Official Languages Policy


The English language and the French language are both recognised as official languages in Canada;


The Federation of Canadian Archers (FCA) recognises the principle that any member of the FCA should be able to communicate, verbally or in writing, in either of the official languages when dealing with the FCA or conducting business within the FCA. The FCA will continue to provide these services within the confines of available resources.


• Visitors to the FCA office will be provided with available services in the official language of their choice.

• Correspondence addressed to any member of the staff is welcome in either official language.

• Correspondence from the FCA office will be in the member's official language of choice.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

• Meeting materials will, where practical, be produced in both official languages.

• Simultaneous translation at the Annual General Meeting will be provided, only when funding is available.


• Publications (technical & non-technical) will be published generally at the same time in both official languages. However, this general rule shall be subject to budget constraints.

• All information material (media packages, communiqués, memo, etc.) intended for the members and/or the general public will be issued in both official languages.