Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy

Archery Canada Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy


Registrants are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with the values of Archery Canada that include fairness, integrity, open communication and mutual respect. Irresponsible behaviour by Registrants can do severe damage to the sport of archery and to the support that all levels of archers have worked so hard to achieve. Conduct that violates these values and the Archery Canada Code of Conduct and Ethics or Social Media Policy may be subject to sanctions pursuant to Archery Canada’s Complaint and Disciplinary Policy.

The purpose of this policy is to provide individuals with a mechanism so that complaints, disputes and appeals can be dealt with fairly, expeditiously and affordably within Archery Canada, without having to resort to formal legal and court-like procedures. 

Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy (pdf) 2016/3/10


La version française des nouvelles politiques révisées suivantes de Tir à l’arc Canada sera publiée dans un proche avenir politique alternative de règlement des différends : / The French version of the following revised or new Archery Canada policies will be published in the near future:  Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy