Provincial Athlete Representative

Provincial Athlete Representative

Your role is as a spokesperson for elite level archers in your province.

You should ensure that their views, comments and opinions reach the HPC athlete representative and PSO Board of Directors.

Within your province’s High Performance programme, and in conjunction with AC's High Performance Committee, be involved with the planning and evaluation of activities related to elite athlete performance at the national and international level.


  • Attend regular PSO board meetings as required
  • Communicate with AC's athlete representative(s) on a regular basis
  • Liaise with other PSO athlete representatives
  • Communicate with elite archers, coaches and PSO's membership in general
  • Represent archery and PSO interests at meetings & events as required


  • Provide input to AC's athlete representative regarding HPC’s Plan to 2012 as well as other HPC and AC planning documents.
  • Guide the PSO Board to plan for future provincial athlete development

Development Projects

  • Keep updated on AC projects
  • Provide PSO with input regarding archer training and competition needs


  • Liaise with all interested archers and coaches, in particular those members of the Excellence Programme in your province
  • Address issues within the programme
  • Promote the programme and its benefits to sport development
  • Survey the opinions and concerns of provincial athletes
  • Communicate regularly with AC athlete representative
  • Encourage the election of provincial athlete representatives
  • Supervise the AC athlete representative election process with PSO Board
  • Guide athlete education of Doping Control testing and issues
  • Answer AC athlete representative requests for progress reports
  • Provide feedback on current issues
  • Guide the PSO to ensure that the athlete representative has a vote on all Board/Executive/Committee issues dealing with athletes and coaches
  • Use and refine AC's selection criteria for selecting provincial team support staff
  • Insure an objective process for team selection, athlete funding and team staff selection.
  • Survey provincial athlete regarding nominees for AC annual awards


  • Evaluate provincial team reports from national and/or international events, participation and feedback; and submit recommendations to the AC athlete rep.


  • To AC Athlete Representative regularly (i.e. quarterly)
  • To PSO Board, 1x per year (written)

Resource Materials:

  • AC Rulebook, WA  Rulebook
  • AC Volunteer Handbook, Volunteer Directory, Policy Manuals and provincial equivalents
  • Meeting minutes posted on the AC and PSO websites
  • PSO team and athlete selection criteria,
  • CCES handbook