Vote by Mail Policy

Archery Canada Vote-by-Mail Policy


• A Vote-By-Mail can be conducted by the Archery Canada Board of Directors.

• Matters to be voted on are limited to those outlined in AC's By-laws and Constitution, appropriate for the Board of Directors.

• For purposes of this policy the word "motion" includes; recommendations, proposals, etc..

• A motion can be put forth by any member of the Board.

• A motion includes: a concise wording of the motion, it's purpose, and any other pertinent background information.

• A motion must be moved and seconded before being eligible for a Vote-by-mail.

• To pass, a motion must receive more votes in favour than against, and the total number of votes cast, must equal or exceed 2/3.

• Board members, including the President, are not required, but are expected, to cast a vote (for, against, abstention).
Board members who consistently neglect to cast a vote shall be contacted by the President, or Executive Director, to account for their non-participation.


• The seconded motion is sent to the President and AC office.

• The President ensures the motion is eligible, and co-ordinates the voting procedures.

• The motion is distributed (by email/mail/fax) to all eligible voters for a discussion period of no less than 5 days.
Eligible voters must forward all comments on the motion to the President or AC Office within the required number of days.

• The motion, all comments, and a voting ballot are sent to each eligible voter by mail/fax. Voters have no less than 5 days to cast a vote.
A vote maybe mailed, faxed, phoned, or e-mailed to the AC office.