Annual 3D National Committee Meeting (29 July 2011)




Jude Hooey, Archery Canada V-P 3D Programs/3D Committee Chair

Rodney Misener, AANS             Wil Reinhart, AANB                              

Peter Garrett, OAA                   Mano Navarro, ABAM                           

Ray Nemethi, SAA                    Ann Neumeyer, ABAA

Ted Kennedy, BCAA                  Guest:  Roger Garrod, Chair, Archery Canada Rules Committee

Scott Ogilvie, Archery Canada Executive Director (recorder of minutes)              

NOTE: The name opposite the agenda item indicates the lead person(s) to address the agenda item

1.0       Vice-President's/Chair’s Call to Order & Welcome (J. Hooey)

- J. Hooey, V-P 3D Programs/Chair, 3D Committee, called the 3D Committee meeting to order at 1:10pm /13:10hrs. She extended a warm welcome to the Committee members.  A roll call of the provinces was conducted.

- J. Hooey provided opening remarks. See Appendix 1 – V-P 3D Program - Opening Remarks, which is appended to these 2011 3D Committee meeting minutes.   

2.0       Administration (S. Ogilvie)

- S. Ogilvie provided clarification on those meeting expenses covered by Archery Canada and the process and timing for submission of expenses claims for reimbursement.

3.0       Approval of Agenda & New Business (J. Hooey)

- The 2013 3D National Team Selection Criteria & Process: 2013 FITA 3D World Championship

was added as a new business item to be dealt with as an amended agenda item 17.0.

MOTION #3D2011-01: To accept the agenda as amended.

Moved by:                     BCAA - T. Kennedy                   Seconded by:    ABAM - M. Navarro                        Carried


4.0       Approval of the July 30th 2010 3D Committee Meeting Minutes (J. Hooey)

- J. Hooey called for a motion to accept the minutes of the 2010 3D Committee meeting held at The Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club on July 30, 2010.

MOTION #3D2011-02: To accept the minutes of the July 30th 2010 3D Committee meeting minutes as presented.

Moved by:         SAA - R. Nemethi                      Seconded by:    OAA - P. Garrett                                    Carried

- The 2010 3D Committee meeting minutes were circulated to the 3D Committee in the pre-meeting package. The 2010 3D Committee meeting minutes are posted on the Archery Canada website at: .  Therefore, a copy of the 2010 minutes is not appended to these 2011 3D Committee meeting minutes.   


5.0       Business Arising from the July 30th 2010 3D Committee Meeting Minutes (J. Hooey)


5.1       MOTION #3D2010-04 (page 2 of minutes)

- The two (2) hand-held grain scales and two (2) hand-held bow scales for use at the 3D Indoor and Outdoor National Championships were purchased and have been provided to the Wascana Archers for these Championships.  The scales will be kept at the national office and will be delivered to the next Championship organizing committee in a timely manner.


5.2       MOTION #3D2010-05 (page 3 of minutes)

- The name of Recurve Unaided has been changed to Barebow and now appears as such in the Archery

 Canada rulebook.

- Archery Canada has aligned its traditional longbow, instinctive and barebow (formerly recurve unaided) rules with FITA’s rules in these three categories.


5.3       Item 9.2: Re-organizing 3D rules (page 3 of minutes)

- J. Hooey called on R. Garrod to provide an update on this project.

- R. Garrod reported that this has not yet been completed due to numerous 3D rule changes that had to be

addressed by the Rules Committee and then circulated for Board and 3D Committee voting and approval

for adoption. Work on this project will resume prior to the next round of rule changes that are circulated for

Board and 3D Committee approval.

- Following the above update, questions were raised and discussion ensued about the confusion surrounding what 3D rules are to be followed, i.e., Archery Canada, IBO, or FITA. There is some inconsistency in the rules used by each of these organizations and which has caused some confusion on what rules are to be used. R. Garrod offered some clarification.

- R. Garrod also asked the 3D Provincial Representatives to convey to their Provincial Judge Chairs the following: i) the importance of staying on top of any rule changes; ii) ensure that any rule changes and updates are circulated to their 3D judges; and iii) include rule change and updates in their judge training clinics.

5.4       Item 9.3 3D divisions for target events (page 3 of minutes)

- At the 2010 3D Committee meeting, R. Garrod asked what two 3D divisions would the 3D Committee like to see shot at Archery Canada Target Championships. The Committee agreed on BHO and BHR.

- R. Garrod reported that this recommended rule change was not approved by the Board in the 2011 rule change process. Therefore, the status quo will be maintained. This recommendation may be re-visited in the future by the Archery Canada Rules Committee.


5.5  Item 9.4: String walkers in the Grand Prix for “Traditional” category (page 4 of minutes)

- At the 2010 3D Committee meeting no agreement was reached and therefore no decision was made

regarding whether to allow or not allow ‘string walkers’ in the Grand Prix for “Traditional” category. J. Hooey

asked if the Committee wanted to make a motion. Discussion ensued which led to the Committee deciding

to maintain the status quo and therefore continue to allow string walkers’ in the Grand Prix for “Traditional”


5.6       Item 10.0: 3D CanBow Program Revisions (page 4 of minutes)

- J. Hooey reported that the work group consisting of herself and M. Navarro has not yet carried-out its

review of the 3D Program CanBow Program. She reported that she has spent time reviewing the Program

but has not contacted M. Navarro for his input simply because she has not identified ideas on how to

improve on the 3D Program. J. Hooey stated that matching the 3D Program with the Long Term Athlete

Development Model (LTAD) will be a difficult task.  M. Navarro confirmed he is still prepared to help with the

review. J. Hooey confirmed that she will initiate work on this with M. Navarro, in the near future.

- S. Ogilvie stated that beginning work on revisions to the 3D CanBow Program is an excellent idea and an excellent way of getting a ‘jump’ on things until such time that resources can be secured to carry-out the revisions to the entire 3D Program. He added that full-scale revisions to the CanBow Program as a whole will require considerable financial resources (funding possibly from Sport Canada) and human resources (i.e., Archery Canada volunteers to conduct the review and make the revisions). In addition, revisions to the Program will require a great deal of time and effort.  When considered against the competing priorities and business maters facing Archery Canada, the timing for a full-fledged revision to the CanBow Program is an undertaking that is clearly further down the road.   

5.7       MOTION #3D2010-06 (page 4 of minutes)

- J. Hooey reported that the Executive Committee approved $2,500 in the 2011-12 fiscal year budget

for the Team Leader’s expenses for the 2011 3D World Championship. 

5.8       Item 14.1: Grand Prix award selection process (page 5 of minutes)

- J. Hooey reported that the way that the rule is written at the present, it does work if the same classes are sent on the same courses.  However, sometimes this is not possible so all of the scores must be used.



5.9       Item 14.2: National Championship Medals (page 5 of minutes)

- J. Hooey reported that new medals have been approved and produced for all Canadian Championships (for the next 2 years) and will be awarded this year beginning with this summer’s 3D Outdoor Championship. 


5.10      Item 14.3: Archery Canada Website (page 5 of minutes)

- J. Hooey reported that a 3D section now exists on the Archery Canada website. Thanks to Al Wills, Archery Canada’s President and Webmaster.

- J. Hooey asked if there was any additional information Committee members would like to see added to the 3D section. She suggested chapters 3 and 11 of the Archery Canada rulebook be added to the 3D section or that a link to the Rules section of the website for these two chapters be provided on the 3D section. She also suggested that the tournament registration guidelines and form be added to the 3D section.

- W. Reinhart suggested that the Equipment Finder Program currently on the website be extended to include 3D archery. It was acknowledged that to develop the Program will require someone skilled in technical programming to lead the development. Someone with this skill will have to be recruited. P. Garrett volunteered to help with the development of the Program.

- It was further suggested that the equipment finder sections of the IBO website and the 3D archery section of FITA, be linked to the 3D section of the Archery Canada.



1.     J. Hooey/S. Ogilvie to ask A. Wills to post or link chapters 3 and 11 of the Archery Canada rulebook to the 3D section of the website.

2.     J. Hooey/S. Ogilvie to ask A. Wills to post or link the tournament registration guidelines and form to the 3D section of the website.

3.     J. Hooey/S. Ogilvie to ask A. Wills if he can recommend a technical programmer that could create a 3D Equipment Finder Program.   

MOTION #3D2011-03: To accept the business arising from the minutes of the July 30, 2010 3D Committee meeting minutes as presented/discussed.

Moved by:         AANB - W. Reinhart                  Seconded by: ATAA – A. Neumeyer                                 Carried

6.0       2011 Canadian Indoor 3D Championship: Verbal Report (J. Hooey)

- J. Hooey reported that the Lethbridge Bowbenders Archery Club hosted the 2011 Indoor 3D Canadian Championship from January 21-23. The Championship went very well.  No complaints were lodged.  There were 189 archers in attendance. The breakdown was as follows: 20% were over 50 years; 23% were kids; 45% were BHO & BHR; 6% were “stick” shooters; and 8% were hunter class.  Unfortunately, the Championship had to be hosted in January rather than late spring as is traditionally done.  The Championship fell right after Christmas so a lack of funds so close after Christmas may have accounted for the lower number of registrants. As well, some archers may have chosen not to compete at the Championship because it was too early in the indoor season.  The weather was good so that poor travel conditions was not an issue.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that whenever possible, the 3D Indoor Nationals be held at the end of March or the first of April. Many competitors have commented how they like the Indoor Championship to be held over the Easter weekend.

7.0       2011 Canadian 3D Outdoor Championship: Verbal Update (J. Hooey)

- J. Hooey reported that the Championship is well organized and has a real professional look and feel to it. Robert Lakeman (Chair of Organizing Committee) and his team of volunteers from the Wascana Archers have done an excellent job!

- J. Hooey reported that after their review of the 4 courses, the judges report that the courses are of high calibre, safe and challenging. The judges had only a handful of minor recommendations for last minute course improvement.

- Everything is self-contained on one site, making for much smoother logistics. The banquet and awards ceremony will be held on-site under the banquet tent.

8.0       2012 Canadian 3D Indoor Championship: Verbal Update (J. Hooey)

- J. Hooey reported that a bid has been received from the New Totem Archery Club of Fort St. John, BC.  J. Hooey emailed the bid to all Committee members in advance of the meeting. The dates chosen are April 6-8, 2012 which is Easter weekend.  The venue is the building that holds the Olympic sized speed skating oval.  They have had the rent of the facility donated to them. 

- T. Kennedy reported that Fort St. John is an oil and gas community. It has an area population of about 50,000. Flights can be made into Fort St. John or Grand Prairie, AB (approximately a 2 hour drive to Fort St. John).

- J. Hooey called for a motion to accept the bid.

MOTION #3D2011-04: To accept the bid from the New Totem Archery Club of Fort St. John, BC, to host the 2012 Canadian 3D Indoor Championship.

Moved by:         BCAA - T. Kennedy                   Seconded by: ABAM – M. Navarro                                    Carried


9.0       2012 Canadian 3D Outdoor Championship: Verbal Update (T. Kennedy, BCAA)

- T. Kennedy called on Kevin Reimer and Leon Meier (Chair and Vice-Chair respectively of Organizing Committee).

- K. Reimer and L. Meier provided an excellent interactive presentation. A copy of the bid is provided in these minutes (Appendix 2).

- The Championship will be hosted by 6 archery clubs in the Okanagan region of BC.

- The Championship will be held at Silver Star Mountain Resort in Vernon, BC over the August 2012 long weekend.

- Flights can be made into Kelowna, BC, about a 20 minute drive to Vernon. Silver Star is approximately a 15 minute drive from Vernon.

- The feedback was very positive.

- J. Hooey called for a motion to accept the bid.

MOTION #3D2011-05: To accept the bid from the BCAA as presented by K. Reimer and L. Meier, to host the 2012 Canadian 3D Outdoor Championship at Silver Star Mountain Resort in Vernon, BC over the August 2012 long weekend.

Moved by:         BCAA - T. Kennedy                   Seconded by: AANS – R. Misener                                    Carried

- K. Reimer circulated proofs of the t-shirt design artwork created for the Championship. The feedback was positive. S. Ogilvie commented that the Archery Canada logo used would have to be updated with the current logo. He suggested that perhaps the Archery Canada name and log could be added to one of the t-shirt sleeves. S. Ogilvie added that he would share the t-shirt artwork with the Executive Committee at its upcoming meeting in Delisle, SK in order to obtain their feedback.


ACTION: S. Ogilvie to obtain feedback from the Executive Committee on the t-shirt design artwork created for the Championship.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to email K. Reimer the Archery Canada logo.


10.0      Call for Bids to Host 2013 Canadian 3D Indoor Championship (J. Hooey)

- J. Hooey reported that no bids have been received for the 2013 Canadian 3D Indoor Championship.  She asked if any Committee members have heard of clubs interested in hosting. She asked Committee members to get the word out that we are accepting bids to host.


11.0      2013 Canadian 3D Outdoor Championship: Verbal Update (W. Reinhart, AANB)

- W. Reinhart reported that the Woodstock Archery Club will be hosting the 2013 3D Outdoor Championship.

- The 3D Championship will be held the long weekend in August and will follow the Target and Field Championships.

- The 3D venue has been secured. All courses will be in the sugar bush. The venue is close to Woodstock which is approximately a 7 minute drive from the host hotel. Woodstock is about a 10 minute drive from the Maine, USA  border.

- Flights can be made into Fredericton, NB. The Fredericton airport is about a one hour drive from Woodstock.

- The Sussex Golden Archers of Sussex, NB will co-host the 2013 Target and Field Championships. These Championships will be held at the same venue as the 3D Championship but on fields adjacent to the sugar bush where the 3D course will be laid out. The fields are used for tractor pulling competitions.


MOTION #3D2011-06: To accept the bid from the AANB to have the Woodstock Archery Club host the 2013 Canadian 3D Outdoor Championship over the August 2013 long weekend.

Moved by:         AANB – W. Reinhart                  Seconded by:    ABAM – M. Navarro                        Carried

12.0      2014 & Beyond: Indoor 3D Championship Rotation Schedule (J. Hooey

- The motion made and carried at the July 30th 2010 3D Committee Meeting was that a rotation schedule for the 3D Indoor Nationals be established for implementation beginning in 2014.  The recommended schedule was as follows:

2014     Nova Scotia                  2018     Alberta

2015     Saskatchewan               2019     Ontario

2016       British Columbia            2020     Manitoba

2017       New Brunswick              2021     Quebec


The Committee reiterated its support for the rotation schedule. R. Misener of AANS committed AANS support for its hosting of the 2014 Canadian 3D Indoor Championship. A call for bids to host will be initiated by AANS in the coming months.


ACTION: S. Ogilvie to communicate the rotation schedule to the provincial archery associations and have the rotation schedule posted on the Archery Canada website.  

ACTION: R. Misener of AANS is to coordinate a call for bids to host from AANS member clubs and to report back to the Archery Canada 3D Committee at its 2012 Committee meeting.

13.0      Registration of Tournaments with Archery Canada (J. Hooey/S. Ogilvie)

13.1      Overview and clarification of current process & fees for registration of tournaments in general & 3D tournaments (Item for Information)

- J. Hooey provided an overview of the current registration system used for tournaments in general

and the system for 3D tournaments. Currently there is no charge for registration of 3D tournaments. Not

many clubs register 3D tournaments with Archery Canada. J. Hooey expressed her personal view that a fee

should now be charged.


13.3      Revisions to process & fees for registration of 3D tournaments (Item for Recommendation)

- J. Hooey opened the floor to discussion and suggestions.

- M. Navarro commented that ABAM uses club 3D tournaments to determine what archers qualify to compete at the 3D Canadian Championships. He added that judges are not always present as there is a shortage of judges in Manitoba. Other Committee members cited this as problem as well.

- Committee members asked what are the benefits of registering 3D tournaments. S. Ogilvie confirmed that Canadian and World records are not recognized in 3D archery. He stated that registration of tournaments with Archery Canada will provide added promotion of 3D tournaments; legitimizes tournaments. 

- Following discussion, the Committee agreed that it would like an extension on not paying fees to register 3D tournaments.  It is proving difficult for the Provincial Representatives to convince the clubs of the value of registering their shoots.  Although some clubs did register their shoots this year, they need some more time to get more clubs on board.

ACTION: J. Hooey to carry the above recommendation forward to the Executive Committee for consideration.


14.0      3D Rules

14.1 Overview of 3D Rule Changes for 2011 (J. Hooey)

- J. Hooey reported that the rule changes are posted on the Archery Canada website. 


14.2      FITA 3D, Archery Canada, IBO, NFAA, classes and categories: Archery Canada changes, additions, modifications (M. Navarro, ABAM)

- M. Navarro stated that we are “killing off some categories.”

- J. Hooey reported that there are some categories that were conditional because there were too few

competitors registered.

- Much discussion occurred, leading to the following motion.


MOTION #3D2011-07: To delete rule from the Archery Canada 3D rules. This will allow all classes to be contested at 3D National Championships.

Moved by:         ABAM – M. Navarro                  Seconded by:    SAA – R. Nemethi                        Carried

14.3      Long bow, recurve, instinctive archers' rules in North America versus FITA 3D: Clarification requested (M. Navarro, ABAM)

- Archery Canada uses the World Archery (FITA) 3D classes and has revised the rules for Archery



14.4      Base categories, classes: Clarification requested on putting classes in 'conditional' status (M. Navarro, ABAM)

- J. Hooey reported that there are no plans to put classes on “conditional” status.


14.5      Awarding of Archery Canada 3D National Championship Medals: Clarification requested on awarding medals when fewer competitors for a particular category/class (M. Navarro, ABAM)

- J. Hooey reported that some classes can be combined when there are fewer competitors.  It is up

to the Host Committee to decide whether or not they combine classes.



15.0      2011 3D National Team: Verbal Update (A. Neumeyer/J. Hooey)

- J. Hooey reported that Ann Neumeyer is Team Leader. She added that A. Neumeyer is fluent in German and has worked very hard for the Team since she was appointed. J. Hooey called on A. Neumeyer to report on the status of the 3D National Team.

- A. Neumeyer reported that the Championship takes place August 31st-September 3rd in Donnersbach-Planneralm, Austria.

- She stated that registration and accommodation arrangements are completed and in place.

- The Team members selected to date are as follows: Samantha Wright (BC) – Compound; Tracey Klettl (AB) – Compound; Peter Garrett (ON) – Instinctive; Brock Paton (BC) – Traditional; Tim Watts (ON) – Compound; Tim Mearns (AB) – Compound; Al Campsall (BC) – Compound. The 3rd and final spot on the Women’s Compound Team is to be determined this weekend at the 3D Canadian Championship.

- This year’s Team is double the size of our last two national teams. 

- The final team members will be announced at the awards banquet.

-Anti-doping information was circulated by A. Neumeyer to all Team members and Team hopefuls. The intent was to identify if any archers might require applying for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) from the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports (CCES) prior to departure for the World Championship.

- A. Neumeyer stated that she has obtained Canadian flags, trader pins, and Canadian hats for each Team member,

- J. Hooey added that this is a self-funded event. This shows a great commitment to our sport and our association.  Team members are to be congratulated on their dedication.


16.0      3D CanBow Program Revisions (J. Hooey/S. Ogilvie)

- This item was dealt with under agenda item 5.6 under Business Arising from the July 30th 2010 3D Committee Meeting Minutes.

17.0      2013 3D National Team Selection Criteria & Process: 2013 FITA 3D World Championship

(J. Hooey)

- J. Hooey opened the floor to discussion and feedback on the proposed National Team selection criteria for the 2013 3D World Championship.

- A. Neumeyer reported that ATAA has suggested in its 3D report that the 2013 Canadian 3D Indoor Championship be used as selection trials for the 2013 3D National Team.

- The proposed criteria is appended to these minutes (Appendix 3).

ACTION: J. Hooey to revise the selection criteria based on the Committee feedback provided and to then circulate the revised proposal for Committee feedback.  

18.0      Reports (J. Hooey)

18.1      V-P 3D Programs Report

- J. Hooey referred the Committee members to her report contained in the pre-meeting emailed by S. Ogilvie. A copy of the V-P 3D Program’s report is appended to these 2011 3D Committee meeting minutes (Appendix 4). 


18.2      Provincial Reports - West to East

- J. Hooey called for the Provincial Representative’s to present or add to their written report submitted. No additional information was reported by any Provincial Representative.

- J. Hooey called on R. Nemethi of SAA to read his report.

- J. Hooey asked if any Committee members had any questions about any of the reports submitted. No questions were raised. A copy of each Provincial report is appended to these 2011 3D Committee meeting minutes (Appendix 5).

ACTION: R. Nemethi to email an electronic version of his SAA report to S. Ogilvie.

MOTION #3D2011-08: To accept the V-P 3D Programs and Provincial reports as submitted or presented.

Moved by:         ABAM - M. Navarro                   Seconded by:                OAA - P. Garrett Carried


19.0      Meeting Adjournment (J. Hooey)

MOTION #3D2011-09:  Moved that the meeting be adjourned.

Moved by:            BCAA - T. Kennedy              Seconded by:      AANB - W. Reinhart                        Carried






Opening Remarks: Vice-President of 3D Programs

3D Committee Meeting 2011


Welcome to the 2011 Archery Canada 3D meeting.

It has been my pleasure to represent the 3D archers to the Archery Canada Executive Committee.  It is important that we have a voice at the national level.  I see some changes in attitudes towards 3D archery in Canada at that level.  The Executive Committee approved the purchase of grain and bow scales that will be made available to the organizing committees of Indoor and Outdoor 3D Nationals.  The Committee also approved funding for a team leader to the 2011 FITA World Championship in Austria.  Ann Neumeyer was chosen as the leader because of her fluency in the German language.  I know that the team is in good hands with her. 

A few of the rules were revised to reflect changes that we felt last year were necessary.  Thank you for your responses when we were working on the rules.

I would also like to thank Scott for all of his work with our committee and for preparing everything for this meeting.

I have let my name stand as a nominee for the position of Archery Canada 3D VP in the upcoming election in Delisle.  I enjoy this position and hope that I have your support in my bid for reelection.

We have quite a lengthy agenda ahead of us, so let’s get started.  Thank you.



Bid to Host the 2012 Canadian 3D Outdoor Championship

3D Committee Meeting 2011

Dear Archery Canada members:

My name is Kevin Reimer. I am working in partnership with my friend Leon Meier to bring a National 3D event to our community. Leon and I would like to send this letter of intent to declare that we are preparing a bid for the 2012 Outdoor 3D Nationals to be held in BC. We both have taken part in many of the last National shoots. Along with the Mother of all shoots, Indoor Nationals, Vegas, and the Rinehart 100. Combined we have 20 plus years of competitive archery and have put on many of our own events.

We have put a group together of 6 different archery clubs. Sharing the work load and letting all the clubs take part in the event.

We have found a unique venue in Silver Star ski resort. It is In Vernon BC, right in the middle of the Okanagan valley. There is a International Airport only 20 minutes from the city. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants in the area along with many other touristy interests.

We have already talked to Silver Star and agreed to terms of the hill. We feel this venue with the scenic surroundings and the breathtaking views overlooking Okanagan Valley will make for a great shoot that people will talk about for years. The people of Silver Star are excited to take on a new challenge on the hill. There are plenty of rooms in the hotels, lots of parking, camping and lots of area for course layout. We are working with the star on hotel deals and packages with West Jet and hotel rooms.

We are also planning a full buffet banquet in the village.

All the events and ceremonies will take place in the main street area with other entertainment to be planned.

We already have all the targets spoken for and committed to by local businesses and archery people in the community.

We plan to market our shoot with the appeal of the Okanagan Valley as a drawing card. We have the support of Predator Ridge and local house boat companies. We feel more people will come knowing they are not just coming to a shoot, but a place they can plan their summer vacation.

We also have our Committee filled and have the support of many other archery, fish and game and other local clubs.

 The concession, banquet, parking, medical, and course layout has already been done and approved. We will have shirts made up (temporary, demo) and other marketing ideas in line for the event.

We all feel that with our experience the opportunity of this using this venue that we can put together an event we all can be proud of. Leon and I are looking forward to our visit in Regina and the opportunity to explain in person how we plan to make this a special event.

Thanks for your consideration of our bid to host.


Kevin Reimer and Leon Meier



Proposed 2013 3D National Team Selection Criteria

3D Committee Meeting 2011

The following is the proposed criteria for the selection of a Canadian team to the FITA 3D Championship:

Each score submitted is converted to a percentage of the perfect score on that course and then those percentages are averaged to determine the archer’s squad. For example, a score of 165 on a 20 target course with a full possible score of 220 would have the value of 75%. The chart below shows the average percentage required in order to achieve the various squad rankings. For example, a Compound Woman would require percentages that average between 83% and 87% to be classified as Red squad.

Compound Men          Longbow Men                        Bare Bow Men            Instinctive Men

Gold    95%                 Gold    72%                             Gold    81%                 Gold    78%

Red      92%                 Red      69%                             Red      78%                 Red      75%

Blue    89%                 Blue    66%                             Blue    75%                Blue    72%

Compound Women    Longbow Women                   Bare Bow Women      Instinctive Women

Gold    88%                 Gold    64%                             Gold    77%                 Gold    66%

Red      85%                 Red      61%                           Red      74%                 Red      63%

Blue    83%                 Blue    58%                              Blue    71%                 Blue   61%

1. A list of registered events will be produced by April 30 each year.  This will include provincial Archery Canada registered events, national Archery Canada registered events, and international events.

2. The archers will be required to submit at least four scores to a maximum of six, from Archery Canada registered or international events.  With the exception of the mandated Provincial and Archery Canada 3D Championships, notice must be given in advance of a tournament that they will be submitting a score from that event.

3. One of the scores will be either an Outdoor Provincial Championship from 2011 or an Outdoor Provincial Championship from 2012. One score will be either the 2011 Outdoor National Championship or the 2012 Outdoor National Championship. All four scores can be used, but at least one Provincial Championship and one National Championship must be submitted.

4. Scores shot after April 1 of 2011 may be submitted if the event was run under Archery Canada rules.  Two scores from 2011 will be considered acceptable.  Of these two, the Outdoor Nationals may be considered one.

5. The 2012 Archery Canada Indoor Championship or the 2013 Archery Canada Indoor Championship scores may be used toward the average.

6. Indoor score submissions will be limited to one.

7. Clubs are asked to register their shoots, at a cost of __________, with Archery Canada.  Archery Canada rules must be followed at registered shoots.

8. The archer’s intention to participate as a Canadian team member at the FITA 3D World Championship must be indicated to the Archery Canada 3D Committee by January1, 2012.

9. Copies of scorecards should be sent to Jude Hooey – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

10. There are three World Team positions available in each category. Archers will be selected according to their squad placement first, but if there are more archers at a squad level than there are positions to fill on the team from that squad, then the 2013 Canadian Indoor 3D Championships will be treated as a trials for those positions. Archers will be ranked according to their placing at the trials.  In the case that an archer has to withdraw, the archer next in line will be named to the team.  For example:  If there was one archer ranked gold, one ranked red, three ranked blue and all indicated the intention of attending the World Championship, the blue ranked archers would shoot the trials.  The gold and red archers would be named to the team and the third position on the team would be determined at the Nationals.




2011 Report of the Vice-President of 3D Programs

3D Committee Meeting 2011

It has been my honour to Chair the Archery Canada 3D Committee for the past two years.  Many changes have taken place with the rules and attitudes of archers towards 3D and its importance in the archery community.  Working with the dedicated Provincial Representatives has been a pleasure.

In 2010, the Archery Canada Outdoor 3D Nationals was hosted by the Kings Archers and the Annapolis Valley Gun Club in Kentville, NS.  One hundred and sixty- two archers competed in the Championship. The Championship was very well run. The Host Organizing Committee did a wonderful job.  The courses were challenging, the registration was efficient, and the schedule was followed.  All of the archers praised the organization and its implementation.  At the banquet, a play was performed by local high school; it was very entertaining.  Thank you to the Host Organizing Committee.

In January 2011, the Lethbridge Bowbenders Archery Club hosted the Indoor 3D Nationals in Lethbridge, AB.  There were one hundred and eighty- nine archers who competed.  The Host Organizing Committee, of which I was the Chair, was very efficient.  All aspects of the tournament went very well.  We were praised by the archers in attendance.  Thank you for the accolades.

In the past year, the Archery Canada 3D Committee has worked on aligning the rules with those of FITA and revised those that needed clarifying.  As usual, Roger Garrod who is Chair of the Rules Committee was a great help. 

The 3D Committee has been working diligently on trying to encourage provincial clubs to register their shoots with Archery Canada.  Until now, there has been no cost to register a tournament.  The clubs who register their shoots and have judges present assist the archers in their provinces who are working towards going to the FITA 3D World Championships.  Target tournaments are registered with Archery Canada and archers have the opportunity to qualify for FITA World competition.  Now that FITA recognizes 3D, it is important that we assist our archers in their quest for World recognition.

This year, the FITA 3D World Championship will be in Austria from August 31st - September 3rd.  Archery Canada is sending a team of eight archers (one male Instinctive, one male Traditional, three male Compound, and three female Compound).  This will be the largest team to be sent and the first one that will have a Team Leader that is funded by Archery Canada.  Ann Neumeyer, an archer and judge from Alberta, who speaks, reads, and writes German fluently will be the Team Leader.  It is exciting for the Archery Canada 3D Committee and Archery Canada as a whole, to see an increasing number of Canadian 3D archers competing at the World Championship.  At the last two World Championships, the national teams consisted of four members.  This year, the Team will be doubled.  What a terrific increase! 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Provincial Representatives for their dedication; Roger Garrod for his assistance with the rules; Scott Ogilvie for his aid in administration; and all the 3D archers for their support of this facet of archery.  To our 2011 3D National Team, I wish good shooting, excitement, and an enjoyable experience.

Serving as Archery Canada’s V-P of 3D Programs is a wonderful experience. With the support of the 3D archers, I would like to continue in this position for another term.

Respectfully submitted,

Jude Hooey

V-P 3D Programs



2011 BCAA (BC) 3D Report

3D Committee Meeting 2011


The 3D season is well underway and attendance overall is good.  The 3D Provincial Championships are being hosted in Williams Lake, BC in early July.  This year we are opening our championships to non-members to increase participation and allow non-members an opportunity to see the value of membership.  We will be using selection criteria to select our eight- member team to the Nationals in Regina on the August long weekend.

Next year is BC’s turn to host the Nationals for 3D and target & field.  A few groups have come forward with proposals to host these championships.  Join me is wishing them good luck and support in pulling these venues together.

The United Bowhunters of BC have been working on our behalf to represent bow hunters.  It is a long-term commitment to work with governments and their policy boards to have our opinions and interests heard.  We are always interested in having your concerns and questions brought forward. 

IBEP courses are available to be offered around the province.  Ask your club if they are interested in getting 10-20 members involved in a course.  The course is two days long, held on a weekend, is practical, affordable, and provides the certification required to hunt in many areas around North America.

Bow hunting season is just around the corner.  Keep practicing, and make sure your equipment is in great condition so everything is ready for a great hunt.

Respectfully submitted,

Ted Kennedy

3D Representative, BCAA




2011 ATAA (AB) 3D Report

3D Committee Meeting 2011

Alberta has seen a tumultuous year, with the dissolution of the ABAA and the ABA separating from the Provincial Sport Organization. The Alberta Target Archers Association has been appointed as the official provincial sport organization (PSO). Members from each of the three associations were working together to try and form one archery association. Unfortunately, the ABA did not believe that association with the ATAA and Archery Canada would benefit their members. It has been a long road to get to this stage and was extremely disappointing that the ABA did not join together as we had hoped. Currently the ATAA is moving forward with a 3D program. It has been several years since the ATAA has had to work with 3D archery and there are some growing pains. It is the first year for many of the activities, with help from the current executive I believe concerns will be addressed and fine tuned. It will take some time to address each area and is a work in progress.

The ATAA currently has 750 members and 11 affiliated clubs. With the current reorganizing caused by the split there is some work to do on having affiliated clubs come on board. In the future there should be more clubs joining and as a result there will be more members.

The ATAA held a 2011 Indoor and Outdoor 3D Provincial Championship in March and June respectively. The Indoor Championship did not attract the numbers of archers anticipated, however there were other mitigating factors involved and we are hoping to increase attendance at the 2012 Indoor Provincials. The Outdoor Provincial Championship had much improved attendance with 67 participants, which we also hope to improve upon in 2012.

To date there have been four Archery Canada registered indoor shoots and there will also be four Archery Canada registered outdoor shoots. This is to aid athletes wishing to compete at an international level and having enough registered shoots to submit scores to qualify for the selection process.

Currently the ATAA is working toward more programming for 3D archers and addressing the issues that have arisen from the re-formation of the PSO.

The ATAA executive has expressed concern regarding the process used for selecting the 2011 National Team to compete at the 2011 3D World Championships. The ATAA is asking if in future the National Team can be selected further in advance of the World Championships. In other words, use a selection event other than the 3D Outdoor Championships held in the same year as the World Championship (as was done this year). For example, use the Canadian 3D Indoor Championship. Use of this year’s 3D Outdoor Nationals as the final selection opportunity has made for a short turn-around for booking flights, etc. If there are more competitors than spots, it also makes for a short turn-around time for competitors. The ATAA looks forward to addressing this matter at the upcoming national 3D Committee meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Neumeyer

3D Representative, ATAA




2011 SAA (SK) 3D Report

3D Committee Meeting 2011

On behalf of the Wascana Archers and the Saskatchewan Archery Association I would like to thank you all for coming to this year’s event.  Hello my name is Ray, I have just taken over the 3-D Directors’ position for the S.A.A and it has been fun to say the least.

So far in the year 2011 we have seen great turn outs at all of the Indoor 3-D shoots and had a great showing at the Indoor National 3-D shoot in Leftbridge this past January, A big thanks from Team Saskatchewan to the Leftbridge Archers for a Job very well done.

This year’s outdoor season started with a huge splash, and I Mean splash. This was the wettest spring anyone can remember in a long time, most clubs just put on a smile and rubber boots and got at it with big turnouts of shooter even when not expected.  Over all its been a good summer of shooting.

We held our Provincial Archery Championships at the Dundurn Archery Club July 15th to 17th, and wow what a good turn out with all events seeing an increase of participants.  We had 97 archers attend the 3-D portion of the shoot and that was a fantastic turn out. We seen new archers atop the podium in some classes and this to me is a testament to the young talent we have shooting in our province today.

I have seen the ups and downs of the sport over the summer so far and it leads me to wonder why we are not getting new archers interested, and why some of the older archers just don’t come out and shoot anymore. So I have been searching for some answers and I have asked a lot of questions, here are a few of the answers that stand out in my mind:

1) Travel costs are way too high (I say what price do you put on FUN, Missing a 30 Yard Moose in Quebec Priceless).

2) Too wet and the weather is just plain bad (what too hot for you, tell me that in January).

And the reason that kind of got to me is this.

3) Shoots are set up too hard, coming to a shoot and going home with no arrows, set up to beat the best and forget the rest, not much fun if you are just starting out.

And yes at times this holds true we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to setups. And what can we do to improve this, make shorter shots, clean the lanes better, and add different classes. My solution was to make the shoots less difficult and let the archers decide among then self’s who is going to win not the guys who set up the course.

If any of you have anything you would like to add please let’s talk as I can’t see this being a problem in

Saskatchewan alone.

Respectfully submitted,

Ray Nemethi

3D Representative, SAA



2011 ABAM (MB) 3D Report

3D Committee Meeting 2011

Another eventful year has passed here in Manitoba (Association of Bowhunters and Archers of Manitoba-ABAM). I am happy to report on the notable achievements of our athletes, as well as give an update on ABAM’s events and developments. 

Our high performance target archers have once again displayed their strength. At the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, Doris Jones captured an individual and team Silver medal while Jay Lyon captured an individual Silver medal. 

Our Manitoba Provincial Team also did well at the 2010 Canadian Championships – Target, Field and 3D in Nova Scotia.  The Manitoba Team took three Gold, Silver, and three Bronze medals.  Our Archers have also equalled and broken Canadian and World records.  More recently, Jay Lyon and Kevin Tataryn qualified for the Canadian National Archery Team to represent Canada at the World Outdoor Target Championship to be held in Torino, Italy in early July. Jay and Kevin also qualified to attend the World Cup Archery event in Ogden, Utah, the first week of August.

Here at home, our Archery Development Instructors had their share of activities from new enrolments and returning archery students.  The ranges are abuzz with young and adult archers eagerly aiming, wanting to master the bullseye. 

Our bow hunters too showed off their talents through their harvests and their smiles.  Turkey, whitetail, bear, elk, and moose as the ranges' picture boards are filled to overflowing with these trophies.  As so did the annual Manitoba Bowhunting Records Club banquet.  Not only was their display amazing with all the hunters’ trophies, but the food and the atmosphere is something I myself look forward to attending and appreciating until the next banquet.

There were people moving too.  Katja Smutny, our former Executive Director, has moved to accept a position with the Manitoba Teachers Association.  Andy Hoover and his wife have moved to Gillam, MB.  Andy has accepted a position as an overseer, manager for a private company.  His wife Diane will continue teaching in the field of special education in Gillam.

Several outdoor 3D events have been cancelled and re-scheduled due to 2011 spring flooding.  The ABAM is encouraging clubs who have access to dry lands to host 3D events to replace cancelled dates.

The ABAM continues to move forward with its programs and businesses in the direction that will always benefit its members.  We have to continue to promote the sport of archery through our programs while keeping our focus on youth development and increased membership.  We will continue to maintain these programs while keeping our forward pace, as we continue to build and look ahead to a dynamic future for the ABAM.  Our organization is made-up of diverse individuals with varying experiences that prove valuable to the progress of our organization.  That being said, I would like to encourage everyone to pitch in their ideas or proposals that may contribute to benefit us all and steer us to a progressive direction.

Respectfully submitted,

Mano Navarro

3D Representative, ABAM




2011 OAA (ON) 3D Report

3D Committee Meeting 2011

The OAA has adopted all the Archery Canada 3D rules introduced this year, with the exception of Traditional/Instinctive/Longbow classes as there are not enough competitors to support all three classes in both senior and master. Crossbow equipment divisions are still permitted but the numbers have decreased.  All shoots have adopted the ‘X’ as an 11 score. 

The 2011 Provincial 3D Championship was held  July 9-10 and saw about 90 archers take part. The course was excellent and challenged archers through variances in both terrain and elevations. The number of competitors were about the same as last year likely due to both competition venues being so far north.

The Seaway Challenge saw its number of competitors increase this year again with significant participation from our USA neighbours. This is a five shoot series scoring your best 3 rounds. In 2008 there were about 80 shooters. Over the last three years this event has averaged 130 shooters per venue. It was a very successful event.

Ontario will be represented at the Archery Canada 3D Outdoor Canadian Championship with a sponsored three-person junior team and senior team. It is hoped many others will participate on their own and represent Ontario well.

There are numerous other 3D events planned (approximately 60), including the Ontario Triple Crown and the Sault Saint-Marie Triple Crown which will all be shot under the OAA official rules. The vast majority of archers are compound archers. Longbow, barebow and instinctive (traditional) combined make up less than 10% of competitive archers.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Garrett

3D Representative, OAA




2011 FTAQ (QC) 3D Report

3D Committee Meeting 2011

Les activités 3D dans les clubs membres de la FTAQ pour l’année 2011 ont maintenu leur décroissance que nous avons vécue en 2010.

Il y a peu d’archers qui souhaitent faire de la compétition homologuée et aussi de moins en moins de clubs qui veulent participer dans la tenue de se gendre de compétition.

Les activités 3D dans la province du Québec sont partagées entre 3 organisations qui diluent la masse d’archers disponible qui pratique ce sport.

Dans ce contexte, la FTAQ a entrepris des pourparlers avec les deux autres organisations pour évaluer la pertinence de grouper nos forces dans le but de mieux cibler les besoins de nos archers 3D.

Seulement une organisation c’est présenté à la table de discussions et elle à démontré  un intérêt de poursuivre les échanges entre nos deux organisations.

Les résultats de ces pourparlers ne seront pas connus avant 2012.

Respectfully submitted,

Glenn Gudgeon

3D Representative, FTAQ




2011 AANB (NB) 3D Report

3D Committee Meeting 2011

New Brunswick is having a good year in 3-D with 16 archery clubs and a total of 477 members registered. There are 300 male, 54 females and 123 youths. The postal strike has had some effect on our numbers. We have an increase in family memberships which stands at 29. There is also a rise in the youth membership. New Brunswick has 21 archery coaches - 17 male and four female.

We have had a wet spring with many outdoor 3D cancellations and poor turn-outs for those clubs that could not cancel. The indoor 3D tournaments were the money makers for the host clubs. There were 3 to 4 times the archers at the indoor tournaments compared to our outdoor shoots.

Full Draw Archery club was the exception as it held its 3rd annual Bow Hunter Competition.  It had 89 shooters who enjoyed a roast pig dinner, moving targets, floating targets, an iron bear, $7000 in prizes and a day of constant rain.

Bow hunting is now legal in our province. Cross bow hunters can only hunt during our four-week rifle season which follows our three-week archery season. Hunters have to be at least 100 metres from a dwelling which means there will be plenty of hunters bordering around our sub-divisions this fall. There is a bow hunter safety course that hunters must take before they can legally hunt. All bow hunters that currently possess a bow hunter safety permit will be ‘grandfathered’.

Woodstock Archery Club will be hosting the 2013 3D Canadian Outdoor Championship and have secured the location. It is a good venue with plenty of parking and an hour from the closest airport. Accommodations are just minutes away from the range. There will be many clubs joining together to raise funds for this event.

Respectfully submitted,

Wil Reinhart

3D Representative, AANB




2011 AANS (NS) 3D Report

3D Committee Meeting 2011

After a great 2010 season and having been the host of the 2010 Canadian 3D, Target and Field Outdoor Championships, and the host of the 2011 Canada Winter Games, archery in Nova Scotia is on the rise. The benefits of being the host of these high profile events in such a short period of time has given Archery Nova Scotia the boost it has needed to increase the number of archers coming out to club shoots, due to the great publicity we received hosting these national events.

This year’s numbers seem to have increased compared to last year, remembering that Archery Nova Scotia has awarded free membership for those that participated in the 2010 Canadian Championships as a show of appreciation towards those who represented Nova Scotia. Next year will be the true representation on the number of archers shooting 3D within Nova Scotia.

Hosting the Canada Winter Games has been a tremendous benefit to many clubs and archers throughout the province. With the publicity of the Games and the distribution of targets and equipment after the completion of the Games, clubs have been given the opportunity to utilize some good quality equipment during competitions and teaching children in schools.

This year in Nova Scotia we have 26 archery clubs, giving the residents of Nova Scotia the opportunity to attend, learn, and shoot with a club within their community. The numbers at the 3D club shoots have been strong for the 2011 season. This year during a club shoot held in Antigonish we had a total of 109 archers shoot on a very challenging but exciting course due to the creativity and set-up of each target. The next day proved to be just as important and exciting with 67 students from a local school in Antigonish coming out to try their hand at 3D archery. The 2011 season has shown an increase of First Nations archers thanks to the programs organized by local native communities and existing clubs and instructors from Archery Nova Scotia.

At this point in time, 3D archery is still somewhat divided within Nova Scotia. The formation of the 3D Association, is aiming to take 3D archery on a different route, but at the same time looking for the same result as the Archery Association of Nova Scotia, i.e., promoting the sport of 3D archery to all archers and residents within the province. Archers across the province can join the Archery Association of NS and/or the 3D Association each year. The 3D Association offers 3D shoots for members and non-members to participate in and they also offer insurance that carries into the hunting season at a lower rate compared to the insurance paid each year to the Archery Canada.

The 3D Association is part of the Archery Association of NS similar to TAANS

(Traditional Archers Association of NS) and BANS (Bowhunters Association of NS) giving them the opportunity to attend the annual general meeting and offer reports on their Association each season. This year we have taken the time to look at ways to discuss with the 3D Association the topic of having their members come back fully under the Archery Association of NS, and the possible dissolution of the 3D Association, getting 3D archery back on track under one umbrella.

Respectfully Submitted

Rodney Misener

3D Representative, AANS