Outdoor Mailmatch Poster


Outdoor Mailmatch


You, the Archery Canada Member and a member of your host club



An annual four month tournament running from June 1st to September 30th competing in a series of Archery Canada 720 Rounds.


The comfort of your Club or Target Range


Up to one Archery Canada 720 round per week from the 1st of June to the 30th of September.


Each Archer can submit up to one score per week to your Club’s Outdoor Mailmatch Secretary for submission. Then on to the Outdoor Mailmatch Coordinator for input on the Archery Canada scoring site. The average of your 6 best scores will determine ranking for medals though Archery Canada categories, divisions and Outdoor Mailmatch classifications.


Gives you the opportunity to compete against the rest of Canada from the comfort of your own club

How Much?

A cost of $5.00 per Archer is required for submission to Archery Canada

For more information, please visit archerycanada.ca or email: