Archery Canada Executive Committee Meeting January 2011


Executive Committee Meeting

Ottawa – Lord Elgin Hotel

Saturday & Sunday, January 29-30, 2011



Al Wills, President

Jude Hooey, V-P, 3D Programs

Charlene Parlee, V-P Committees & Projects

Robert Tataryn, V-P, Administration & Marketing

Ed Wilson, V-P, High Performance

Trina Snooks, V-P Events & Services

Scott Ogilvie, Executive Director

Guest: Steve Goodwin, Program Officer, Sport Canada (present for Saturday, January 29th)

NOTE: The name opposite each agenda item indicates the lead person(s) to address the agenda item.


1.0       Introductions, logistics, administrative items (A. Wills/S. Ogilvie)

- The President, A. Wills called the meeting to order at 9:10am.

- A. Wills welcomed Executive Committee (EC) members and guest Steve Goodwin, Program Officer with Sport Canada.

- S. Ogilvie spoke briefly to logistical and administrative matters pertaining to the weekend meeting.

2.0       Approval of Agenda & New Business (A. Wills) 

-  New business: Archery Canada medals for national championships, Indoor Regionals and Mail Match Program. Placed under agenda item 18.4.


MOTION #ECJan.2011-01: To accept the agenda as amended.

Moved by:         R. Tataryn                    Seconded by:    C. Parlee                      Carried

3.0       Approval of the July 23rd 2010 Executive Committee (EC) Meeting Minutes (A. Wills) 

- The Executive Committee (EC) meeting minutes from July 23rd 2010 were circulated to the EC in the pre-meeting package. The minutes are posted on the Archery Canada website. Consequently, a copy of the July 23rd 2010 EC meeting minutes is not appended to these January 29-30 2011 EC meeting minutes.


MOTION # ECJan.2011-02: To accept the minutes of the July 23rd 2010 Executive Committee meeting minutes as presented.

Moved by:         J. Hooey                       Seconded by:    E. Wilson                      Carried


4.0 Business Arising from the July 23rd 2010 Executive Committee meeting minutes (A. Wills)

- There was no business arising.


5.0       Finance (R. Tataryn) 

5.1       2010-11 FY Budget Update (R. Tataryn/S. Ogilvie)

- S. Ogilvie provided a brief update on the status of the 2010-11 fiscal year (FY) budget. He reported that the cashflow situation is good and that he is following-up on aging receivables. S. Ogilvie also reported that the 4th quarter installment from Sport Canada for the 2010-11FY was recently received and deposited.

- The 2010-11FY budget was circulated to the EC in the pre-meeting package. A copy of the 2010-11FY budget which was approved by the Board in July 2010 is appended to the July 23rd 2010 EC meeting minutes and the July 25th 2010 Board meeting minutes (posted on the Archery Canada website).    

5.2       2011-12 FY Budget (R. Tataryn/S. Ogilvie)

- R. Tataryn outlined the timelines and process for drafting the next FY budget. The budget will go to the Board for approval at the 2011 Board meeting in Delisle, SK. For this EC weekend’s meeting, the EC will use the same budget exercise used at its January 2010 meeting. The budgeting exercise will be done during the Sunday portion of this January 2011 EC meeting.


5.3       Archery Canada Contract Staff (S. Ogilvie/R. Tataryn) 


- S. Ogilvie reported on proposed plans to hire a bookkeeper that is Ottawa-based. This was a recommendation in the auditor’s management letter for the 2009-10FY audit.

DECISION: EC approved hiring of Ottawa-based bookkeeper. Target transition date of mid-February 2011.


Technical Coordinator:

- S. Ogilvie reported that the need for staff support on the technical side has been identified and discussed on several occasions. Joan McDonald is doing a great deal of work in this area but in a volunteer capacity. He added that she does receive honoraria for work in this area in her capacity as Senior Program Coordinator and Head Olympic Coach. Similarly, Susan Lemke receives honoraria for her role and responsibilities as Coordinator for the Para-archery Program.

- S. Ogilvie suggested that the EC consider hiring J. McDonald on a small contract for the coming FY in order to undertake some technical matters that currently fall to the Executive Director. Funds to augment the honoraria already provided could be provided through Sport Canada core support funds. The EC discussed the merits of this and agreed that this would be a worthwhile investment. The EC will address this as part of its budgeting exercise.

- The EC discussed the feasibility of eventually moving towards a full or part-time Technical Director position. A transition period is needed (for example between now and the completion of the 2012 Olympics/Paralympics). During this time Archery Canada needs to ensure there’s a transfer of corporate knowledge from J. McDonald to a potential new person hired as a part-time or full-time Technical Director. Need to put a succession plan in place.

- Build into the position description the training of others. This will help ensure the transfer of corporate knowledge.  - S. Ogilvie will oversee versus ‘hands-on‘ technical matters.


- S. Ogilvie asked S. Goodwin about the possibility of applying for an ‘above reference level’ request to fund the Technical Coordinator position. S. Goodwin stated it is an option that can be pursued.  The challenge is that it’s not recurring funds rather it’s a one-time request.

- S. Goodwin stated that NSOS can submit an application request for 2 years. This option is available to NSOs.


ACTION: S. Goodwin to confirm the intent of an ‘above reference level’ request and to confirm the advantages/disadvantages of an NSO submitting for 2-years of funding vs. the usual 1-year application.

Above action item COMPLETED February 2nd 2011:

- S. Goodwin confirmed that an ‘above reference level’ request is a one-time, non-recurring source of funds.

- S. Goodwin confirmed that NSOs can submit an application  for 1 or 2 years. There is no real advantage or disadvantage to submit for 2-year application vs. a 1-year application for funding. It’s up to the NSO if it prefers to apply for 1 or 2 years.


ACTION: S. Ogilvie to draft a position description for the Technical Coordinator position (for the transition period between now and the establishment off a full or part-time Technical Director position post 2012 Olympics/Paralympics). Solicit input from the HPC, 3D Committee and EC.


Position Description - Brainstorming of Roles & Responsibilities:

- Coordination of entries for National Team events.

- Coordination of development of National Team selection criteria documents (for Senior, Para-Archery and Youth programs).

- Coordination of development of AAP submissions (for ‘Able-bodied’ and Para-Archery).

- Knowledge transfer. Document what is done by the Coordinator and how it’s done. We need to identify more specifics in the knowledge transfer area of responsibility.


- S. Goodwin suggested that some funding for a Technical Director position might be available from OTP at some point in the future. Fore example, after the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, if archers do well at the Games.



- Concerns about Archery Canada’s capacity to fund a Technical Coordinator position raised concerns about the amount of money charged by the auditor. S. Ogilvie reported that two NSOs he has asked pay half of what Archery Canada has paid. R. Tataryn stated that perhaps we need to consider changing the auditor for this year’s audit. He added that the current auditors were approved at the 2010 AGM, however we should investigate what options might be available to us for this year (for the for 2010-11FY audit).

ACTION: S. Goodwin to provide names of accounting firms that provide audit services to other NSOs.

Above action item COMPLETED February 2nd 2011.

5.4       2011-12 FY Contribution Application for Sport Canada Funding

5.4.1     Sport Support Program

- S. Ogilvie briefly outlined the timelines and process for submission of the contribution application to Sport Canada for 2011-12FY.

- S. Goodwin stated that there are a couple of minor changes to the 2011-12 application. One such change being the supplemental funding form.

- S. Goodwin stated that project specific funding is available. For example, some NSOs are undertaking database projects.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to contact S. Goodwin for further information regarding the supplemental funding form.

5.4.2     Sport Participation Development (R. Tataryn/S. Ogilvie)

- R. Tataryn reported that ABAM is planning to pilot a project in Manitoba targeting girls and women to become involved in recurve archery. ABAM will submit an application to Sport Manitoba for funding support in FY2011-12. At this point the project proposal is in the conceptual stage and therefore further work on the proposal is required of ABAM officials.

- E. Wilson stated that the proposal needs to be revised to take into account the LTAD model and its guiding principles. The current version of the project proposal doesn’t include a reference to the LTAD model and principles. This is a critical missing piece to the project proposal.

- R. Tataryn stated that ABAM is requesting that the Archery Canada EC discuss the project concept and consider lending its support to the ABAM project.

DECISION: The Archery Canada EC supports the project concept in principle. The above noted reference and adherence to the LTAD model and guiding principles is a critical missing piece that must be included in the proposal and the project. ABAM may contact Archery Canada’s volunteer LTAD Coordinator T. Snooks for background and input on the LTAD model and guiding principles, as part of ABAM’s preparation of its project application. If the project proves successful and shows potential to be ‘rolled out’ nationally, then Archery Canada would consider applying to Sport Canada (in a subsequent fiscal year) for funding support under Sport Canada’s Sport Participation Development block of funds (for which NSOs can apply).  The EC will provide a letter of support for the proposed project. Furthermore, the EC will observe the progress of the project with interest.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to draft a letter under A Wills’ signature to the ABAM President, outlining Archery Canada’s support in concept and principle of the ABAM’s project. ABAM may then use this letter in support of its application to Sport Manitoba for project funding in 2011-12FY.

6.0       Administration

6.1 2011 Insurance Policy (R. Tataryn/S. Ogilvie)

6.1.1     2011 Policy Overview (S. Ogilvie) 

- S. Ogilvie provided a brief update on the status of the 2011 insurance renewal process. He also provided an update on the various policies: Commercial General Liability and coverage for bow hunters; property coverage for national office and contents; and Directors and Officers liability coverage for Archery Canada and participating provincial associations.

- S. Ogilvie provided an overview and update on the insurance issues that have arisen over the past 6-8 weeks.

- A. Wills asked whether Archery Canada should continue to offer a national insurance program to its members given the tremendous time and effort spent by the Executive Director, the President and the V-P of Finance and Administration, addressing questions and issues. (Coverage for the national association and its directors and officers; the national office; and the national championships would still be required and remain in place.)

- A. Wills asked if the EC wants to bring this question forward to the Board for consideration.

DECISION: The EC should be prepared to address the issue should it be raised by a Board member(s). The EC will not raise it unless otherwise raised by a Board member(s). 

6.2       2010 & 2011 Membership Management Overview (S. Ogilvie)

- S. Ogilvie provided a brief verbal report on the management of the membership process, member statistics and provincial/territorial membership payments to Archery Canada. He stated that Laura Kiraly has done a very good job in managing the membership since being assigned responsibility for this area last winter/spring. Former Executive Director Kathy Millar was contracted to provide training to L. Kiraly during this time period. L. Kiraly has also developed very good rapport with the provincial/territorial Membership Chairpersons.

- S. Goodwin stated that the agreements in place between the Federal and Provincial/Territorial sport ministers requires that PSOs and NSOs each provide their sport’s membership numbers.

- S. Goodwin stated that the Agreements between Archery Canada and its provincial/territorial associations is a very good tool in general and a good method to ensure provinces/territories report their membership numbers.

6.3       2011-2013 PSO/FCA Agreements (S. Ogilvie) 

6.3.1     Updates

- S. Ogilvie circulated a sample Agreement as part of the meeting package.

- S. Ogilvie reported that all PSOs have now signed the 2011-2013 PSO/FCA Agreement.

- S. Ogilvie reported that the Alberta Bowhunters Association (ABA) has decided it no longer wishes to be part of Archery Canada. Therefore, the ABA is no longer partnered with the Alberta Target Archery Association (ATAA) to form the single provincial umbrella organization for archery called Alberta Bowhunters and Archery Association (ABAA). Consequently, the ABAA has been dissolved. The ATAA is the provincial Archery Canada member organization for archery in Alberta. The ABA is no longer a member of the ATAA or Archery Canada.

- S. Ogilvie reported that some individual ABA members have chosen to join ATAA in order to ensure their eligibility to compete in Archery Canada national championships and Archery Canada registered tournaments at the club and provincial levels.

7.0       High Performance Committee Business

7.1       Highlights from HPC Meeting held December 4-5, 2010 (E. Wilson) 

- E. Wilson provided an overview and referred the EC to the December 4th-5th 2010 HPC meeting minutes that were circulated as part of the meeting package.

- J. Hooey asked for clarification under agenda item 16.3 of the HPC meeting minutes, i.e., 2011-12 HP Events Prioritization & Budget Exercise and specifically, clarification on what the maximum team size is that Archery Canada could field for the 2011 World Youth Championship.

- Upon review, E. Wilson stated that the maximum team size Archery Canada could field should read twenty-four (24) and not fifteen (15). This amendment will be made to the December 4th-5th 2010 HPC meeting minutes.

Consequently, the following section in the December 4th-5th 2010 HPC meeting minutes is no longer applicable and therefore will be deleted from the HPC meeting minutes:

“The breakdown is as follows: Junior Recurve Men = three (3); Cadet Recurve Men = zero (0); Junior Recurve Women = two (2); Cadet Recurve Women = one (1); Junior Compound Men = three (3); Cadet Compound Men = three (3); Junior Compound Women = two (2), Cadet Compound Women = one (1).”    


- J. Hooey suggested that the 1st sentence in the 3rd Decision under agenda item 13.5-2011 World Cups, be deleted because it is a repeat of that stated in the 2nd Decision. E. Wilson agreed. Therefore, the 3rd Decision will now read: “If any of top four (4) decide not to compete, then move down the Trials list to select competitors as per the 2010 Ranking List.”  This amendment will be made to the December 4th-5th 2010 HPC meeting minutes.

- E. Wilson thanked J. Hooey for the feedback on the HPC meeting minutes.

- J. Hooey asked what the rationale was for increasing the junior scores.  E. Wilson responded by stating “to raise the bar of a minimum requirement.” The scores that are to be attained “must be competitive at the international level” and so the scores required were increased.

7.2       Own The Podium Funding for Kevin Evans for 2011-12FY (S. Ogilvie)

- S. Ogilvie informed the EC that he submitted an application on behalf of para-archer Kevin Evans for Individual Athlete Support to Own The Podium (OTP) for the 2011-12FY. S. Ogilvie consulted with K. Evans and his personal coach Vladimir Kopecky to draft the application submission. OTP has confirmed that Kevin has been approved for some funding for next fiscal year. S. Ogilvie reported that he also submitted an application on behalf of Norbert Murphy, however the application was turned down by OTP.

- S. Ogilvie thanked S. Goodwin for his assistance in helping to initiate contact with OTP and for his support of the application.

- S. Ogilvie reported that K. Evans fell off a ladder while working in his archery shop in late December 2010, resulting in a serious break to his right heel. OTP has asked for assurance that Kevin will fully recover from the injury and that he is still expected to be a medal threat at the 2012 Paralympic Games. OTP has requested written documentation from Archery Canada, including a letter from K. Evans’ attending physician. S. Ogilvie has provided the information to OTP. K. Evans is expected to make a full and complete recovery and is expected to be a medal contender for the 2012 Paralympic Games. OTP will make its final decision on funding for Kevin in the near future based on the information provided to OTP regarding K. Evans’ injury.

7.3       National Team Uniforms – Toxofil Update (S. Ogilvie) 

- E. Wilson reported that there some issues with sizing as noted in teleconference notes circulated by S. Ogilvie in the meeting package. Toxofil is to be commended for meeting timelines.

- S. Ogilvie reported that due to cost, Toxofil is unlikely to attend and have its display/sales booth at the 2011 Outdoor Nationals in Delisle. Toxofil has expressed interest in possibly attending the 2011 Senior National Team Selection Trials.

- S. Ogilvie referred the EC to the Summary Notes-Teleconference with Toxofil (Jan 14th 2011) circulated with the EC meeting package and appended to these minutes – Appendix 1.

7.4       2011 HP Events Costs (E. Wilson)

- E. Wilson referred the EC to the 2011 season HP events costs which is contained in the December 2010 HPC meeting minutes circulated in the EC meeting package.

- E. Wilson clarified that the 2011-12FY HP event budgeting exercise conducted at the December 2010 HPC meeting identified the approximate total cost for each prioritized event. The amount noted opposite each event represents the estimated total cost per event not the amount of funds being requested by HPC for allocation to each event. The HP Event estimated total for 2011-12FY is $122,000. The amount to be allocated to each event is to be determined during the Sunday budgeting exercise.

- J. Hooey requested that funds from the HP event budget be included to cover the costs for a Team Leader to accompany archers selected to the 3D National Team that will compete at the 2011 3D World Championship. This will be addressed during the Sunday budgeting exercise.

8.0       Archery Canada Governance (A. Wills) 

8.1       Current Governance Structure & Circumstances

- A. Wills: Overview of current situation. The current governance model is not working. It’s ineffective and the Board remains largely inactive and non-engaged. A. Wills circulated information on the Carver Model of governance prior to the EC meeting. The President provided a brief overview of the model and provided examples of the roles and responsibilities of the Board and the staff. He suggested that when the time comes Archery Canada should obtain a professional  expertise on governance to assist with identifying how we currently govern and operate and to help determine what improvements can be made to the Board structure and governance. He reported that Gymnastics Canada has moved to the Carver model and that they are pleased with the results to date.

- E. Wilson suggested that the EC raise this as an agenda time for discussion at the 2011 Board meeting.

- A. Wills suggested that perhaps we need to consider holding our Board meeting separate from our Outdoor National Championships.

- E. Wilson stated that our Board meeting is more informative in nature (not unlike an AGM). He suggested that perhaps we should consider conducting our Board meeting via web conference. He added that the provincial associations must ensure they have the right person in attendance.

- S. Goodwin stated a fair number of NSOs use the Carver model but there are a variety of models being used at the NSO level. He cited a handout that identified three common models used by non-profit organizations: Carver Policy Governance Model, Houle Traditional Model, and Executive Led Model. Often organizations adapt one of the above models to fit their set of circumstances. See the handout appended to these EC meeting minutes – Appendix 2.

- S. Goodwin added that as a result of the presentations and discussions on governance at the November 2010 COC meeting, Sport Canada, COC and OTP have agreed that Sport Canada will provide leadership on governance to NSOs and to create a resource centre for resources on governance as it relates to sport. Sport Canada may train some of its staff to become more knowledgeable in governance and have these staff available to NSOs for advice and guidance. Sport Canada currently has a work group researching this and discussing what role it can play in this area.

- E. Wilson stated that the difficulty will be in convincing the province associations that our governance needs improvement.

- E. Wilson suggested that perhaps we should require that each Archery Canada Director sit on a national committee.

DECISION: EC recommends that a future Board meeting be held to address governance and that it be held via web conference in the Fall 2011.

9.0       LTAD Update & Next Steps (T. Snooks) 

9.1       Outcomes from December 2010 meeting

- T. Snooks provide an overview of the work done on the Competition Model over the past 9 months and some of the work that remains to be done and work that may be undertaken over the next 1-2 years.

9.2       Potential LTAD projects for 2011-12FY

- T. Snooks reported that a major activity for the next year will be the implementation of the LTAD throughout the country. T. Snooks added that she is drafting an implementation template. Drew Mitchell of the 2010 Legacy in BC is working with the BCAA on the implementation of BCAA’s LTAD. T. Snooks has had recent conversations with D. Mitchell about Archery Canada being involved in the BCAA plans and assisting where required.

- One possible project for the new year if the development of an LTAD model targeting para-archers. A number of NSOs are now turning their attention to this type of LTAD resource. Another possible resource that could be developed is one targeting 3D archery.

ACTION: S. Goodwin to provide confirmation of the funds available for LTAD in 2011-12FY.

10.0      Archery Canada Website (A. Wills/S. Ogilvie)

10.1      Bilingualism Assessment (S. Ogilvie) 

- A. Wills informed the EC that he and S. Ogilvie had a phone conversation with S. Goodwin on January 29th regarding Sport Canada’s assessment report of the quantity and quality of the French content of the Archery Canada website. The phone call served as an opportunity to address the concerns raised by the assessment report and for Archery Canada to provide background on the work done.  We expressed our surprise and disappointment with the bilingualism assessment.  A. Wills stated that he, Alain Gravel and S. Ogilvie have invested significant time, effort and funds to ensure the quantity and quality of the French portion of the website is of a high standard.

- S. Goodwin provided an overview of the assessment conducted by Sport Canada. He stated that it was a “snapshot” of the website during June and July 2010. The ideal is 100% bilingualism, however there is some allowance for flexibility.

- As soon as something is in the public domain (posted on the website) it should be available in both official languages, e.g., committee meeting minutes. S. Goodwin suggested that perhaps Archery Canada should only publish motions, decisions and action items from committee meetings (e.g., HPC minutes) in order to reduce translation costs.

ACTION: S. Goodwin to find out what the next required steps are for NSOs and communicate these to S. Ogilvie.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to circulate the Sport Canada assessment to the EC.

10.2 Website Re-design & Maintenance Update (A. Wills)

- A. Wills stated he is very pleased with the new look of the website. He has received similar feedback from many others as well as positive comments on the user friendliness of the website. Cool New Media (Kevin Slagboom) continues to be contracted to do work on the website while A. Wills continues as the Webmaster.

- A. Wills stated that we now need to increase the capacity of what the website can do for us. For examples, accept payment and donations on-line, tournament registrations. This will save time and effort required of staff.

- The creation of an on-line database is another possible website project to be considered. T. Snooks reported on a presentation she attended at the January 2011 Canadian Sport for Life workshop, regarding an Australia-based company that specializes in databases and linking them. She will provide further information in the future.

- A. Wills clarified that the Archery Canada website is a database; all documents posted ‘sit’ in a database.

- A. Wills asked EC members and others to forward suggestions for website improvement.

DECISION: The EC recommends that we move towards on-line registration (for ALL tournaments).

11.0      Reports (and business arising from reports not covered in the agenda) (A. Wills) 

11.1      President

- See the President’s report appended to these EC meeting minutes – Appendix 3

11.2      V-P Committees & Projects

- See the V-P’s report appended to these EC meeting minutes – Appendix 3

- C. Parlee informed the EC that Ghislain Arsenault is planning to step-down as Chair of the Judges Committee. See the Chair’s report appended to these EC meeting minutes – Appendix 3

- C. Parlee congratulated the judges that recently attended the FITA Judge Candidate seminar. See agenda item 19.0 for further information.

- A. Wills stated that the Coaching Committee is ‘broken’. The focus is on coaching certification. Bruce Savage has his hands full focusing on completion of Introduction to Competition and Competition Development. There’s a need for a Coaching Committee that focuses on coach training and professional development.

ACTION: T. Snooks to coordinate a meeting of coaches present at the 2011 Canada Winter Games. The purpose is to: brainstorm ideas on what a Coaching Committee might undertake; identify needs; and how the committee can fulfill the ideas and needs identified. This would be a Committee separate from the current Coaching Certification Committee.

11.3      V-P 3D Programs

- J. Hooey referred the EC to her report circulated in the meeting package.  See the V-P’s report appended to these EC meeting minutes – Appendix 3

- Recommendations from the July 2010 3D Committee meeting will be addressed under agenda item 15.3.

- J. Hooey thanked A. Wills for creating a 3D section on the Archery Canada website.

11.4      V-P Administration & Marketing

- R. Tataryn stated that he reported on items   

- R. Tataryn provided a verbal report on activities in his portfolio. Highlighted that marketing remains a big issue. Have looked at a variety of ideas and opportunities. Still trying to find time to pursue opportunities.

- R. Tataryn suggested that we update the athletes’ biographies on the website.  

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to include in upcoming issues of Archery Canada News, a request asking athletes to provide the national office with an updated biography, so these can be updated on the website.

- R. Tataryn stated that we need to provide more promotion of Easton. Perhaps we could produce a photo of those athletes that received Easton equipment through our Equipment Program, and provide this to Easton. Possibly link it to our website.

- R. Tataryn reported that he has contacted the Host Organizing Committee for 2011 Outdoor National Championships asking if any sponsors have been secured. To date no sponsors have been secured but they are hoping Mosaic will “come on board”.

- T. Snooks asked is any consideration has been given to partnering with another organization for sponsorship. R. Tataryn acknowledged that this might ahe some merit but at this time it has not been pursued.

11.5      V-P Events & Services

- A. Wills first expressed a warm welcome to T. Snooks as V-P and thanked her for volunteering to fill the position left vacant by Ken Bullock’s recent resignation.

- A. Wills reported on T. Snook’s behalf given she has just assumed the V-P position.

- A. Wills reported that at new format approved by the Board (at 2010 Board meeting) will not be fully implemented at 2011 Outdoor Field and target Championships. There’ll be a day off between Field and Target Championships. Thunderhead Archers wanted to split the two events. The number of entries could be reduced as a result.

- A. Wills reported that Sean McKenty has proposed running an Archery Canada IFAA indoor event (12 ends of 5 arrows), like the Indoor Regionals (using IFAA rules).

11.6      V-P High Performance

- E. Wilson reported that there are many activities underway and these are addressed in the December HPC meeting minutes that were circulated in the meeting package. He added that he will report on other HPC business throughout the course of the EC meeting.

- E. Wilson reported that Joan McDonald is planning Olympic preparation activities.

MOTION # ECJan.2011-03: To accept the recommendations from the December 4-5, 2010 HPC meeting minutes with the following amendments:

1. V-P HP is directed to amend the HP event budget to reflect the $75,000.00 HP event and $20,000.00 AWAD event approved spending caps.

2. Implementation of a $50.00 administration fee per selected archer for each National Team event where Archery Canada funds a Team Leader.

3. The HP event budget is to include the $2,500.00 EC approved allocation to a 3D Team Leader for the 2011 3D World Championships.

Moved by:         T. Snooks                     Seconded by:    J. Hooey                       Carried

The $50.00 administration fee noted in the above motion is designed to serve as cost recovery for National Team events where Archery Canada funds a Team Leader position. As a consequence of the above passed motion, the EC decided to remove the $100.00 advance registration fee for the 2012 FITA World Indoor Championship.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to coordinate the revision to the 2012 FITA World Indoor Championship selection criteria, to reflect the above change.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to notify David Sonley of the above and to reimburse him for his son’s registration fee.

11.7      2011 Canada Winter Games Technical Advisor  

- See the report submitted by Phil Parlee which is appended to these EC meeting minutes – Appendix 

11.8      Executive Director

- Nothing more to report other than that reported verbally throughout the course of the EC meeting.

MOTION # ECJan.2011-04: To accept the reports as submitted or presented.

Moved by:         J. Hooey                       Seconded by:    T. Snooks                     Carried

12.0      Marketing (R. Tataryn)

12.1 Update on new name & logo

- R. Tataryn had nothing new to report.

12.2      Promotional DVD/video

- R. Tataryn: Is there a real need? Do we have the capacity to undertake this type of project given other tasks and activities we need to undertake, e.g., new governance model.

- There may already be suitable footage that we could place on website.


13.0      Canadian Archery Foundation (S. Ogilvie/A. Wills)

13.1      Update

- S. Ogilvie provided update on amount currently in account (approximately $5,700) and actions to be undertaken stemming from the July meeting of the Foundation (while at the National Championships in Halifax).

- A. Wills reported that R. Tataryn has investigated possible investment.

- Current committee members are as follows: A. Wills, R. Tataryn, D. Lohnes and G. Arsenault.

- During the Saturday lunch break, R. Tataryn of the Interlake Archers presented a cheque donation for the Foundation to the President and Executive Director. A picture was taken and will be posted on Archery Canada the website. Both the President and Executive Director thanked B. Tataryn and the members of the Interlake Archers.

ACTION: A. Wills to place promotion of the Foundation on Archery Canada homepage. 

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to again place promotion of the Foundation in upcoming issues of Archery Canada News.   

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to confirm if the COC’s Foundation Chair, David Armour is from Ottawa. If from Ottawa, S. Ogilvie to contact him to determine his availability to meet with A. Wills and R. Tataryn the next time they’re in Ottawa. The purpose of the meeting would be to discuss how to establish a foundation and confirm what assistance the COC might be prepared to provide Archery Canada.

14.0      FCA Merchandise, Inventory & Warehousing Update

14.1      Update & Next Steps (A. Wills/S. Ogilvie)

- S. Ogilvie provided a verbal update.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to speak with his contact at Wills Transfer about viewing the existing inventory and our plans to reduce our inventory and no longer use Wills Transfer’s storage and services.

15.0      3D Programs (J. Hooey)

15.1      2011 3D National Indoor Championship

- J. Hooey reported that 3D Indoor Nationals went very well. For the past five months, she has been involved with the 2011 Indoor 3D National Championship wearing a variety of ‘hats’ - Chair of the Host Organizing Committee (HOC), Technical Delegate and President of the host club (Lethbridge Bowbenders Archery Club).

- J. Hooey reported that the Championship went very well with very few glitches. The only major issue was that of making sure that the youth archers were in the correct categories.  Although the registration form clearly stated that it is the archer’s responsibility to confirm their age category, J. Hooey suggested that future HOC check the age categories very carefully at the time of receiving registrations.

15.2      2011 3D National Outdoor Championship

- J. Hooey reported that the Wascana Archers in Regina are hosting the 3D Outdoor Championship. The dates confirmed are July 29th – August 1st. She added that the Chair of the HOC is Robert Lakeman. J. Hooey reported that she will serve as Technical Delegate. Therefore, she will attend HOC meetings as required and will be in ongoing communication with the HOC Chair, R. Lakeman.

15.3      Recommendations from 2010 3D Committee Meeting

- J. Hooey brought forward a motion from the July 2010 3D Committee meeting regarding the purchase grain and bow scales. The following motion from the 2010 3D Committee was approved by the EC. See the EC decision below the 3D Committee motion:

MOTION #3D2010-04: That FCA purchase and provide two (2) hand-held  grain scales and two (2) hand-held bow scales for use at the 3D Indoor and Outdoor National Championships. And that the scales be shipped to the Host Organizing Committee of the 3D Indoor and Outdoor National Championships.

Moved by:         P. Garret                      Seconded by: M. Navarro                                  Carried

DECISION: Archery Canada will purchase the above type of scales. J. Hooey will purchase the scales and submit the invoice to S. Ogilvie for reimbursement.

- J. Hooey suggested that the Hosting Manual be revised to include mention that the scales are to be kept at the national office when not in use for national championships.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to revise the 3D Hosting manual to reflect the above information.

- J. Hooey brought forward a motion from the July 2010 3D Committee meeting regarding the funding of a Team Leader to accompany the National Team selected to compete at the 2011 3D World Championship. The 3D Committee motion reads as follows:

MOTION #3D2010-06: That the FCA High Performance Committee budget (in its events budget for fiscal year 2011-12) for partial funding to cover some of the expenses of the Team Leader that will be selected and assigned to the National Team that will compete at the 2011 3D World Championship.

Moved by:         M. Navarro                   Seconded by: T. Kennedy                                  Carried

ACTION: J. Hooey to prepare cost estimate for the 3D Team Leader and bring it forward for discussions during Sunday’s EC budgeting exercise.

15.4      Registration of 3D Tournaments with Archery Canada

- J. Hooey referred the EC to the comments from Trevor Furlotte of AANB that were circulated as part of the meeting package. This led to EC discussion about whether clubs should be required to register and pay for 3D tournaments. The current approach is that clubs are encouraged to register 3D tournaments with Archery Canada. Payment is not currently required. The waiving of the registration fee is designed to encourage clubs to register their 3D tournaments with Archery Canada.  

- J. Hooey suggested that it’s now time for clubs to register 3D tournaments and to also charge the registration fee. The question remains, will clubs actually register 3D tournaments?  They may not see any value to them to register. Registration is not required for record purposes because Canadian and World records are not kept for 3D archery. Selection for national teams should require that archer results be from tournaments registered with Archery Canada (as is the requirement for target archery – national team selection, ranking and record ratification). This could be a ‘hook’ to encourage clubs to register 3D tournaments.

ACTION: J. Hooey to consult with 3D Committee for their input on whether registration and payment of fees should be mandatory and if so what is deemed to be a fair registration fee for 3D tournaments.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to replace tournament registration guidelines on website with revised guidelines.

16.0 2011 FCA National Outdoor Target & Field Championships

16.1      Dates (A. Wills)

- Field Championship: Wednesday, August 10th.

- The Target Championship: Friday, August 12th.

- Official practice for target: Thursday, August 11th 

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to ask Gib Henderson what national equipment he has received. And ask if it includes the provincial flags.

16.2      Update on Format (A. Wills/E. Wilson)

- E. Wilson referred the EC to the new format appended (Appendix 4) to the July 25th 2010 Board meeting minutes.

- The new format was approved at the July 25th 2010 Board meeting. Despite efforts by A. Wills (in his capacity as the Technical Delegate for the 2011 Championships) to convince the Delisle HOC to move to the new format, during his face-to-face meeting with the HOC over the 2010 Thanksgiving weekend, the HOC has decided not to. The HOC has scheduled a day between the Field and Target Championships on Thursday, August 11th. The 11th will serve as the official practice day for the Target Championship. The Field Championship will take place Wednesday, August 10th. The Target Championship will begin Friday, August 12th.

- As a result of the above scheduling it is quite probable that a number of archers may not fly in for the Field Championship because of the Thursday break day and the consequent extra day persons will ahe to be off work, etc. The intent was to allow archers to fly in to compete on a Thursday through Sunday and then fly home. The schedule now in place for the 2011 Championships will require that those archers wanting to compete in both the Field and Target Championships will have to arrive on the Tuesday (i.e., an extra day). The EC acknowledged that is disappointing that the HOC didn’t adopt the new format as approved.

- The EC expressed concerns about the registration fees. They feel it may be too much.

ACTION: A. Wills to communicate the EC’s concerns about the registration fees to the G. Henderson.

ACTION: A. Wills to ask G. Henderson if a host hotel and a venue for the national meetings has been identified and secured.

16.3      2012 National Outdoor Championships Update

- A. Wills reported that Target championship venue may be Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver. Contact with SFU has not yet been made but will be in the near future. The Field championship venue is confirmed as the Port Coquitlam Archery & Gun Club. Ken Cameron, President of BCAA, will coordinate the consortium of clubs that is organizing both the Field and Target Championships.

16.4 Canadian Open: Format

- Considerable discussion occurred around the need to re-think the format in order to reduce the time it currently takes to run the Canadian Open.  The EC agreed that the suggestions for an improved format which have been made to date are unworkable given the lack of archers in some categories and that none of the suggestions meet all the criteria required. 


- Single elimination

- Maximum of 16 archers per open category.

- No byes

- If less than 16 archers qualify, rounded down as follows:

i) 9 to 15 archers = a cut of 8 archers so there are no byes.

ii) 5 to 7 archers = a cut of 4 archers so there are no byes.

- There must be four (4) or more archers to contest the Canadian Open

- Two (2) open categories: i) Masters and Cadets; and ii) Senior and Juniors

- Implementation of the new format is to begin at the 2011 Outdoor Canadian Championship in Delisle, SK.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to email Roger Garrod, Chair of Rules Committee and make him aware of the above EC decision regarding the new format for the Canadian Open beginning 2011.

17.0      2011 National Meetings (A. Wills) 

17.1      Board & AGM Meetings (to avoid conflict with competition)

- Discussion on setting the dates of the EC and Board/AGM meetings in Delisle, SK this August. The intent is to avoid any date and time conflicts with competition.

- The only day that will work is Thursday, August 11th.  Official practice day is Thursday the 11th from 9:00am to noon.

- The AGM is currently scheduled for 3:00pm on Thursday, August 11th at the Delisle Curling Rink.     

DECISION: The Board meeting will take place Thursday, August 11th beginning at 6:30pm.

- The Welcome BBQ is scheduled for 5:00pm on Thursday, August 11th.

ACTION: A. Wills to ask Gib Henderson if the HOC will re-schedule the Welcome BBQ to 4:00pm from the current 5:0pm start time.

- The EC meeting is tentatively scheduled for early evening (6:00pm/18:00hrs) on Wednesday, August 10th.  There is a possibility of conducting the EC meeting via web conference, 2-3 weeks in advance of the Board meeting. This would serve as a ‘dry run’ for a proposed Fall 2011 Board web conference meeting.

- The banquet date is Saturday, August 13th at 6:00pm at the Delisle Curling Rink.

- See the current schedule appended to these EC meeting minutes – Appendix 4

DECISION: The Archery Canada Annual Awards, volunteer recognition pins and Target Championship medals will be presented at the banquet.

Agenda Item for Board Meeting

- One important Board meeting agenda item is governance. The ‘ground work’ for this item will be laid at the August Board meeting with a follow-up meeting to take place on this same item in the Fall of 2011 via a web conference. It was suggested that a demonstration on how to log-on and use web conferencing be done at the August Board meeting.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to arrange for a web conference administrator (e.g., Premier Global Conferencing).

17.2      Logistical Considerations (S. Ogilvie)


- A host hotel is to be secured by the Host Organizing Committees for Target and Field Championships (Saskatoon) and 3D championship (Regina)

- S. Ogilvie to arrange for accommodation

- S. Ogilvie to arrange meeting room for Board, AGM and EC meetings

- S. Ogilvie to arrange meeting room for judge training clinic

- EC members to arrange their flights

- S. Ogilvie to arrange his flight

- S. Ogilvie to arrange van rental  

- S. Ogilvie to identify the timing for submission of annual reports from directors, coordinators, etc. and printing of Annual Report.

- S. Ogilvie to identify the timing of order and pick-up of Archery Canada Annual Awards (i.e., the keeper plaques awarded to recipients).

- S. Ogilvie to arrange for web conferencing administrator (e.g., Premier Global Conferencing) for EC web conference in July 2011 (date TBC) and Fall 2011 Board web conference (date TBC).

17.3      2011 Elections (A. Wills)

- A. Wills confirmed that the following four positions are up for election at the 2011 AGM:

President, V-P International, V-P 3D Program and V-P Events & Services, All four positions are 2 year terms.

- The incumbents A. Wills and J. Hooey confirmed that they intend to let their name stand for re-election. T. Snooks who was just recently appointed V-P Events & Services (following the resignation of K. Bullock), has confirmed she will let her name stand for the V-P Events & Services portfolio.

- The following motion was carried at the 2010 AGM:

MOTION #AGM2010-05: That the three acclaimed directors-at-large be assigned as follows to the Vice-President positions on the Executive Committee that each had occupied on the Executive Committee prior to the AGM:   

Vice-President, Administration & Marketing - Robert (Bob) Tataryn

Vice-President, Committees & Projects - Charlene Parlee

Vice-President, High Performance - Ed Wilson

Moved by:  V. Schleppe - ABAA                         Seconded by:    OAA – P. Garrett                        Carried

17.4      3D Committee Meeting (J. Hooey) 

- 3D Committee meeting scheduled for Friday, July 29th at 1:00pm. Possible venue for meeting is the Wascana Archers clubhouse in Regina (TBC).

- S. Ogilvie to fly into Regina on Thursday, July 28th and fly out on Monday, August 1st.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to draft 3D Championship agreement. Draft and forward to J. Hooey for review. Forward final draft to Host Organizing Committee Chair, Robert Lakeman.

18.0      Archery Canada Awards

18.1      Archery Canada Annual Achievement Awards (C. Parlee)    

18.1.1   2010 Nominations Received & Selection of Recipients

- C. Parlee referred the EC to the list of nominees circulated as part of the meeting package. The EC reviewed and discussed the various nominations received by the deadline and arrived at its decision for award winners.

18.2      Volunteer Recognition Awards (C. Parlee) 

18.2.1   Volunteers to be recognized with gold or silver pins

- The Chairs of the Host Organizing Committees (HOC) for the 2011 Outdoor Championships will be recognized with silver pins. The appropriate volunteers of the HOC of the 2011 Indoor 3D Championship were recognized with silver pins by J. Hooey.

- The EC reviewed and discussed other nominations for Volunteer Recognition Pins and arrived at its decision for pin recipients.

18.3      Presidential Citations (C. Parlee)

18.3.1 Volunteers to be recognized with Presidential citations

- No nominations were received and no nominees were identified by the EC at this meeting.

18.4      Archery Canada Tir á l’Arc Medals

- S. Ogilvie provided an overview of the current inventory of medals. There are sufficient medals to see us through the 2011 indoor season for the 3D National Championship just completed, the Regional Indoor Championship and the mailmatch Program. New medals will be required for the 2011 Outdoor Championships.

- The quality of medals can be improved. The colour difference between gold and bronze is not noticeable.

- The Canadian Championship medals will adopt the new name and logo and will be bilingual as in the past.

- The medal shape is to be oval. We don’t want the next inventory of medals to be rectangular as they would look too much like the current medal.

- Only two (2) types of medals will be required: i) a generic Canadian Championship medal which will be used for the 3D indoor and outdoor Championship, Regional Indoor Championship and Outdoor Target and Field Championships; and ii) Mail Match.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to send ‘specs’ to Coyle & Greer and Awards Canada for design suggestions and quotes and then send design choices to the EC for input and direction.

MOTION #ECJan.2011-07: To re-design the Archery Canada / Tir á l’arc medals every 2 years. For the next two-year period, sufficient medals must be ordered to cover medal requirements through to the end of the 2013 outdoor season.

Moved by: R. Tataryn                            Seconded by: C. Parlee                                                 Carried

19.0      Judge Committee (C. Parlee) 

19.1      Update on Chairman, Committee Activities, Professional Development Opportunities

- C. Parlee provided an update on Ghislain Arsenault’s plans to step-down as Chair of the Judges Committee. See the Chair’s report appended to these EC meeting minutes – Appendix 3

- C. Parlee reported that the following judges recently attended the FITA International Judge Candidates seminar in Colorado Springs, USA: Bob Pannell, Céline Gravel, Roger Garrod, Patti Middlebrough and Laura Lynne Churchill.

All five judges have successfully completed the criteria required to become FITA International Judge Candidates

ACTION: C. Parlee to put out a call for Chair of the Judge Committee.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to confirm if a position description is available. If so, forward position description to C. Parlee.

20.0      FITA/FCA Rule Changes (A. Wills)

- A. Wills stated that he is not aware of major rule changes. He reported that the Rules Committee is awaiting votes on suggested rule changes that were circulated in early January 2011 on behalf of the Chair of the Judge Committee to the Board and 3D Committee.

21.0      New Business (A. Wills)

21.1      2011 Canada Cup

- E. Wilson reported that bids to host Canada Cup have been very sparse over the past 3 years.  Currently only western provinces can bid for Canada Cup. Suggested that we open up to bid to those provinces that don’t aren’t already hosting an FCA major FCA tournament in that year. Perhaps we put a rotation schedule in place for the Canada Cup. Usually held in the spring but this not a requirement.   

MOTION #ECJan.2011-08: That bids for the Canada Cup be open to those provinces that aren’t already hosting an FCA major tournament in that year, effective February 1st 2011. And that a new call for bids will be circulated ASAP.

Moved by: E. Wilson                              Seconded by: C. Parlee                                                 Carried

21.2      2015 Pan-American/Para Pan-American Games

- OAA is concerned about it hosting the 2015 Canadian Outdoor Championships given that Toronto is hosting the 2015 Pan-American/Para Pan-American Games. Concerned that volunteers will be ‘burned out’ if they are called upon to work all 3 events in 2015.

MOTION #ECJan.2011-09: To amend the Canadian Championships rotation schedule so that Ontario will host the 2016 Canadian outdoor championships and Manitoba will play host to the 2015 Canadian outdoor championships.

Moved by: C. Parlee                              Seconded by: J. Hooey                                      Carried

21.3      Budgeting Exercise for Drafting of 2011-12FY Budget (R. Tataryn)

- R. Tataryn led the Executive Committee through the drafting of a budget for fiscal year 2011-12.

- Draft #1 of the 2011-12FY budget was completed but is not appended to these minutes. 

ACTION: S. Ogilvie/R. Tataryn to prepare draft #2 of the 2011-12FY budget for EC review, feedback and approval. Budget to be revised as required and then circulated the Board for review and approval at the 2011 Board meeting in Delisle, SK.

22.0      Meeting Adjournment (A. Wills)

MOTION ##ECJan.2011-10: That the FCA Executive Committee meeting for January 29th-30th 2011 be adjourned.

Moved by:         J. Hooey                            Seconded by:   C. Parlee                              Carried

Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm on Sunday, January 30th 2011


Summary of Teleconference: Francis Letourneau & Scott Ogilvie – Jan. 14th 2011

1. Payments from Archery Canada:

- All payments for 2010 uniforms have been made by Archery Canada and received by TOXOFIL.

2. Payments from TOXOFIL:

- 5% of total 2010 sales to be paid to Archery Canada as per agreement between Archery Canada and TOXOFIL.

- F. Letourneau reported that the 5% of total 2010 sales totalled $288.00 owed by TOXOFIL for

- $1,000 owed by TOXOFIL for sponsorship. This amount is to then be paid by Archery Canada to the Host Organizing Committee for 2010 Outdoor Championships.

- F. Letourneau reported that a cheque for $1,288.00 was issued by TOXOFIL on January 13th and should be received by Archery Canada early in week of January 17th.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to provide TOXOFIL with 2010-11 fiscal year tax receipt for $1,288.00.

3. Feedback on 2010 uniforms from the High Performance Committee (HPC) meeting – December 4-5, 2010

- S. Ogilvie reported that he felt that the procedures & coordination went well in 2010 and the relationship and communications with TOXOFIL went well overall in 2010.  F. Letourneau agreed with the exception of the problems with Ashley Wallace's uniforms for the World Cup Final last September.

- Issues/Concerns:  T-shirt is too short; polo shirt is a little too long; most women had to have their shirts tailored.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to contact Joan McDonald to obtain more feedback on concerns raised about women’s shirts

4. 2011 Uniform Needs:

i) 2011 World Youth Championships: Aug. 22-27, Legnica, Poland

- Selection of National Team athletes for 2011 World Youth Championship to be determined from a Trials. Date and location to be determined. Possibly July 1st weekend. By July 22nd we need ‘hard numbers’. Entry deadline of two (2) weeks prior to the Championships.

- Given the above the 2011 World Youth Championship National Team shirts will need to be made in a rush.

ii) Specialized Shirts required for 2011:

- Specialized shirt will be required for Pan-American Games and Para Pan-American Games.

- Specialized shirt may be required for the Universiade. To Be Confirmed by S. Ogilvie.

5. 2011-12 National Team Events:

2011 FITA World Championships: July 3-10, Torino, Italy

2011 FITA World Para-Archery Championships: July 10-17, Torino, Italy

2011 Pan-American Games: Oct. 14-30 (archery Oct. 18-25), Guadalajara, Mexico

2011 Para Pan-American Games: Nov. 12-20 (archery dates To Be Confirmed), Guadalajara, Mexico

2011 World Youth Championships: Aug. 22-27, Legnica, Poland

2011 Universiade (World University Games): Aug. 12-23 (archery Aug. 14-18), Shenzhen, China

2011 3D FITA World Championship: Aug. 31-Sept 3, Donnersbach-Planneralm, Austria

2011 World Cups: #1 Porec, Croatia - May 2-7; #2 Antalya, Turkey - June 6-12; #3 Ogden, Utah, USA - August 1-6; #4 Shanghai, China - September 5-10; Final Istanbul, Turkey, September 24-25

2012 FITA Indoor World Championship: Las Vegas, Nevada

6. Senior National Team Selection Trials

- A call to host the Trials has been issued. Bids will only be accepted for the following dates:

May 20 – 23, 2011

May 27 – 30, 2011. This is the preferred date

7. TOXOFIL Sponsorship of 2011 Senior National Team:

- F. Letourneau reported that TOXOFIL is interested in providing some level of sponsorship to Archery Canada to go towards the 2011 Senior National Team that will compete at the 2011 Senior World Championships. The details are open for discussion.

ACTION: F. Letourneau to provide S. Ogilvie with examples of sponsorship agreements and the components of the sponsorship package that TOXOFIL has with other similar organizations. F. Letourneau also to provide examples of what TOXOFIL receives in return from the organizations that TOXOFIL sponsors.

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to place this topic on the agenda for the Executive Committee meeting scheduled for January 29-30, 2011 in Ottawa.


Summary of Teleconference: Francis Letourneau & Scott Ogilvie – Jan. 14th 2011

8. Current Inventory of Archery Canada Uniforms at TOXOFIL:
- F. Letourneau reported that TOXOFIL has the following inventor of uniforms remaining from 2010:

- 34 X T-shirts Men
- 50 X T-shirts Women
- 43 X Polo shirts Men
- 45 X Polo shirts Women
- 10 X Jackets
- F. Letourneau reported that the total value of the above inventory is $10,300.00

- F. Letourneau asked if Archery Canada expected TOXOFIL to revert to the new logo before TOXOFIL cleared the above inventory. He reminded S. Ogilvie that the above inventory was created in order to ensure TOXOFIL could respond quickly to any uniform requests and especially respond quickly to small orders.

- S. Ogilvie assured F. Letourneau that Archery Canada did not expect TOXOFIL to revert to use of the new logo until the above inventory was depleted.

9. Archery Canada Logo:

ACTION: S. Ogilvie to email F. Letourneau the Archery Canada logo.  DONE – See attached file

- FRANCIS: SVP see the following important note from the designer of our new logo. SVP be sure to read the ‘ReadMe’ text document contained in the attached zip file.

“Everything a printer needs is in the attached file as it includes the vector "source" version of the logo.  For any graphic requests, ONLY send the full .zip file because it is all there including instructions.  This is very important as if ever a question comes up regarding how the logo is supposed to look on what kind of background, this file has the source and can be used to enforce consistency.  Going forward, we do not want Printers or other graphic people creating new versions of the logo--that is no longer acceptable.



Report of the President Vice-President, International

I am very pleased with the state of Archery Canada at this juncture. The office continues to run effectively and has shown progress in all areas. You all have played your part in the effectiveness of Archery Canada, thank you all. I was sorry to have to accept Ken Bullock’s resignation, but am pleased to have Trina taking over. This is an important portfolio; Trina and I are already working on many of the duties I have been assuming for this portfolio in the past.

Our office is running well, Scott and Laura are managing to keep up with the association, however, they are wasting much of their time chasing insurance issues and just keeping up with the bureaucracy rather than focusing on ‘bow and arrow’ issues. A lot of time is eaten up on a continuing basis on travel for our teams, while necessary, I’m not sure it would fall under the Executive Director’s responsibilities. We will need to look at staffing again this year.

We now have agreements with all Provinces, this was NOT an easy task, Bob, Scott and I spend innumerable hours negotiating, and clarifying areas of the agreement. We finally gave up on the travel grid and with it hours of work! I am not sure that we are doing ourselves any good being an insurance agency for archery in Canada, we don’t sell insurance at a profit, so I’m not sure why we are going to all this work!

I am quite concerned that our Board is ineffective, which is a direct consequence of our structure not the board’s reluctance to govern. I am not sure this can be easily fixed, but I also don’t think just complaining about it all the time is doing us any good, so at this meeting we will be discussing some alternatives and where we should go from here.

Last year we took steps to reduce our inventory at Wills Transfer significantly, I hope we can move the remainder ‘in house’ after this meeting.

The new website has worked out better than I had hoped.  The translation into both languages has been difficult, time consuming and necessary.

All in all, I am very happy with where we’re at, however there is still a lot of work to do. I hope with better organization and load sharing we can move ahead as far as we did last year.

Respectfully submitted,

Allan R. (Al) Wills

President & V-P International

January 2011


Report of the Vice-President 3D Programs

Since the last Executive Meeting, I have been busy with 3D concerns in Canada.  We held the Archery Canada 3D Committee Annual Meeting in Kentville, Nova Scotia, July 30, 2010.  The meeting was very productive, but unfortunately, it was after the Board of Directors meeting.  Because of this, changes that the Committee feels are necessary were not approved by the Archery Canada Board.

We have two years until the rotation schedule for the Archery Canada Indoor 3D Nationals begins.  The first province will be Nova Scotia.  It is the desire of the Committee to see the Indoor 3D National Championship rotate throughout Canada.

The Committee carried a motion requesting that the FCA purchase and provide two hand-held bow scales and two grain scales that will be made available to the Organizing Committees of both the Indoor and Outdoor 3D Nationals. We hope that this will be included in the Archery Canada budget.

The Committee wants Archery Canada to have more input into the design and set-up of courses.  The Wascana Archers in SK will be hosting the 2011 Archery Canada Outdoor 3D National Championship.  They plan to have a warm up shoot in the spring.  As Technical Delegate, I will attend this to check the courses.

Some rule changes were confirmed at the meeting.  The category name “Recurve Unaided” was changed to match FITA’s “Barebow” category.  A sub-committee was set up to revise the 3D rules.  The work is in progress.

The 2011 FITA 3D World Championship will be held in Austria from August 31 through September 3.  We have seventeen people who have indicated interest in going.  Fifteen of them are compound archers, but only six can be sent. The other two are Recurve archers and will be chosen to go as long as they meet the criteria.  In 2009, one of the archers acted as team leader.  This added pressure made it difficult for him to concentrate on what he was there for. The 3D Committee believes that a team leader should be sent with the team. When the budget is determined, we hope that this will be included.

The 3D Committee was concerned that 3D information was difficult to find on the Archery Canada web site.  Thank you to Al for correcting this problem.

For the past five months, I have been involved with the 2011 Indoor 3D National Championship.  I acted as Archery Canada Technical Director, Chair of the Organizing Committee, and President of the host club (Lethbridge Bowbenders Archery Club).  The event went off with very few glitches. (see attached report)  The main issue was that of making sure that the youth archers were in the correct categories.  Even though the registration form says that it is the archer’s responsibility, I suggest that the registration people check the age categories very carefully.  Because dates are as of the end of the year, some people become confused.

Respectfully submitted,

Jude Hooey

V-P 3D Programs

January 2011


Report of the Vice-President

Committees and Projects

  1. Voted on all vote by mail motions and participated in Executive Committee on-line discussions.
  1. Judging program continues to go along smoothly with Canadian Judges moving up to the International Level. Randall Jones is now an International Judge and Christiane Murphy has been an International Judge Candidate. Laura Lynne Churchill, Patti-Jo Middlebrough, Céline Gravel, Bob Pannell, and Roger Garrod just passed the test and are now International Judge Candidates.
  1. Bruce Savage continues to be the Chairperson for the Coaching Certification Committee. The members of the committee continue to work together to ensure that tasks are completed.
  1. Answered several questions about the 2010 FCA Annual Awards.  Thanks to the High Performance Committee who ensured we will have a nomination for each Award.
  1. None of the committee chairpersons have indicated that they have additional financial requirements for the coming year so the budgets we have in place should be sufficient.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlene Parlee

V-P Committees and Projects

January 2011


Report of the Technical Advisor

2011 Canada Winter Games

The 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax begins in 2 weeks – archery in 3!!!

The majority of issues have all be discussed and resolved in preparation of this event. There will be the unforeseen and occasional difficulties that will arise but with the planning and people in place I am confident no one will notice.

There have been a few questions on the technical package but mostly clarification.

There was significant issue with the withdrawal of the NS Sport Leader and the Sport Information Officer. William Currie and Don Lohnes stepped-up and have co-managed the Sport Leader position and Jeff Gunter has volunteered to serve as the Sport Information Officer.

The issue of officials’ bilingual capability on the competition floor has been resolved with 2 bilingual judges. We have 1 International Judge Candidate, 3 National Judge Candidates and one Provincial Judge sharing the officiating at the Games.

The Test Event was held in September 2010 with nearly 40 archers attending from Ontario, Quebec, NB and NS. This was a packed weekend as we ran through the whole Canada Games event in 2 days. It highlighted the things that needed to be addressed and was of great benefit to the venue and sport leaders.

The second Technical Directors conference was held in Halifax the end of September. The timing was excellent as this was 2 weeks after the Test event so we were able to immediately identify concerns, clarify responsibilities and resolve issues.

The final Technical Directors conference call was held Jan 20th with updates on the final scheduling and presentation of policy responsibilities at game time. Final athlete lists are expected the first week of February so a lot of preparation of score cards and computer programs can be completed.

The link to the Canada Games results page will be sent to the Webmaster. We hope to be able to update results from CWG results reporting shortly after noon and 5pm Tuesday through Friday.

Information Bullets

- Athlete housing for the Games will be in a block of 4 hotels in the downtown area all connected to the World Trade and Convention Centre which will be the main venue for the Games. The hotels are blocking off complete floors of their hotels for security and management of the athletes. Officials are being housed at the Lord Nelson.

- An extra day has been added to each week of the 2011 Canada Winter Games to facilitate competition, travel and weather.

- Team size cut to 4 – one each of male and female compound and recurve.

- Team Competition is mixed team by equipment.

- Format adjusted- extra day of unofficial practice – 2 FITA’s qualifying instead of 1.

- Saturday – Feb 19 – turn around /arrival day

- Sunday Open Practice

- Monday Official Practice

- Tuesday – Round 1 Qualifying

- Wednesday – Round 2 Qualifying

- Thursday - Individual Medal rounds (all athletes participate)

- Friday – Team Medal rounds – top 8

- Saturday – Storm Day

- Sunday February 27th -Closing / departure

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Parlee

Archery Technical Advisor

2011 Canada Winter Games, Halifax, NS

January 2011


Report of the Chairman

Judges Committee

Dear Mr. President, Al Wills:

I have been Chairman of FCA’s Judge Committee since 2000.  If you remember, at the beginning of 2000, with Bob Sheppard, Denis Morokvia and Don Lovo, we were the four International judges in Canada. As you know, Denis and Don have since passed away and Bob has had problems gaining International judge recognition from FITA.

When Kathy Millar asked me to chair the Judges Committee before the Canadian Championships held in Boucherville, QC (2000), I understood that it was my responsibility to use the credibility of my International Judge Status to revise the judge program for FCA. More than 10 years later, allow me to give you an overview of the current judge situation for the FCA.

At the national level, the judges have increased knowledge and expertise as the result (in part) of officiating at the 3D major events as well as the other major FCA events. The FCA rulebook is now available in both of Canada’s official languages. After 2007, most of our national judges applied successfully to become Continental Judges. We have begun to rebuild our number of National Judge Candidates and National judges. As you know, we deliver a national judge training clinic each year in conjunction with the Canadian Outdoor Championships. At this clinic we provide candidates with the updated rules and their clarification as well as the latest interpretation of the various rules.  Unfortunately, as you know, only British Columbia does not participate in the judging program and has chosen to work only with Provincial Judges.

I believe that Canadian Judges have a great deal of credibility not only in Canada but also internationally. My recognition as a FITA Judge Emeritus and the recent nomination of Randall Jones as an International Judge are a confirmation of this high level credibility Canadian judges have received. From practically 200 International Judges in 2000, FITA decided in 2007 to cut its cadre of judges to 65.

 Five continental Judges attended the Conference of FITA in Colorado in the middle of January 2011. Beginning this year, the FCA has one new International Judge, six international Judge Candidates and one Continental Judge. This means that most of these judges will attend the FITA international events and will receive financial support directly from FITA for their transportation and accommodation.  These judges will return from these events with updated information that they will be able to share with their judging colleagues from across Canada.  As Chair or members of their Provincial Judge Committees, they will be in a position to assist in the development of Provincial Judges across Canada. They are the future of our Canadian judges program. Their qualities and competencies as men and women and as judges are undeniable!

 I realize that my status of Judge Emeritus allows me to go to Coparco events, but it does not allow me to attend FITA events.  Moreover, it does not provide me the financial support to attend Coparco events. As a consequence this makes it more difficult to remain updated on judging matters. So, I think it is time for me to step-down as Chairman of the FCA Judge Committee and let a new judge take on the leadership role. Al, I would like to thank you and the FCA for this incredible opportunity to lead the FCA Judges Committee and to lead and facilitate the growth and development of such an excellent group of judges.

 I ask that you please let me know as soon as possible when you will be in a position to name my successor.

 Once again, many thanks to the FCA Executive and the membership for the help and support provided me over the years as Chairman. It was greatly appreciated!


Ghislain Arsenault, JE

Chairman, FCA Judges Committee


2011 FCA Canadian Archery Championships

Thunderhead Archers Delisle Saskatchewan

August 9th to August 14th 2011

Date                        Time      am/pm    Event                                                                          Location

Tues.      Aug.9                  8:00      am         Judges Inspection of Field Course                     Thunderhead Outdoor Range

9:00      am       Registration & equipment inspection.                           Thunderhead Outdoor Range

10:00   am       Field Practice                                                        Thunderhead Outdoor Range

1:00     pm         Judges Inspection of Target Field                    Delisle Sports Ground.

2:00     pm         Judges meeting                                             Thunderhead Indoor Range


3:00        pm       Athlete Meeting and Butt Assignments             Thunderhead Outdoor Range.


Wed.     Aug.10  8:00      am         Equipment Inspection                                                    Thunderhead Indoor Range

9:00    am            24 Field Round   Shotgun Start. Thunderhead Indoor Range


Thur.      Aug.11  8:00   am             Registration and Butt Assignments.                                              Delisle Sports Ground

Equipment Inspection.

9:00-12:00          am         Official Target Practice                      Delisle Sports Ground

1:00      pm         Opening Ceremonies                                         Delisle Sports Ground

Presentation of Field Medals

3:00      pm         AGM                                                                  Delisle Curling Rink

5:00      pm         Welcoming Bar-B-Que                                     Delisle Curling Rink


Fri.         Aug.12                 8:00-8:45            am         FITA Practice                                      Delisle Sports Ground


9:00      am         FITA Long Distances

12:00     Noon      Lunch

1:00       pm         FITA Short Distances


Sat.        Aug.13   8:00-8:45          am            720 Practice                                                    Delisle Sports Ground

9:00       am         720 Begins

12:00     noon      Lunch

1:30       pm         Fred Usher Memorial Cup

5:00       pm         Social Hour                                                    Delisle Curling Rink

6:00       pm         Medal Presentation and Banquet                   Delisle Curling Rink

Sun.       Aug.14                 9:00-9:45             am         Official Practice                              Delisle Sports Ground

10:00     am         FCA Open

2:00          pm         FCA Open Awards & Closing Ceremonies.              Delisle Sports Ground