Determine the FCA Target and Field shooting categories in which you may register.

1. What year is the competition?   

2. Your year of birth: (enter four digits - e.g. "1967")  

3. Type of bow:  Compound       Recurve   Barebow

4. Draw weight (peak for compound, at draw length for recurve/longbow):
 Under 40 lb.   40-60 lb.   Over 60 lb.

5. Sight:No sight   Sight without level or magnification   Sight with level and/or magnification

6. Stabilizer(s): None    One under 12"     Over 12" long or more than one

7. Overdraw is 6cm or more: Yes  No (rest is more than 6cm from throat of handle)

8. Release:  Release   Fingers

9. Arrows are over 9.3mm (2316):  Yes   No