Ranking System Editing and Maintenance

Ranking System Editing and Maintenance

- Top level privilege users have an additional choice in the 'Admin' drop down called 'Rank System Edit' 

The Menu Contains:

Category settings [+]

This is where the rankings can be adjusted as to what categories are shown where. - The first columns outline the age categories and how they can be shown - Ranked Categories (with the age groupings) and Related categories (check marks here will be ranked, if there are 2 categories on the same line, they will be ranked on the same chart). 

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The settings for recurve are shown, there are similar tables for all categories, at present Archery Canada only ranks Recurve and Compound

- Clicking on the '+' opens the settings table, while there are settings for other categories, we are only using Recurve and Compound.

The checked boxes allows for different categories to be ranked and combined in other rankings, for instance under R-Recurve, M-Men (M) have M and JM checked this means that both Men and Junior men are shown in the Recurve Men Ranking.

The default settings are:

For Recurves:

Cubs => only who shot as Cubs

Cadets => only who shot as cadets

Juniors => only who shot as Juniors

Adult => Who shot Junior or Adult

Master => who shot as master, 5m, 6m



Cubs => only who shot as Cubs

Cadets => Only who shot as cadets

Juniors => who shot as Cadets or Juniors

Adult => Who shot as Cadet, Junior, Adult or Master

Master => who shot as master, 5m, 6m


The categories will only be shown when an archer shoots in that category.

2014 2015 2016 2017

These are tabs for the different years, all data before 2017, is incomplete and contains testing data only.

Ranking Grouping [+]

This is where the actual points for each level of ranking are stored, these levels are from the HPC Ranking Commitee

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The compound category is shown, the recurve is similar.

Force Recalculation

This forces the system to recalculate based on inputs on any of the buttons on this page.

Competition Bonuses 

Another tool used by the ranking committee, all tournaments in the system for the given year are listed, the tournament for the bonus points is slected and then the points are added to that archer based on the points chart for that year from the ranking committee.

  • Once a tournament has been posted to the Canadian Membership/Scoring/Ranking System, it will show under the Competition Bonuses drop down
  • Select the tournament to which the Bonus it to be added and enter the bonus.
  • The tournament maybe removed by clicking on the red garbage can in the upper left corner