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How to claim a record:

Archery Canada Record Coordinator: Christiane Murphy (cmurph'at'


Abstract of the Canadian record procedure (AC rulebook 5.5)

Claims for records must be sent to the Archery Canada Records Coordinator (cmurph'at' within 30 days after the tournament in question. A claim for a record will contain:

· Athlete's name and Archery Canada number;

· Athlete's year of birth;

· Athlete's mailing address;

· Athlete's shooting discipline and category (division, gender, age);

· Specification of the record being claimed (distance(s) and/or total;

· Name, description, place and date of the tournament;

· Name of a Judge at the tournament;

· Copy of the original scorecard, signed by the athlete and by the person who completed the scorecard,
or by the second scorer if the athlete claiming the record was the scorer.


The name of the witness or second scorer should be printed legibly on the card or in the

record claim.

Records may be granted up to 180 days following a tournament if substantiating evidence

is provided in addition to the above information.(See rule 5.5.2)


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