Outdoor Mailmatch Rules

Archery Canada

Outdoor Mailmatch Rules


The Archery Canada Outdoor Mailmatch.  Scores for Archery Canada 720 Rounds are used for this competition.

The Outdoor Mailmatch is a multi-site outdoor competition over a long duration from June 1st to September 30th annually with the formats:

  • A series of Archery Canada 720 Rounds shot at multiple club locations.
  1. The results are submitted weekly, and
  2. The average of the best 6 scores for each competitor is used to determine awards.
  • There are two events shot concurrently:
  1. Individual event by category – athletes compete in all recognized divisions for medals;
  2. Individual event by Mailmatch class – athletes compete for awards in each Mailmatch class within an assigned Mailmatch class based solely on score achieved in a previous season;

All Archery Canada equipment divisions recognized for Target Archery, and all Archery Canada age classes apply.


There are 8 equipment divisions in the 6 age classes recognized for medals.

Senior and Master Classes

  • Recurve,
  • Barebow,
  • Compound,
  • Longbow,

Pre-Cub, Cub, Cadet and Junior Classes

  • Recurve,
  • Bare-bow,
  • Compound Fixed Pins,
  • Compound Unlimited,
  • Para Open Compound,
  • Para W1 Open Compound
  • Para Open Recurve

An Archer may compete in any number of shooting divisions provided the archer submits the required fee for each separate division entered.

All new competitors will be unclassified until the end of the competition.  At that time their scores will determine the Classification section in which they will be competing.  Competitors who have received classification in the mail match must complete in that class the following year.  A major change in the physical condition of the archer may be grounds for a downward reclassification.  Application for reclassification must be made to the mail match co-ordinator who has complete authority for such reclassification.  A Gold medal is award to the top score in each classification based strictly on equipment regardless of age or sex and only if a Gold has not been awarded in the Archery Canada Category and divisions.


The Outdoor Mailmatch shoots the 720 Round.  An individual round consists of 72 arrows, shot at target size and distance according to the applicable Archery Canada categories.


Equipment division

Equipment Division

Recurve, Barebow, Para Open Recurve

Compound, Compound Unlimited, Compound Fixed Pins, Para Open Compound, Para W1 Compound

target size

122 cm target face

80 cm target face

age class



Senior & Junior

70 m

50 m

Master & Cadet

60 m

50 m


50 m

40 m


30 m

30 m



One 720 Round (72 arrows) score may be submitted per athlete per full calendar week (Monday – Sunday) to a maximum of 18 scores for the season.

Each scoring round for the Outdoor Mailmatch must be declared as a scoring round to the respective Mailmatch Secretary of signing authenticator prior to the shooting of the round.  Scoring is double scored to ensure accuracy and signed off by the Club’s Outdoor Mailmatch Secretary or designate.  The Club’s Mailmatch Secretary must submit scores to the Archery Canada Outdoor Mailmatch Coordinator postmarked within four weeks after the day they are shot, but in any case no later than October 15th of the current year.

A minimum of 6 scores must be submitted for an athlete to be eligible for medals.  The best 6 scores at the end of competition in September will be averaged for placement and awarding of medals.


The Club’s Mailmatch Secretary shall submit the required fee with each competitor’s first score.  The fee is $5.00 per person.

Only Archery Canada Members in good standing qualify for medals.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top 3 male and female archers in each category. 

In addition, A Gold medals are presented to the winners in each Outdoor Mailmatch classification based on score and equipment division irrespective of their shooting category.

“700 Club”

(700 - 720)

Expert A

(621 - 699)

Expert B

(550 - 620)


(400 - 549)


(250 - 399)


(150 - 249)


(0 - 149)