee uses the new funding levels prudently. There is an anticipated deficit

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 xvii

in all FCA-generated funds activities such as 3D programmes and compound archer expenses to international events. High Performance It is impossible to express in words the frustration and disaffection felt by volunteers and staff over the problems arising through the Olympic team selection process in 2008. FCA?s initial experience using the services of SDRCC was not positive. It will be very difficult to build any national team spirit, particularly among the women?s recurve team, for considerable time. The complaints, appeals and disputes impacted FCA on many levels and clouded the exhilaration that should have been felt by the Canadian archery community with all the successes in 2008. A Canadian won the World Cup championship for the first time. Canadian compound archers at the junior and senior level continue to demonstrate competitive strength at the international level. Canadian recurve archers had their most successful Olympic results ever. The Canadian Paralympic team, though experiencing some internal division, had the most successful Games ever. The performances of the recurve archers and the AWAD programme directly impacted on FCA?s improved SFAF IV standings. Though Canadian archers can be proud of the accomplishments of national team members, it is important to continue the education process to the compound able-bodied archery community that archer performances have no impact on FCA?s standings with the federal government. Several times this year, the FCA office has had to clarify this point. There is much work to be done in this area, particularly at the grass roots level and in the 3D community. 2008 was very intensive in terms of staff involvement, volunteer commitment and athlete-driven expenses, particularly for archers attending the FITA Youth World Championships. 2009 will be an extremely busy year with another Youth World Championship being held along with all of the other important international events that normally take place in the year after the Olympic/Paralympic Games. It is important for FCA to note that the acceptance by FITA of the IOC?s new Youth Olympic Games flies in the face of its own LTAD model. Outside agencies, such as the Canadian Olympic Committee realise this; no penalty will be assessed to NSOs that decide not participate in the event based upon LTAD principles. FCA must decide just as other archery organisations decide whether or not international events for young archers are positive for individual development, and not just a one-off event that could affect programmes negatively for years to come. FCA has 4 A/B and 2 AWAD archers carded federally under the current quota system, four of whom are carded at the highest possible levels. Carding quotas will be reviewed in the coming months. It is hoped that the quota will increase for able-bodied archers at this time. AWAD quota reviews will not take place until 2010. Athlete Whereabouts Forms are submitted on time for individuals and FCA to FITA, CCES and WADA, but the new system is very detailed and quite onerous. Currently, FCA has two archers in FITA?s RTP who must complete this process along with the FCA every three months. Athlete/coach education continues. Nancy Littke has agreed to fill this role as a new member of the HPC sub-committee. HPC?s Plan to 2012 was updated to 2016 last November and contains ambitious plans. It identified the need for HP staff in order for the system to progress. The FCA Executive and Board should consider this request seriously if the sport is going to continue to show improvement at the international level. Volunteers are tiring and more technical assistance is needed on a regular basis that only increased staff numbers can provide. Refer to HPC minutes from this meeting. I work closely with all HPC programme co-ordinators and project managers. HPC self-generated funds are not meeting demand and sales are flat. Clothing sales are not sufficient to raise the kinds of funds needed to underwrite the ambitious plans this group has. The Excellence Programme has been disbanded. Sponsorship will have to be found. There has been no movement on the selection of a new national team uniform supplier since the November meeting. Archery Council
Coaching: The Coach Certification Committee (CCC) has found two co-chairpersons. Monai Wanner (SK) and Bruce Savage (ON) have stepped forward and revitalised the committee. Work has proceeded on the final context review for Instruction of Intermediate Archers and now the
Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 xviii
competitive contexts of Introduction to Competition and Competition Development are moving forward. There has been some interest expressed by BCAA to host a pilot clinic some time in 2009. FCA had to re-negotiate its 2008-2009 CAC budget allocation downwards, but there will be no negative impact of future funding levels. Now that the committee is moving again, holding regular teleconferences, etc., it should be able to utilise all the CAC funds put at its disposal. Rules/Judges: The 2008 FCA rulebook was published in English and French. Greg Durward spent considerable time discussing a variety of rule changes and issues with members of the Rules Committee. This group is very active and I would like to thank all of them for their input. Thank you also to the translation sub-committee for all their work to provide the document updates in French. Products: Indoor CanBow product sales continued strong. Outdoor and 3D CanBow sales are negligible. There has been no further news on interest in the National Archery in the Schools Programme (NASP). CanBow kit information will be updated as requested as soon as the draft documents and approved and translated. Target face sales are strong in the first quarter. Championships: Financial problems arose with both the indoor and outdoor 2008 3D championship organising committees. Invoices are outstanding for each. No reports have been received from either of the Manitoba-based organising committees for 2008. The FCA championship host agreement was updated in a combined outdoor 3D/target & field agreement. The 2009 outdoor target/field championship site has been selected. The FCA technical delegate has to be selected. Due to the issues that arose during the 2008 target/field championships, it would be advisable NOT to hold team trials in conjunction with this event unless the team selection process follows the championship format exactly. The 2009 outdoor 3D championship organising committee has been active. Communications will need to be improved in order to assure that the two committees receive adequate support on a regular basis. I would assume that the FCA VP3D will take on the role of technical delegate for this event, but this needs to be confirmed. FCA can not afford to implement the new Technical Delegate policy that I proposed in 2005 without sponsorship. In the meantime, FCA will continue to rely on experienced volunteers on the ground and electronic communication. ISSUES There have been initial discussions to re-create the “House of Sport” in Ottawa. Several major summer sports have found renewed interest in moving their headquarters back to Ottawa, or at least maintain some staff close to Sport Canada and other decision-makers. Any concrete proposal is still a long way off and FCA should renew its co-lease with CWSA due to the very good rental rates and services available to both organisations. FCA?s fiscal well-being is in jeopardy, even with the higher core funding levels. Marketing and fund-raising are essential because the activity level will increase and expectations will increase. No government funding comes without conditions and expectations. FCA will not be able to realise its ambitious plans without the infusion of new revenue sources. This portfolio should be a priority. As stated in my negotiations with the President for my 2008-2009 contract, it was my intention to leave FCA after the Paralympic team returned to Canada in late October 2008. The FCA Executive Committee asked that I revise my position and stay until the normal end of the contract year, i.e. January 31, 2009. I agreed to this. After careful consideration of my initial decision to leave FCA, I submitted a letter to FCA President Roger Murray in early September 2008 stating that I would not be renewing my contract. It should not have been a surprise to the Executive. Perhaps if some volunteers and FCA members had not been so harsh in their criticisms, particularly via e-mail to me and to volunteers, I could have reconsidered. I leave FCA (again) with the knowledge that the work I have done for over 11 years has contributed to archery?s development and I know that the new Executive Director will build on this foundation and move forward with stable funding and the FCA Executive Committee?s support in the immediate future and in the time to come. Respectfully submitted Kathleen Millar

Minutes – Executive Committee January 2009 xix

CANADA GAMES 2011 FCA TECHNICAL ADVISOR REPORT JANUARY 2009 I attended the Technical Advisors conference for the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax, NS in November. The conference was very informative and well run as to the responsibilities of the Technical Advisors and the local Sport Leaders. The NS Sport Leader for Nova Scotia is Laurie Bolivar and he is working very hard on this project. Both the organising committee and the Sport leaders are about 6 to 8 months ahead of planning from previous Games. Athlete housing for the Games will be in a block of 4 hotels in the downtown area, all connected to the World Trade and Convention Center, which will be the main venue for the Games. The hotels are blocking off complete floors of their hotels for security and management of the athletes. An extra day has been added to each week of the 2011 Games to facilitate competition and travel I had the opportunity to visit the proposed archery venue. The visit was unofficial. The Host Society had not yet (Jan 09) come to agreement with the School board to use schools for the Games. The games DO NOT coincide with the province?s March Break and thus would require, at minimum, cancellation of significant classes in the schools. The venue will be utilised by the air rifle shooting sport the first week so we toured and analysed the facility from the view point of both sports regarding setup, competition and practice areas, and team and officials space. The venue meets most of the requirements for archery with the one major exception of lighting. We were told this was an upgrade scheduled for 2010 – hopefully it will be acceptable. Other minor changes will be required – individual locks for classrooms – currently whole school is on ONE key. A request will be made to have the cafeteria open for competitors and officials. A site evaluation was completed and submitted to the Host Society identifying all the changes required for our event. There may be a need for the local committee to rent the FCA Championships travelling kit for the timing and PA systems if they cannot acquire their own system. This could work well in that the kit should be in NS for the 2010 Championships, so there would be a great opportunity for training on the systems. The Major and Minor officials requirements were reviewed and adjusted and submitted. Results management submissions were made to the Results committee. The score management software used at the Whitehorse Games must be obtained. Considerable work was done on revising the Technical Package in collaboration with the FCA Executive Director and the CG Council, as the change to the Team size required complete reworking of the Team event. With the change in team size it was also possible to change the qualification rounds to be 2 FITA s instead of 1. With the addition of additional day, another practice day is proposed. The Technical Package hopefully will be finalized on January 23, 2009. On completion, approval and translation, the package will be circulated to the FCA and the Sport Leader and should be available on the FCA website. Laurie Bolivar has been very proactive in organising the local committee. He has the chairpersons in place for the various committees and is planning a major indoor test event in the fall of 2010. Robert Sheppard is actively training judges for this event and has been in discussion with Ghislain Arsenault concerning training and certification. Don Lohnes has been approached by the local committee to be the Sport Information Officer for the Games. As the SIO is a major official, he needs to be appointed by the FCA. I am in regular contact and discussion with Laurie, members of the CGC, O/C and FCA national office, and everything is moving forward smoothly. Respectfully submitted Philip Parlee