Social Media Policy

Archery Canada Social Media Policy


The objective of the Archery Canada Social Media Policy is to provide directives for the appropriate use of social media by Registrants (individuals and clubs), Representatives and the Provincial/Territorial Members. It includes, but is not limited to, social media activities such as posts, Likes, shares and Tweets initiated by an individual, as well as re-tweeting or re-posting someone else’s comment(s) and/or content(s) to one’s own social media account. 2.2 All Registrants, by demonstrating leadership and good judgement, have a shared responsibility and accountability to implement and enforce this Policy

Full Text Social Media Policy 2016/3/10


La version française des nouvelles politiques révisées suivantes de Tir à l’arc Canada sera publiée dans un proche avenir : / The French version of the following revised or new Archery Canada policies will be published in the near future:

  • politique sur les médias sociaux / Social Media Policy