Use of camouflage clothing and equipment

International Events

World Archery does not permit the use of camouflage patterned clothing and equipment at major World Archery events:

  • Competition for World and Continental titles;
  • Competition for Olympic and Paralympic titles;
  • Competition for World Ranking;
  • Olympic and Paralympic Qualification Events (Continental Qualifying Tournaments);
  • Archery events of Major Event Organisations; “Major Event Organisation" means any international multi-sport organisation that acts as the ruling body for any continental, regional or other International Event;
  • Indoor and Outdoor World Cups; and
  • Any other Event for which World Archery is the ruling body or appoints technical officials.

Information clarifying the definitions of camouflage patterns and equipment are contained in WA Interpretations.

Canadian Events

In Canada, Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc restricts the use of camouflage clothing and equipment at certain events and allows it at others:

Camouflage Clothing

Camouflage patterned clothing is prohibited for certain Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc Championships and Major events, including the Outdoor Target Championship, the Regional Indoor Target Championship, the Field Championship, the Canadian Open event, and the Fred Usher Memorial Cup event.

AC 20.3 At Outdoor and Indoor Target Championships, Field Championships, Canadian Open and related events, exceptwhen the regulations are relaxed due to inclement weather:

AC 20.3.1 Pants, shorts, skirts, divided skirts, etc. must be a solid un-patterned colour ……

??blue jeans are only permitted for the Field Championship and Indoor Championship

??fleece track pants are not allowed

??note: camouflage wear contravenes this section

Archery Canada does not restrict the use of camouflage patterned clothing at other events, including local events (including the Indoor and Outdoor Mailmatch events) and Archery Canada sanctioned 3D events, including 3D Championships except where specific dress regulations and/or guidelines may be published.


AC 33 Dress Regulations - Canada

The general dress regulation indicated in AC 20 are applicable to all events.

AC 20.0 Dress regulations apply to all participants (including Team Officials, coaches, assistants, etc.) while they are onthe competition field of play, on courses or in practice areas,

AC 20.0.1 In general:

AC 20.1.1 Participants must be neat in appearance in respect of personal grooming and clothing.

AC 20.1.2 Clothing which is offensive, is in poor taste or is disrespectful to Archery Canada and itssponsors is not allowed.

AC 20.1.3 Footwear must be worn at all times. Shoes may be different styles but shall cover the entirefoot. Sandals and open-toed footwear are not permitted for athletes or any other person on acourse or field of play.

AC 20.1.4 The Director of Shooting, or in the absence of a DoS, the Technical Delegate, will beresponsible for enforcing the dress code and will make any decisions in connection withappropriateness of dress or appearance.

AC 20.0.2 Specific dress regulations and/or guidelines may be published for general or specific events:

Camouflage Equipment

Archery Canada does not restrict the use of archers camouflage patterned equipment (other than clothing) such as bows, quivers, backpacks, etc.

Safety Caution

Irrespective of any dress regulations permitting or restricting the use of camouflage clothing and equipment, archers must be aware of the safety implications of using such clothing and equipment as a matter of public safety and common sense during any archery event. Common sense dictates that archers in the field and on courses need to be visible at all times to others during archery events.