LTAD Meeting Ottawa 2012/2/2


Long Term Archer Development


Meeting Minutes


Feb 2, 2011






Trina Snooks, Paul Jurbula (Consultant), Lana Perry (ON), Meaghan Peters (NB), Lindsey Pohel (NS),  Phil Smith (BC)








1.      Where is each province in terms of Long Term Archer Development:


a.       Ontario: They agree an implementation plan needs to be created but is without a champion.   Paul Jurbula had told Lana there is grant money to write the implementation plan and will assist her with it.  Bruce Savage will probably be the recipient of the forms in the June 2012 time frame.  Ontario has changed the scope of their junior team from achieving medals to a development team.  Also OAA has been present at the High School Championships for a number of years and will be bringing Long Term Archer Development material to this year’s event.


b.      New Brunswick: Planning on writing a strategic plan in the near future and will incorporate Long Term Archer Development.  Parents and association is aware of the Long Term Archer Development model and they have successfully ran many camps incorporating archer development and along with introducing Long Term Archer Development to the province.


c.       Nova Scotia: They have been promoting Long Term Archer Development since the inception. Activities they have been involved in are encourage all clubs to have a program for archer development, each club to have a certified coach,  coach mentoring program, archer driven coach development. Archery in High Schools (NASP), planning on  High School tournament by Spring 2012.   There’s a pilot program with the First Nations.  It consists of each reserve having their own coaching program.


d.      British Columbia: Draft of Long Term Archer Development Implementation plan for BC has been written. Workgroup started with 9 people, in the end there were 4 members.  The plan was started in Jan 2011, should be completed by March 2012.




2.       Archery Canada Long Term Archer Development Survey.   Paul went over the results.  The survey can be found on




3.      BCAA Long Term Archer Development Implementation Plan: BCAA first wrote their strategic plan and then tackled the implementation plan.  Key points to the Strategic Plan are Long Term Archer Development education, coach development, calendar alignment, BCAA program alignment with Long Term Archer Development.    Phil Smith is the main contact for writing the implementation plan.   The workgroup found having one contact/writer to be effective.   This workgroup keep in contact mostly through conference calls and emails discussing markups.




4.      Ideas:




a.       Change Canbow to align with the Long Term Archer Development model


b.      Create an adult national introduction to archery program, similar to Canbow


c.       Tournament types could be listed on the Archery Canada (example majors)


d.      Add Long Term Archer Development levels to each tournament in the Archery Canada Calendar.


e.       Work with PSO’s on implementation planning.


f.        Poster for clubs of the Long Term Archer Development model diagram


g.       Documents written for archers and parents  on Long Term Archer Development.


h.      Competition Model – simplify it .


i.        Funding Guide – where to find funding.





5.      Follow up Skype Meeting: February 25, 2012.  Time to be determined.


6.      Action Items:


a.       Documents written for archers and parents on Long Term Archer Development. (Trina and Paul)


b.      Ask for representatives from each province


c.       Implementation Package – discuss Feb 25