Regional Indoor Championships

Regional Indoor Sites are NOT automatically registered with World Archery for World Records, if desired, the tournament organizer must register their site with Archery Canada.

2017 Date(s) March 3 - 5


-- Registration Deadline February 14

The Canadian Regional Indoor Championships Rules and Competion information is contained at Rule 4.1 and Appendix AC 3.4 (AC Championship Regulations Appendix) found in the Archery Canada Rule Book. (Use the Resources/Rulebook Link)

COMPETITORS: Register with your club and please MAKE SURE your Archery Canada and provincial memberships are paid up-to-date.

REMINDERS to all archers and clubs

  • Dress code is in effect and will be enforced
  • Refer to the Archery Canada Rule book for important changes

Registration Fee

Each Host Site determines the registration fee for that location.

Awarding of Medals

Medals will not be shipped until at least the first week of April. They will be mailed to the site Coordinator.