MICA Host Site Coordinator Page

The MICA Indoor event and the Archery Canada Indoor Championships must be run AS SEPARATE EVENTS



The Host Club must register the MICA tournament with Archery Canada as a tournament registered for Canadian Records (Reg AC).The Host Club may also register the tournament for World Records (Reg WA/AC) for an additional fee (see Tournament Registration Instructions).

When completing the registration form the Host Club must ensure that in the Name field the first word of the name of the tournament is MICA, e.g. MICA Victoria Bowmen 18M.

After completing the registration form, please send an email to the MICA Coordinator confirming that you have registered the event.

The Host Club is responsible for setting the date, time, registration, promotion and timetable of the events.

The archer registration fee is determined by the Host Club. 

Registration Deadline

Deadlines for registering a MICA tournament now conform to the Archery Canada prescribed registration deadlines, i.e. requests to register must be received by the Archery Canada national office no later than ten (10) days prior to the tournament date.


The Host Club is responsible for providing the appropriate number of judges and the Director of Shooting.

Host Site Coordinator's Task List

Before the Championships:

1.  Promote your Host Site among the archers of your area.

2.  Contact your local newspaper, TV and radio stations notifying them about the event.

3.  If possible, obtain the list of eligible archers from your area who are eligible to shoot the MICA.

4. Make sufficient copies of the MICA Individual and Team Score cards provided on the website (from above).

5. Download the Excel reporting spreadsheet (from above) and make sure you are familiar with how to use it. Ensure that you are capable of entering the information and sending it as an email attachment.

Send results to: Lynne Durward 

Immediately following your event (that evening or the next day):

1. Send the individual and team results from your Host Site to your National MICA Coordinator via email using the Excel spreadsheet provided on the MICA website for this purpose. Include your Host Site name in the name of the Excel file. Please be sure to include all information required, including the number of 10's and 9's.

Note:  Please send the results as soon as possible. The sooner you communicate your scores, the sooner the listing of medallists will be provided.

Scores received by the MICA Coordinator after Midnight April 30 will NOT be entered or  included in the medallists or final results listing!

 After receipt of final results from World Archery Americas (WAA):

  1. Inform the local media of the results.
  2. It is highly recommended to organize an official press release and/or conference of major achievements for local winners.