2017 Para Archery Ranking Criteria

2017 Para Archery Ranking Criteria


The Archery Canada 2017 Para-Archery Ranking List will determine squad levels for athletes (Gold, Red and Blue). Athletes in the Gold and Red squads will be eligible for selection as members of the National Team while athletes in Blue Squad will be considered for selection to the Development Team.

The Para-Archery Ranking List (2016) will be used to assist Archery Canada with: i) the selection of athletes to 2017 Para-Archery National Team events; and ii) the level of funding for 2017 national team athletes. Only Gold and Red Squad athletes are eligible for 2017-18 Archery Canada funding.

Minimum Scores for Squad Levels for 2017 Ranking

The minimum scores used to determine the squad levels are derived from the average qualification round scores of 8thplace finish at the 2013 World Championships and the 2015 World Championshipsfor the Women's Compound Open, Men's Recurve Open, Women's Recurve Open, and W1 categories. For the Men's Open Compound category the 16thplace finish is used.

Gold Squad minimum score is 100% of this score

Red Squad minimum score is 97% of this score

Blue Squad minimum score is 93 % of this score

Formula for Determining Archer's Ranking Score for 2017RankingFor 2017, an archer's ranking score will be determined by adding the average of the best five 720 scores plus additional Match Play Performance Points based on three (3) scores shot atmajor event as listed below.

Calculation: (720 (1) +720 (2) + 720 (3) + 720 (4) + 720 (5)) divided by 5 + (5 (1) + 5 (2) + 5 (3))= Ranking Score

Match Play Performance Point System   

Match Play Score

Performance Points

150 - 147


146 – 143


142 – 139


138 – 135


134– 131


130 and lower


*The ranking formula for Blue Squad criteria does not require a match play score.

Allowable Scores for 2017 Ranking

Only ranking scores shot at events and tournaments registered with World Archery or Archery Canada qualify for ranking purposes.

Allowable Match Play Scores for Performance Point System

Only match play scores shot at events and tournaments as listed below will be accepted for submission:

  • Any World Archery Championships
  • Any World Archery Continental Championships 
  • Any World Archery World Cup Event (able body & para)
  • Paralympic Games & Para Pan American Games
  • Canadian National Championships
  • US National Championships
  • Archery Canada Major Tournaments
  • USA Archery National Events - http://www.teamusa.org/usa-archery/events/national-events

*Only match play scores from elimination rounds will be accepted for submission. Double elimination and consolation match scores will not be accepted.

Additional Ranking Criteria for 2017 Ranking

Gold Squad Ranking: Two (2) International event* scoresand one (1) score from the 2017major tournaments list published by Archery Canada, must be included in the five (5) scores required for ranking.

Red Squad Ranking: One (1) international event score and one (1) score from the 2017 major tournaments list published by Archery Canada, must be included in the five (5) scores required for ranking.

Blue Squad Ranking: The five (5) scores required for ranking may be from any 2017 tournaments registered with World Archery or Archery Canada.

* An international event is one in which there are three or more countries and three or more athletes in one's category, and in which match play is a component of the tournament. If there is not a para-archery competition in the event, para-archers can compete in their respective able-bodied category.

Qualification Period for 2017 Ranking

Scores that qualify for 2017 ranking must be shot between SundayJanuary1st, 2017 and Sunday November 12th, 2017.

Submission of Scores for 2017 Ranking

The submission of scores to be used in ranking is the archer's responsibility.

Submission is subject to the following:

1) Notify Ryan Van Berkel, the volunteer Para-Archery Coordinator, within two weeks via email at: paraarchery@archerycanada.ca. Indicate that you participated in an event and wish to have your scores considered for ranking purposes. If available, provide the hyper-link to the official results page of the event participated in as confirmation of the scores achieved.


2) If there is no Internet confirmation of scores, the archer will send a paper copy or an electronic copy of the scorecard, including date of event, location and the name and signature of the DOS to Ryan Van Berkel at the above email address or by regular mail at:

Archery Canada

#108 - 2255 St. Laurent Blvd.,

Ottawa, ON K1G 4K3

3) The cut-off date to receive scores for consideration in the 2017 ranking is midnight Eastern Time on Monday November 13th, 2017. The draft version of the 2017 ranking list will be circulated to the athletes for feedback by Monday, November 20th, 2017. Notice of errors in the draft ranking list must be received within ten (10) days of the circulation of the ranking list to the athletes (i.e., by Thursday, November 30th, 2017). The final 2017 ranking list will be published on the Archery Canada website no later than Monday, December 4th, 2017.

Minimum Squad Level Scores by Category for 2017 Ranking





Men's Compound Open




Women's Compound Open








Men's Compound W1




Women's Compound W1*








Women's Recurve W2




Men's Recurve W2




*Note: The minimum scores for Women’s W1 Compound have been derived from a top half finish at th2015 World Championships only. The Women’s W1 Compound category was not included in the 2013 World Championships.